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Life in the time of Corona

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Life in the time of Corona

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In an attempt to make sense of the “new normal” that the pandemic has wrought, Dentsu Jayme Syfu conducted an online survey of 300+ people, all from different socio-economic classes.

In an attempt to make sense of the “new normal” that the pandemic has wrought, Dentsu Jayme Syfu conducted an online survey of 300+ people, all from different socio-economic classes.


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Life in the time of Corona

  1. 1. Life in the time of Corona Dentsu Jayme Syfu A Survey on PH consumers during the ECQ April 15, 2020
  2. 2. This online survey was conducted from March 30 - April 5, 2020 (Week 3 of ECQ) 361 respondents
  3. 3. 86.42% of respondents reported feeling anxious during the lockdown. Despite the prevalence of anxiety, 39% would still rate their happiness level from Somewhat Happy to Very Happy.
  4. 4. Chilling, Eating, Shopping on Lockdown Top activities in the past week are bingeing on movies or TV series, followed closely by learning a recipe online. About 1/3 have donated to charity. There is high incidence of using financial mobile apps. 49.86% 45.43% 33.52% 31.86% 28.25% 27.70% 21.88% 16.90% 16.34% 12.19% 0.00% 10.00% 20.00% 30.00% 40.00% 50.00% 60.00% BINGED ON MOVIES OR TV SERIES LEARNED A RECIPE FROM AN ONLINE VIDEO/WEBSITE ORDERED FOOD FOR DELIVERY DONATED MONEY TO FRONTLINERS/CHARITY SUBSCRIBED TO ONLINE NEWS WEBSITES TRANSFERRED FUNDS THRU BANK MOBILE APPS SUBSCRIBED TO AN INTERNET STREAMING DEVICE FOR VIDEOS LIKE NETFLIX, IFLIX, VIU ORDERED SOMETHING FROM AN ONLINE SELLER HAD SOMETHING DELIVERED VIA GRAB/LALA MOVE SUBSCRIBED TO A MUSIC STREAMING SERVICE LIKE SPOTIFY What have you done in the past week
  5. 5. The biggest challenges during the lockdown Buying food and other needs (n=51) Mobility (n=25) Limited access to things I need to buy, orders online being postponed, long queues in supermarkets How and where to buy our basic needs specially foods & medicines Not enough stock because of the people panic buying. Our Ramadhan (Fasting Day) is near to start... We can not buy our necesseties.. Closed nearby restaurants or cafeterias. The household faces difficulty buying grocery staples. Fish, fruits and vegetables we can have delivered. Having trouble in transportation Walk a long way to to get water since there is no taxi service No available public transpo Related to: Getting through the checkpoints, since Pasig doesnt have issues of quarantine pass.
  6. 6. Money (n=42) Struggling to provide the needs of my children My husband sometimes cant purchase the right supplies. Haha We also has no job for now. No work, no pay, so our budget is really tight. We did receieve 5 kl of rice though as a relief, and that's very helpful. Thank you.. Short of money. learn to save money + food in case of times like this.. How to have money and secure basic needs challenged of not having income The biggest challenges during the lockdown
  7. 7. The biggest challenges during the lockdown Mental health/anxiety (n=26) Paranoia (n=24) how to balance anxiety and work to sanitize precautions when outside Over thinking My anxiety-depression is being triggered How to go outside to buy food or get money from atm with least exposure to the virus Fear of the virus Cleaning up/disinfecting groceries,money,clothes etc. Making sure that the family does not get infected, being stuck with my family and my mental health crumbling as we speak How to maintain your sanity during lockdown. No peace of mind, always stressful keeping sane Worrying about the health of my mother who has the quarantine pass which means she'll be exposed when she needs to buy essentials from supermarkets Anxiety attacks
  8. 8. The biggest challenges during the lockdown Other challenges faced mentioned are on: FOOD PREPARATION WORK FROM HOME Work from home as well as still need to do school requirement online What to cook every single day PRODUCTIVITY Thinking of ways to cope with boredom and ways to make productive use of time BOREDOM Cannot go to work so I'm bored
  9. 9. There is a strong dissatisfaction for the National and City governments, and even the barangay level. While most would rate all 3 as Needs Improvement, the biggest failing mark is on the National Government at 17.73%.
  10. 10. We asked what they HATE MOST during this lockdown Government/Politicians (n=38) Unclear message from the president during his speeches, he should use a speaker or stick to the script. It’s not my job to decode his instructions. The lack of support of lgu. We did not get anything such as a relief goods Greed of most of our politicians. Politicking and lack of compassion. No support in our barangay officials Govt inefficiency in dealing with covid 19 No relief from government Mga Pasaway (n=30) Hard headed people who doesn’t obey the law Hate most are those people that always murmur and not following instructions. People who are disobedient and always ranting on social media negative about the gov. Whille they themselves dont have something good to contribute for the good of the situation.. Lahat ng makukulit na ayaw sumunod sa regulation ng authorities The inhumane treatment for the poor going out for seeking food. Greed of most of our politicians. Politicking and lack of compassion. Staying at home and seeing other people not following rules! Hard headed people who doesnt follow the order to stay at home... People who continuously complain and bash our government especially the president.
  11. 11. We asked what they HATE MOST during this lockdown Loss of Freedom (n=31) i can't walk around like i used to curfew and checkpoints I hate that i didn't go out and i cant go to work. The fact that the road is so wide cause for me to stroll with my bike yet i can't Not being able to go out and socialize. I can't do what I want to do Being stuck at home. Restrictions. Before I can just drive and go do things without worrying if it's allowed. not being able to go about freely. LIQUOR BAN Can't go out to at least feel the sun and the breeze whenever I want. Walking around, doing grocery and mundane stuff but in protective gears. Not seeing my family. No Work, No Pay (n=19) im not getting paid so dont be able to buy what we want to eat We cannot go to work. No work, no pay, no income. Short of food & money for us,No work Cannot go to work to earn No income & government assistance is nil crisis in our livelihood No business.
  12. 12. We asked what they HATE MOST during this lockdown Other mentions on what they HATE: Not being with FAMILY Not seeing their FRIENDS Concern for the POOR and COVID VICTIMS UNCERTAINTY
  13. 13. Their WORRIES are not just personal, but also societal. Food and Food Supply is the top worry (n=89) Followed by the health, safety and well-being of their family (n=63) And their source of income, savings, their businesses (n=52) They worry that they might catch the virus, or are already carriers and therefore posing a danger to their families. (n=39) Shortage of food supplies I worry about being able to be financially secure during this lockdown. Food supplies will be depleted. People are gonna go hungry. I might run out of medicines and food That someone from my family/friends will get infected That i cannot attend caring of my dragon fruit plantation. Also i think i might be asymptomatic and ill make hawa my fam
  14. 14. Their WORRIES are not just personal, but also societal. They are concerned about the spread of the virus (n=41) And its impact on the POOR (n=20) and the FRONTLINERS (n=14) I am more concerned on the plight of our poor Filipinos whose livelihood is greatly affected. I most worried to those frontliners who give their best as much as they can to help the people who got positive of covid-19 and also to those who were under priveleged that they need to or have to stop their works in order for them not to get the virus because of that they cannot provide their everyday needs. Can not see out family doctors to have consultation. Covid cases increase and increase. I have the heart for the frontliners I was a hospital staff also before, I know how exhausting it is. Food for poor families, depleted fund of the government and worry for the frontliners as well as the affected persons of the virus. That the cases for Corona would just keeps rising. We're also worried about going out to buy food in fear of catching the virus. more and more covid+ patients related to me or someone i know personally. Will this ever end?
  15. 15. Their WORRIES are not just personal, but also societal. Many are worried about the lockdown and its possible extension (n=31) This will definitely have an effect on the ECONOMY (n=6) and fears about social unrest (n=12) Duration of lockdown might be extended When will the lockdown end and when will the virus be totally eliminated. Might turn to martial lawpanic buying, riots, looting Theft, crime because people are getting hungry and other inconvenience caused by lockdown The uncertainty of how long will the lockdown be. Social unrest, looting, akyat-bahay. And getting infected. I worry about our economic state after this, like would there be a huge recession? How much will it affect me? ECQ being lifted because of politics and business, life should be priority
  16. 16. But there are certain things they LOVE about the lockdown. The lockdown has given them more bonding time with family (n=140) But it has also given them time for ME. (n=86) Being with my husband and dogs day in, day out. The only silver lining that I get to have - spending so much time with my family, especially my baby. We're complete. My husband is at home helping me do the house chores Had more time to reflect and meditate I have more ME time..I got to read books even if its already like 3am and enjoy sleeping until 10am Extra self care and can discovers different things Precious time spent with the family, time to rest and not go to work but gets paid. I have checked the strength of my faith. I am using this as cleansing time before God. Living daily greater close to God than before Solitude
  17. 17. But there are certain things they LOVE about the lockdown. Many welcome the chance to recharge by having the chance to rest and sleep more (n=44) The lockdown has given them the time to do things they’ve been meaning to do (n=28) I get to sleep a lot and watch a lot of Netflix. All day rest, stress free from all deadlines Lots of rest,never mind the time I get to sleep all day without worrying about extreme popping up of thoughts inside my head Being able to give my body a long period of much needed rest, and be able to have time with relatives via socmed, compared before I've become more competent at cooking I can do my passion projects Can try out new things I've been wanting to do ever since I have time to do things I’ve been putting off, like learning a new language, doing nothing and cooking I’m able to fix my cabinets,etc
  18. 18. But there are certain things they LOVE about the lockdown. The lockdown has also been kinder to the earth (n=25) Less air water noise pollution The Earth is healing, less pollution luminis ang paligid at walang traffic😂 No pollution. Sky is perfect. The land, air and the waters are finally having its rest.
  19. 19. The lockdown has made Martha Stewarts out of us. Cooking (n=43) What do you do now that you didn't normally do before the lockdown? Cleaning and Organizing (n=54) Reading + Arts and Crafts (n=24) Gardening (n=14) 1_2 hours doing gardeTried cross stitching for the first time, cooked meals I never tried cooking before (limited supplies)ning and taking care of flowers, do landscaping... Cooked for our lunch!! Tried cross stitching for the first time, cooked meals I never tried cooking before (limited supplies) Tried cross stitching for the first time, cooked meals I never tried cooking before (limited supplies) I am able to manage the household chores I have been postponing since forever.
  20. 20. It has made many more prayerful (n=32). What do you do now that you didn't normally do before the lockdown? And in a way more healthy With better food choices (n=8) And more exercise (n=15) Well I pray even before the lockdown but during this time, I always pray without ceasing. Eat/cook homemade food Yoga and daily exercise
  21. 21. They are also watching more TV (n=9) To be updated with the news And to pass the time. What do you do now that you didn't normally do before the lockdown? They are constantly on social media, And binge-watching content on Netflix, YouTube and other platforms (n=17), even porn. We literally have a captured audience at home.
  22. 22. LIVING ALONE 11.08% are spending the ECQ alone
  23. 23. The biggest challenge is being away from their families "... boredom not interacting with anyone, and having to worry about food." Next to isolation, they fear running out of groceries "There's some feeling of isolation just because we can't physically be with other people." "no physical person to talk to, no going out, no one who can help me" "Miss family and friends; no one to turn to if you get sick" "You have no one to discuss personally about your anxiety reactions. You are force to get out to buy your needs." "Not running out of money to pay my monthly bills and to buy food, medicine, and other basic necessities. Getting a ride to go to the supermarket, drugstore, and other retail establishments that are open.” "am forced to go out and buy my needs" "Buying and preparing your food"
  24. 24. They're anxious they might get sick and catch the virus "The fear of being a carrier is a huge factor why i'm somewhat anxious. Having seniors in the family that are more prone to this virus makes me worry more than actually getting it myself. "Because of the break from the usual schedule" They hate that their normal routine was broken "Getting infected whenever I go out to buy basic necessities." "Difficult to be sick when you are alone." "I'm so vulnerable to the virus" "Experienced having flu symptoms, Alone and on my own now, uncertainty of the future "Most of my daily and weekly routine activities were disrupted." "i can't walk around like i used to" "Restrictions. Before I can just drive and go do things without worrying if it's allowed. Not being as productive as I want to be." "Work from Home and lots of con calls and video calls; work is like 24hrs"
  25. 25. When they're alone, they long for a sense of connection. That's why they hate internet problems. They want to be always-on. Not only virtually, but also spiritually -- Whether through e-numans, video calls, or group chats. And they can't wait to be connected with their loved ones, physically. Although alone, they're never lonely "Pray, keep self busy with work, talk to friends and family" "i get to catch up with my friends.feel the love from my family and friends" "communicate with family and churchmates thru video calls"
  26. 26. Even though uncertain about the future, they still remain positive and hopeful "I can rest, read books, study, draw and make time for myself more" "I'm used to just being at home and i just like being positive" "Because i know after this, things will change for the better." "i can discover my true self more. know more about me." "more time for myself and i can do the things i wasnt able to do prior to the lockdown" "I don't have anyone that I could contaminate and who could also contaminate me."
  27. 27. Implications for those living alone After being socially distant, they will long for personal connections the most While being digital is the new normal, those who lived alone during the pandemic will have the most changes in their behavior. They human psyche as social beings should be addressed through physical expression with their friends and families. Create more experiences, FOMO has hit them hard more than anyone For more than a month, they have accepted that "missing out" probably might be acceptable for them. Because they have less distractions, they have found more time to spend for themselves. They turned their fear to something positive. They've discovered a new found liking to reading books, learning new skills through an online course, or learning a new recipe from YouTube or social media. Although already independent, the situation calls for more self-readiness Some are used to their living arrangements, but there are still some who have adjusted to become always ready for anything. Because of this, they have more information on self-preparedness for the next crisis. They are also more likely to be self-empowered by the independence they've experienced.
  28. 28. LIVING WITH YOUNG CHILDREN 29.4% are spending the ECQ with children aged 10 and below
  29. 29. They worry most about keeping their children healthy "It's hard to see them staying at home all the time because they can't play outside" Next to health, it's satisfying their need for play time "I'm a lot more cautious for the safety of the child." "Going outside to buy foods or other neccessities and going home is the most challenging part becuase you dont know what you can carry to your home. "Worried about their health is number 1. Being able to provide food in the table can be challenging too." "Can't buy all of my child's needs bec there are limited stocks and limited money to budget." "Gustong gusto na nila lumabas ng bahay" "How to handle his tantrums, how to cope his boredom, how to explain the reason why he cant go outside"
  30. 30. The ECQ is a time to teach the importance of hygiene "Need to maintain hygiene and distancing" "They are always so noisy fighting" "Distracting while working (bc we have wfh set up)" For those with WFH set ups, children are a big distraction "Continue observing proper hygiene like proper washing of hands" "They will become more conscious about health, cleanliness and proper hygiene" "Frequent hand washing is a must and Alcohol." "Kapag nag iingay yung mga kapatid mo/children habang nag cacall meeting ka " "Noise. Dirty surroundings. Toys scattered." "Keeping them clean. Teaching them not to touch their face." "Very noisy at times."
  31. 31. They find it hard for children to be kept entertained "they are anxious , easily bored" "Keeping them occupied. Continuing education. Making sure they are physically active" "They have boundless energy that adults don’t have. They cannot sit down and stay still at all" "When we run out of things to do and they want to run and play outside" "It's so hard to keep them entertained. They are BORED so napipilitan akong maging creative thinking of activities to keep them busy" "They love to eat and eat, play with me and wake up very late"
  32. 32. But spending more time with younger children can be fulfilling especially for parents "Doing the right thing, and being a father and my responsibilities. I love it!" "They are my children, I got more time to bond with them and understand how and what they feel in this ordeal. Children are affected, too. Parents need to talk to there kids too. Let them express how they felt, it's therapeutic for them." "They still are happy and have no worries which is kind of a vibe I'm absorbing when they're around" "We develop bonding. This is the longest time we spent together" "spending more time with them because they grow up too fast."
  33. 33. Implications for living with younger children Overbuying > underbuying Households with younger children have needs that are both predictable and unpredictable. Parents will naturally stock up on items that are necessities (milk, juice, etc) But some children will throw tantrums if and when they don't get what they want. So parents will likewise stock up on items their children might WANT, like treats or favorite snacks. Providing parents with interesting recipes or activities for children that will make use of their time will naturally be welcome. Cleanliness is next to godliness The ECQ has been an opportune time for parents to teach their children how to properly wash hands, practice proper, and to keep their toys and materials clean and tidy. Parents to spend more time with children with a before-it's-too-late attitude The work-from-home set up has been an eye-opener for those who spend most of their time at work. They are rediscovering their children, their roles as parents, and are relishing the time they are getting to spend with them. They now realize that this set up is possible, and is a way for them to become more productive resulting to a happier and more positive outlook.
  34. 34. LIVING WITH OLDER CHILDREN 44.6% are spending the ECQ with children aged 11 and above
  35. 35. " Their biggest challenge is keeping their children away from their gadgets... "They want to eat something which isn't available." And the fact that they are #AlwaysHungry "Getting him to do chores. He's so busy with online class, projects and gaming. He has his own world." "Millenials nowadays put much of their time tinkering with their gadgets." "They have different needs than the younger ones. Mostly gadgets and internet" "My children were sooooo much engaged with their gadgets.." ""Stubbornness, laziness, gadget addiction, nonstop eating..😩" ""They want to eat something which isn't available." ""More on movies and eat a lot than before, wake up very late" ""Their boredom and constant need for food"
  36. 36. Parents are concerned about imposing household responsibilities and teaching "early adulting" "Teach them new life skills like cooking, washing clothes." So they make sure they do household chores "You keep on reminding them again and again on doing their chores" "I voice out my request for the chores needing to be helped at" "Constantly send them reminders for them to learn new things & possibly earn money online" "I talk to him about the importance of following the protocol regarding the lockdown and of taking care of ourselves. I give him the proper services he need like cooking good food and helping him in his grooming. I also encourage him to move his body quite more often, to exercise a little , that is. And share some jokes from Facebook."
  37. 37. SPENDING MORE TIME There might be some conflicts (like rivalries, fights), but something unexpectedly good "comes out" of them TEACHING AND LEARNING FROM EACH OTHER "I teach them skills. They can be useful at times" "They are forced to interact with us 😂" "Spending more time with them. Getting to do stuff with them that you normally have time for only during weekends" "We're able to teach him stuff like how to cook scrambled eggs the way I do (since it's his favorite). how to take care of the plants, make him watch and appreciate good movies like Sound of Music, Rocketman and the likes." "Sharing current events and knowledge" "More talking, sharing life's experiences, learning" "Able to teach them and explain to them the importance of following orders." "Praying together as well as eating meals together everyday" "It taught them the value of staying at home, it also saves money when they are at home." "They are actually willing to help in the house if just asked with care." "Connect and be near with them"
  38. 38. Teens are socially connected now more than ever. They're bored when they're not with their friends They value their freedom to go to places, doing things without being restricted. They crave for life outside the home like eating out in their fave restos, travelling to destination, and fueling their passions. Teens are highly social so there are adjustments to staying home vs. spending most of their time outdoors "Going to the mall, out of town, country" "Going outside to buy something stuff for them and seeing their friends going to school" "Going out with their friends. And being able to do other things."
  39. 39. Implications for living with older children The buzzword "adulting" is not just for millennials Because being in the home 24/7 calls for more chores, parents get to teach their children the value of learning a life skill. Although it may be as simple as doing the laundry, these are simple steps taken towards their independence. Laziness vs. Productivity, Connectivity vs Withdrawal: Balancing the effect of technology Technology in this situation is a lifesaver for older kids -- it's a way to receive news and updates, to distract from the stress of the situation, and to connect with their social circles. But from the perspective of parents, it is a distraction from socialization within the family and responsibilities at home. Older kids would ‘live in their own worlds’ and not seem to care about the household and its other members. Learning to balance teens’ “me-time” with family time and their responsibilities need to be learned at this stage. Brands and influencers that older teens look up to may help in this situation by opening teens’ perspectives to being more mindful about the crisis and how they can help their families get through it. Conflict resolutions with older children/teens Conflicts at home would most likely be because of misunderstandings between teens and their parents. Offering possible ways to deal with these conflicts and understanding the perspective of both parents and teens could be very useful for maintaining a peaceful household during the lockdown.
  40. 40. LIVING WITH SENIORS 47.92% of respondents live with Seniors
  41. 41. The biggest challenge in living with seniors is worrying about their health. “They’re super makulit and insists on going out when they’re more prone to the disease!” This is followed by frustration because they keep going out. They want to be the ones going to the market despite their exposure to risks Hard to manage their mindset about ECQ and about the virus. Seems they are daredevils on this matter. Having to worry if they would get infected due to compromised health making sure i disinfect myself & everything else so that my senior citizen is safe from the virus Eto yung mga gustong gusto talaga lumabas, they keep making commotions about the govt how everyone’s being blind in this pandemic I'm worried they would get infected of the virus. Paranoia of infecting them IF i'm a carrier.
  42. 42. Worth sharing is that a few mentioned seniors’ gullibility in believing and sharing ‘fake news’. Getting medicines and prescriptions is a challenge. They have medications which means one of us has to go out to buy new ones They cannot purchase maintenance medicines, cannot get new prescription to doctors. Taking fake news seriously They share unverified information all the time on social media or chat.
  43. 43. They miss going out, because they’re used to going out - to the malls, to the grocery or market, to the movies (seniors watch movies for free!), to church, to eat out, to buy their medicines, to visit their children/grandchildren/relatives/friends, and to pay bills! Seniors just want to go OUT. Walking around the village, their amigas, church visits, etc. Going to the market, pay bills. So worried about paying bills. Driving to the clubhouse and meet his fellow retirees.
  44. 44. They value the quality time spent with seniors - it’s a time to bond, to reminisce, to learn about each other. The lockdown has given them the time to bond with their seniors, to serve them and take care of them. Seniors seem to be the drivers for being prayerful during this crisis. But despite the many challenges, there are as many positive things about living with Seniors. When I go to him, more story telling way back before I was able to help them in simples ways, likes cooking for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Buy them medicines for maintenance and clean the house They give me words of wisdom more as well as keeping me closer to our lord. We always pray together.
  45. 45. Implications for Seniors Seniors need to be convinced and encouraged to #StayHome. While they may be seen as ‘makulit’ or ‘pasaway’, like us they are trying to deal with the crisis the only way they know how. To put some normalcy back in their lives. And we must understand that normalcy to them is going outl. Provide activities that will further build their bond with the family. Think of what’s important to them and build on that. If they like reminiscing about the past, ask them to help you create a family tree. If they miss going to church, setup a daily video streaming of Masses, even level It up by making them attend a Mass by the Pope. If they miss going to the movies, do a ‘movie afternoon’ with classics they love. Delivery of basic services The struggle is real when it comes to buying medicines and vitamins for seniors. They usually just buy enough for 30 days because that’s what the senior citizens’ discount allows for. And they need monthly prescriptions for that. So healthcare providers need to be able to deliver prescriptions virtually, and pharmacies should be able to fulfil delivery of their medicines while crediting their senior discounts.
  46. 46. Post Lockdown Predictions #Halalan2022 Elections are still 2 years away. And Filipinos are known to have short memories. But this lockdown has made people realize how big the impact is of both the national and local governments and its officials in their lives, especially in times of crisis. People will be looking for new faces, mavericks, non-traditional politicians in the coming elections. Government officials should thus have very strong leadership skills that will enable them to guide their constituents through any crisis, as well as respond to their needs. PR is something they will need to master in order to effectively promote their actions without appearing to be self-serving. Health and Protection Our concern for building immunity and protecting ourselves from germs have been ultra-heightened with this crisis. Expect the same need for anti-oxidant supplements, constant hand sanitation, more conscious disinfection of homes, work places, public spaces + wearing of masks in public especially among those who are sick. While health care providers have started with teleconsulting and home services, perhaps home visits can have a comeback especially for seniors. “Maybe the one thing I love the most is that many filipinos are waking up and demanding a better government. It's really eye-opening now that there's nothing else to do but learn what's happening.”
  47. 47. Post Lockdown Predictions Prepping for the Future With people now knowing what they need and what they don’t have during the lockdown, there will be preparations just in case another lockdown happens. An extra chest freezer to store food, stocking up on essentials like rice and canned goods, their own water filtration at home and so on. Fashion and Grooming There will be a beeline for barbershops and salons for the much needed haircuts, hair color, mani/pedi services. There may also be a need for new clothes as people have gained weight from eating and sleeping and being inactive during the lockdown. Brands can do well by providing them style look-books to look forward to after the ECQ. Self-Care, Self-Love To reward oneself after all the anxiety during the lockdown, people will look to improving their mental health. It may be a visit to their therapist, or a massage at the spa. They have discovered the value of having ME time, and will be more conscious about having theirs.
  48. 48. Post Lockdown Predictions Mobile Banking + eCom The lockdown has forced people to learn how to do mobile banking - be it for sending payments to online sellers, paying bills, or in donating to worthy causes. Buying from e-commerce sites like Lazada or Shoppee, or supermarkets like Landers/S&R has been a lifeline for those who don’t have access to transportation, or who are quarantined. Even vendors from wet markets have gone onboard! Expect a rise in online transactions now that people have gotten used to the convenience of online payments and shopping. Brands should likewise prepare for availability of their products online with reliable delivery fulfillment. Environmental Consciousness People have noticed how good the lockdown has been for the environment - cleaner air, clearer waters, bluer skies, chirping birds. With this heightened consciousness about the environment, people will start to become more mindful about their contributions to waste and pollution. And they may hold companies accountable to earth’s preservation as well.
  49. 49. Post Lockdown Predictions Saving for a Rainy Day If there’s one thing that the lockdown has taught many, it’s that there is value in saving money for emergencies. Financial institutions should think of ways to make saving easy and profitable to consumers so that more people are encouraged to save. Or perhaps an insurance policy to protect one’s salary in case of a layoff. #InternetisLife Now, more than ever, people see the value of a reliable and stable internet connection. It’s how people can continue working from home, stay connected with friends all over the world, and even to continue religious services. Providing homes with alternative means to connect to the internet when their current providers fail is a saviour, like prepaid mobile wifi routers. Increasing bandwidth is also appreciated by families since everyone is using the internet at home 24/7.
  50. 50. For more information you can email Diday Alcudia Chief Strategic Planner, Dentsu Jayme Syfu at