Customer Experience is the Ultimate Competitive Advantage


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The End-to-End Customer Experience is your Ultimate Competitive Advantage

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Customer Experience is the Ultimate Competitive Advantage

  1. 1. SalesChannel Europe ©2013 All rights
  2. 2. Problemthe
  3. 3. Internally-focusedThinkingCustomerExperienceThe End2Endvs
  4. 4. EVERYTHING!Experience is?
  5. 5. What are customersto expect if youdon’t first define it?Question #1
  6. 6. What is the experienceyou want yourcustomers to have?Question #2
  7. 7. Business + Design =Experience
  8. 8. Positive Customer
  9. 9. Customer feedback
  10. 10. EMPATHYbegin withThe best businesses
  11. 11. Encourage them to tell it like it is
  12. 12. …then listen to your customers
  13. 13. 13Are you really listening?
  14. 14. Compliance vs commitment
  15. 15. The Customer Experience MapPhasesWOWEnjoyableFunctionalUneventfulMissed itNever AgainFeelings“I Love it”“I like it”“Works for me”“OK”“I Don’t Like it”“I hate it”MemoryHighMidLowNoneMidHighImpact on LoyaltyShare with ManyShare with fewNeutralDecrease66% decrease100% Loss
  16. 16. Everything you do impactsthe Customer’s
  17. 17. “ The customer perceives service in his or her own terms.” -Arch McGill“ The customer’s perception is your reality.” - Kate Zabriskie“ We cannot become what we need to be by remaining whatwe are.” - Max Dupree“Excellent firms dont believe in excellence - only in constantimprovement and constant change. ” - Tom PetersCustomer Satisfaction Quotes:
  18. 18. “Victory in marketing doesn’t happenwhen you sell something, but when youcultivate advocates for yourbrand.”- Steve Knox, CEO of Tremors,P&G’s Word of Mouth Business
  19. 19. Advocates are yourbest influencers
  20. 20. Typical Conversion Rates1. Cold calling:2. External Recommendation:3. Internal Recommendation:44%10 X Cold callingBetween 1-5%4%88%20 X Cold calling
  21. 21. How do you measureCustomer Experience?
  22. 22. Using simple CustomerExperience
  23. 23. SalesChannel Europe ©2013 All rights reserved 233 Types of Customer Experience Metrics*Descriptive Metrics Perception Metrics Outcome MetricsWhat happened?What did the customer think aboutwhat happened?What will the customer do as a resultof what happened?Customer called to resolve problem withbillOpnes bill and sees its wrong - again!Complains to friends about the billingerrorWas on hold for 5 minsSearches for customer number and finallyfinds itWont purchase more from this companyany time soonSpoke with phone agent 998 in Manila for2-5 minutesWaits on hold forever Starts noticing offers from competitorsTrouble ticket openedFrustrated that phone agent needs somuch informationTrouble ticket closed incorrect charge reversedAt least agent was pleasantCommon MetricsCall and email volumeCustomer satisfaction with overallexperienceLikelhood of recommendationAverage call timesCustomer satisfaction with specificaspects of the customer experienceLikelyhood of purchaseCalls lost before answered Call resolution rate likelyhood to switch to a competitorWebsite visitsUser goal completion rate (web, mobile,tablet)Actual purchases madeAverage pages viewed per visit Contract renewalsAverage transaction value Churn ratesAverage calls per customer per yearCaptured through . . .Analytics systems surveys and text mining surveys and/or analyticsCommon Data SourcesContact center logs and analyticsEnterprise Feedback Management (EFM)systemsEFM systemsWeb and mobile analytics Online feedback and survey tools Online feedback and survey toolsPoint of sale systems Contact center call transcripts Contact center logs and analyticsBilling systems Customer letters and emails Web and mobile analytics systemsCRM systems Social media posts and comments Point of sales systemsBusiness intelligence systems Billing systemsCRM systemsBusiness Intelligence systems*Outside In: The Power of PuttingCustomers at the Center of Your Businessby Harley Manning & Kerry Bodine
  24. 24. it right
  25. 25. it wrong
  26. 26. Solutionthe
  27. 27. erentfdifthink
  28. 28. 28Take a higher lever view
  29. 29. Change your
  30. 30. The hard way
  31. 31. AND thinking
  32. 32. thinking
  33. 33. AND
  34. 34. Thinking
  35. 35. AND
  36. 36. • Competitive AND Collaborative• Controlling AND Creative• Focused AND Flexible• Simple AND Complex• Rational AND Emotional• Relational AND Actionable• Results-oriented AND People-orientedAND Thinking
  37. 37.
  38. 38. Recurrent
  39. 39. Collective constraint based thinking
  40. 40. Bring about the
  41. 41. Resilient
  42. 42. Child-like
  43. 43. Design an E2E Customer ExperienceProducts ServicesExperienceCustomer
  44. 44. SalesChannel Europe ©2013 All rights reserved 45Basic Product/Service:• Technology• Price performance• Product/service qualityE2E Customer Experience:• People• Perceived value• High touch• Exceed customer expectations• Delight and astound customersBasicProduct/ServiceDifferentiation: 3 Levels of Perceived ValueSupport Services2End2EndCustomer Experience3Support Services:• Levels of support• Quality of service and support• Systems• ProcessesBasicProduct/Service1
  45. 45. Communicating with Accountability3Listening to Learn2Engaging with Empathy1
  46. 46. SalesChannel Europe ©2013 All rights reserved“Seek first tounderstand, thento be understood.”- Stephen R CoveyEngaging with Empathy
  47. 47. 49How do you create empathy?
  48. 48. SalesChannel Europe ©2013 All rights reservedGo where they
  49. 49. 51Where ever they live
  50. 50. ConversationsDiagnostic
  51. 51. SalesChannel Europe ©2013 All rights reservedYou can tell a man is clever by his answerYou can tell a man is wise by his questionsQuestions?
  52. 52. be
  53. 53. like a Doctor
  54. 54. SalesChannel Europe ©2013 All rights reserved3 - Level Questioning561.2.3.Question Area 11.2.3.Question Area 21.2.3.Question Area 3
  55. 55. SalesChannel Europe ©2013 All rights reserved“No one cares howmuch you know, untilthey know how muchyou care.”- Ralph Waldo Emerson57Engaging with Empathy
  56. 56. Communicating with Accountability3Listening to Learn2Engaging with Empathy1
  57. 57. SalesChannel Europe ©2013 All rights reservedDiagnostic Listening59• Facts• Opinions• Feelings
  58. 58. SalesChannel Europe ©2013 All rights reservedThe Art of Listening60
  59. 59. SalesChannel Europe ©2013 All rights reservedThe Art of Listening61
  60. 60. SalesChannel Europe ©2013 All rights reservedThe Art of Listening62
  61. 61. SalesChannel Europe ©2013 All rights reserved3 Horizons63FactsOpinionsFeelings
  62. 62. SalesChannel Europe ©2013 All rights reserved 64The Art of Listening4 Levels of Listening:PolitenessToConfirmSelectivelyToLearn
  63. 63. SalesChannel Europe ©2013 All rights reserved 65The Art of Listening• Ask a lot of questions• Shut up and listen• Keep asking questions• Gentile follow-up questions• Clarify ambiguity• Summarise what you have understood• Earn the right to ask PAIN questions• When you need help – ask for it
  64. 64. Barriers to the beach
  65. 65. 67Eliminating barriers to satisfaction
  66. 66. Communicating with Accountability3Listening to Learn2Engaging with Empathy1
  67. 67. 69Its not what you sayits how you say it
  68. 68. AccountabilityCommunicating with
  69. 69. SalesChannel Europe ©2013 All rights reserved 71Communicating with Emotion• Energy• Enthusiasm• Body Language• Questioning• Listening• Note Taking• Sincere Interest• Emotions move people to actionConviction:• People make decision based on emotion and justify with rational reasons• Must give them both emotional reasons and rational arguments
  70. 70. SalesChannel Europe ©2013 All rights reservedTellAskProblem SolutionAsk – Tell QuadrantsConversation Directional Compass• Describing the problem• Problem focused• Asking questions about theproblem• Problem focused• Asking questions about possiblesolutions• Solution focused• Talking about the solution• Describing possible solutions
  71. 71. Think like a Doctor
  72. 72. AdvocatesCustomerWe are all
  73. 73. SalesChannel Europe ©2013 All rights reservedCreating a cultureof Service Excellence
  74. 74. Getting everybody on the same bus
  75. 75. Create simple internal processesthat facilitate customer interaction
  76. 76. Identify KPIs that impactCustomer
  77. 77. SalesChannel Europe ©2013 All rights reservedGet everyone movingin the same direction
  78. 78. SalesChannel Europe ©2013 All rights reserved 81Collectively focused
  79. 79. Who do you benchmarkyourself against?
  80. 80. Quality of ServiceCustomer SatisfactionCustomer ExperienceA journey
  81. 81. Value Migration
  82. 82. it right
  83. 83. R EdniePresident & CEOSalesChannel EuropePh: +33 676 60 09 25 (FRA)Email: david@saleschannel-europe.comWebsite: