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Marcomm objectives worksheet


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Marcomm objectives worksheet

  1. 1. MarCom Objectives Worksheet Goal Target Audience Ideal Response Response KPIs Timeframe Marcomm Objective To inform members of new services offerings Members visit the newTo create awareness of the 50% of members visit the provided by our company, so that at least half our Members "Services" page on End of Q4 2012new "Services" page new "Services" page. members visit the new “Services” page on our website. website by the end of Q4 2012. Members visit a new 25% increase in the To create awareness of new content that hasTo inform of new content content page on the number of new content been added to the website, so that membersthat has been added to the Members End of Q1 2013 website and click downloads conducted by download 25% more new content by the end of Q1website "Download" members. 2013.