Online reputation management (ORM)


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Managing your online reputation is critical to nearly every business. This presentation focuses on creating a culture within an organization to tackle online ratings and reviews. It's packed with planning models and practical tips.

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  • First off: Is it DMM or ORM? Probably the same as was it SEM or SEA.I first entered into ORM with Radian6 when I was at Crosby Marketing. Beyond the Brand Mentions and Interaction, I started to notice people leaving real world customer service feedback. Back then it was mostly in blogs and forums but it served the same purpose of review sites of today. The information was searchable and often ranked high in SEO. When I made the leap to the client side, it was as the VP of Interactive for Bozzuto an apartment and new home builder in Greenbelt, MD. They had over 100 locations on the east coast. Online ratings and reviews were a new thing to real estate. The Hospitality industry had jumped on that wagon years ago. But at Bozzuto is was a brand new thing. And with any brand new thing, it’s important to get leadership on board. And there is no better way to do that than to show in no uncertain terms, ORM is making a business impact. I would go so far as to say it can have a bigger impact than social media. Yes, I just said that.At Bozzuto, we were not staffed to manage a process centrally so it was an easy decision to train folks in the field. I created the YES! Program that was geared toward encouraging managers to seek the Yes recommendation. The community may only get 3 stars because of the parking or construction (which was out of our control) but if we focused on customer service we could still get people willing to recommend to their family and friends. There was a whole roll out and management period over a few years. Lots of lessons learned there.After Bozzuto, I moved on to Avalon Communities, based in Arlington Va. The company has over 250 locations nationwide. I took a different path there an we ended up managing all review responses centrally through marketing and our customer care center. I’ll get into more of that.So now, as you may have noticed, I recently made another switch to the US Conference of Catholic Bishops. As the main organization that overseas the churches across the U.S., there are over 17,000 locations. And if I thought people were opinioned about where they lived, boy do they get worked up on where they worship. Not many people don’t have an opinion about the Catholic church.So needless to say, it’s a reputation manager’s dream.
  • Over trustworthiness of brand, speed of delivery, industry experts, peers in social media etc.
  • Give the Best Buy experience. Scan for reviews and then purchase cheaper with free shipping.
  • Ok, now you’ve got their attention. What should you do first? Make it awesome.
  • Online reputation management (ORM)

    1. 1. Reputation Management by Matthew Kilmurry for Mid-Atlantic Marketing Summit
    2. 2. Online Reputation Management (ORM) • My background as it relates to ORM. • What is ORM and how is it different than SMM? • Why should we care? (Why should we invest?) • First, make it awesome. • Develop a response strategy. • More reviews are a good thing. • Who is doing it right? You may be surprised. • Don’t be afraid to ask.
    3. 3. One million push pins
    4. 4. ORM vs. SMM
    5. 5. ORM vs. SMM or Left Brain vs. Right Brain
    6. 6. Why should we care? (Why should we invest?)
    7. 7. Reviews are like people – we want to hug them
    8. 8. Only money matters more
    9. 9. Access during any moment, in any location and on any device
    10. 10. Make it personal so leadership in the company takes notice • Only 35% of Avalon Communities prospects said they did NOT read online reviews. 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% None
    11. 11. Relate it back to real world • 46% of AvalonBay prospects consider online reviews important during leasing decision. Very Low Low Neutral High Very High
    12. 12. First, make it awesome
    13. 13. Develop a response strategy • Who: Responder group(s) • What: Good, Better, Best response model based off of case studies • Look at your survey results: What are the sticking points? What are the highlights? Focus on those. • Where: Identify review sites • When: Reasonable response time (doesn’t have to be as fast as a customer service inquiry) • How: Software systems to manage and report
    14. 14. Test out response groups • Fully managed by Vendor • Advantage: Managed by industry experts • Centralized • Advantage: Consistency • On-Site Managers • Advantage: Authenticity
    15. 15. Example case studies will help you formulate a strategy – no need to compile the whole ocean
    16. 16. Good • Acknowledge their problem and thank them for sharing their experience and/or thoughts • Offer an explanation for perceived issues, but explanation may have been too lengthy • Ask to take conversation offline and provide phone number
    17. 17. Better • Acknowledge their problem and thank them for sharing their experience and/or thoughts • Offer an explanation for perceived issues, if applicable, but explanation is focused and upfront to the specific problem(s) • Ask to take conversation offline and provide phone number
    18. 18. Best 1. Addresses the ‘real’ or underlying issue upfront 2. Empathetic response that considers why this issue would be important to the customer 3. Acknowledges the issue, apologize for feelings, circumstances or inconvenience and thank them for sharing their concerns experience and/or thoughts (In some cases an apology may not be warranted) 4. Offers an explanation for issues; explanation is focused and upfront to the specific problem(s)
    19. 19. Best cont’d 5. Offers next steps in response; asks to take conversation offline to discuss and provides phone number 6. Indicates that positive or actionable comment will be shared with appropriate team members 7. If ambiguous, expresses interest in learning more about the situation 8. Verbalizes what level of service we strive for 9. Uses third person instead of first person 10. If current customer, thanks them for continued business
    20. 20. Create a response process model Review Created Det ails Rec ord Moni tor Notific ation Resp onse Software Responder CM Marketing Response Graded
    21. 21. How to handle hot post • Escalation will occur when responder feels that review is exceptionally negative or contains subjects that mention: • Harassment, security, illegal activities, union activities • Responder will notify corporate contact (Director of Marketing)
    22. 22. Take advantage to improve company practices • When reviewer explicitly indicates who they are in review • Specific dates, associate names, details etc. should be collected • Note should entered into CRM database • All reviews should be addressed with staff at team meetings
    23. 23. Software selection comes last Review Management Reputation Scoring Monitor, track, & improve online reviews Assess the factors contributing to the company’s online reputation
    24. 24. Hierarchy of reporting • Instant notification of review • Responder • Daily round up of reviews • Regional manager • Marketing manager • Weekly round up of reviews • VPs of RS, SVPs • CEO? Email Notifications
    25. 25. Measuring the test and calculating ROI • Scoring of a sample set of responses based on: • ‘Best’ criteria for responses • Timeliness of response • Leads or sales generated from phone calls and website visits from review sites • Increase in star rating on Google / Yelp and overall by market • Quarter over quarter increase in positive reviews • Increase in conversion ratio of overall ecommerce sales or leads
    26. 26. Don’t be afraid to ask – just ask at the right time • Rate us business card with URL and QR code or on-site tablet • Create a conditional page based on response within your survey tool • Add to script at the conclusion of a successful customer service call • Smart email program (i.e. SalesForce) that auto generates review email during customer lifecycle periods of most satisfaction
    27. 27. Heck, get any reviews you can
    28. 28. Who is doing it right?
    29. 29. 99 comments on FB post and Walmart was 14 of them
    30. 30. Address people directly
    31. 31. Take it offline
    32. 32. Don’t shy away from hot button issues
    33. 33. Let people know you are listening to them
    34. 34. Questions? @mkilmurry in/mkilmurry /kilmurry