Intelligence,light,truth in ENGLISH


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How to move mountains, how to create earths and how to stand in the presence of God.

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Intelligence,light,truth in ENGLISH

  1. 1. INTELLIGENCE, LIGHT & TRUTH <ul><li>2 Nephi 2:14: and now, my sons, I speak unto you these things for your profit and learning; for there is a God, and he hath created all things, both the heavens and the earth, and all things that in them are, both things to act and things to be acted upon . </li></ul>
  2. 2. JD 7:2: Brigham Young There is an eternity of matter, and it is all acted upon and filled with a portion of divinity. Matter is to exist; it cannot be annihilated. Eternity is without bounds, and is filled with matter; and there is no such place as empty space. And matter is capacitated to receive intelligence . JD 7:2 - p.3, Brigham Young, July 3, 1859 If we could so understand true philosophy as to understand our own creation, and what it is for - what design and intent the Supreme Ruler had in organizing matter and bringing it forth in the capacity that I behold you here to-day, we could comprehend that matter cannot be destroyed - that it is subject to organization and disorganization ; and could understand that matter can be organized and brought forth into intelligence, and to possess more intelligence , and to continue to increase in that intelligence; and could learn those principles that organized matter into animals, vegetables, and into intelligent beings; and could discern the Divinity acting, operating, and diffusing principles into matter to produce intelligent beings, and to exalt them - to what? Happiness. Will nothing short of that fully satisfy the spirits implanted within us? No.
  3. 3. D & C 93: 29 Man was also in the beginning with God. Intelligence , or the light of truth , was not created or made, neither indeed can be. 30 All truth is independent in that sphere in which God has placed it, to act for itself , as all intelligence also; otherwise there is no existence. 33 For man is spirit. The elements are eternal, and spirit and element, inseparably connected, receive a fullness of joy; 34 And when separated, man cannot receive a fullness of joy. 35 The elements are the tabernacle of God; yea, man is the tabernacle of God, even temples; and whatsoever temple is defiled, God shall destroy that temple. 36 The glory of God is intelligence , or, in other words, light and truth.
  4. 4. D & C 88: 38 And unto every kingdom is given a law ; and unto every law there are certain bounds also and conditions.   41 He comprehendeth all things, and all things are before him, and all things are round about him; and he is above all things, and in all things, and is through all things, and is round about all things; and all things are by him, and of him, even God, forever and ever. 42 And again, verily I say unto you, he hath given a law unto all things , by which they move in their times and their seasons ;
  5. 5. Mormon 9: 19 And if there were miracles wrought then, why has God ceased to be a God of miracles and yet be an unchangeable Being? And behold, I say unto you he changeth not; if so he would cease to be God; and he ceaseth not to be God , and is a God of miracles. Another Example: Alma 42: GOD is ALSO BOUND BY LAWS
  6. 6. God operates in a universe of law, cause and effect. God must maintain confidence of the spirits and intelligences to still be God . He must be a God. He must be absolutely just. Brigham Young
  7. 7. Intelligences-Co-Eternal : &quot;If two things exist, and there be one above the other, there shall be greater things above them. * * * * * If there be two spirits, and one shall be more intelligent than the other, yet these two spirits, notwithstanding one is more intelligent than the other, have no beginning; they existed before, they shall have no end, they shall exist, for they are gnolaum, or eternal. Book of Abraham ch. 3, 16, 18
  8. 8. GOD WAS MORE INTELLIGENT In such wise did God make known anciently the power by virtue of which He is supreme over all the intelligences that exist—the fact that He is more intelligent than any and all others. In the heavens as upon the earth the aphorism holds good that Knowledge is Power, providing that by &quot;knowledge&quot; we mean application, and not merely mental possession, of truth. In a revelation through Joseph Smith the prophet given in 1833, the character of Divine authority and power is thus sublimely summarized: &quot;The Glory of God is Intelligence .&quot; ( D&C 93:36 .)
  9. 9. INTELLIGENCE THAT SAVES The intelligence that saves comprises knowing and doing what is required by the Gospel of Christ; and such intelligence will endure beyond death. &quot;Whatever principle of intelligence we attain unto in this life, it will rise with us in the resurrection. And if a person gains more knowledge and intelligence in this life through his diligence and obedience than another, he will have so much the advantage in the world to come.&quot; (130:18, 19.) Intelligence as to Godly things, which are summarized in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, leads to an ever increasing understanding and comprehension of God Himself, and this is knowledge supreme; for as the praying Christ affirmed: &quot;This is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent.&quot; ( John 17:3 )
  10. 10. To begin, the Prophet Joseph taught that the physical elements in the universe have always existed : &quot;The elements are eternal. In the translation [concerning creation] . . . the word 'created' should be 'formed,' or 'organized.' &quot; 2 God did not create the world out of nothing ; it was organized out of existing materials and elements. The scriptures do not tell us what the nature and history of these elements were before they were organized as a part of this earth, but we do know that God was the power who formed the earth as it now is. Joseph Smith taught that although the elements are eternal, they can be reorganized : &quot;The pure principles of element are principles [or component parts] which can never be destroyed; they may be organized and reorganized, but not destroyed. They had no beginning, and can have no end.&quot;
  11. 11. PLANTS and ANIMALS Since all creatures and the plants and trees of the earth were created spiritually, we discover that not only man is entitled to the resurrection but every other living thing that suffered the fall through Adam's transgression . ( D. & C. 77:2 .)
  12. 12. Brigham Young said: “The intelligence residing in a stone is in quality, as far as it goes, the same as the intelligence possessed by man. But, man is so organized that a greater amount of intelligence , a fullness of it, centers in him, and he is as a consequence essentially and eternally different from the stone.” President Young also said: &quot;The life that is within us is a part of an eternity of life, and is organized spirit, which is clothed upon by tabernacles, thereby constituting our present being, which is designed for the attainment of further intelligence . The matter comprising our bodies and spirits has been organized from the eternity of matter that fills immensity,&quot; (Journal of Discourses, Vol. 7:285, Brigham Young.) A lower intelligence can not become a higher intelligence except by disorganization. This doctrine does not permit the interpretation that a lower intelligence , such as that of an animal, may in time become the intelligence of a man. &quot;It remaineth in the sphere in which I, God, created it.&quot; (Book of Moses 3:9.) The horse will ever remain a horse, though the intelligence of the animal may increase. To make any of the constituent parts or forces of an animal, part of the intelligence of a man, it would be necessary to disorganize the animal; to organize the elements into a man, and thus to begin over again Joseph Smith anticipated science in the modern conception of life. Men, beasts and plants —those beings that possess the higher life, differ from inanimate nature, so called, by a higher degree of organization. That is the dogma of &quot;Mormonism,&quot; and the doctrine of science. About 1831 Joseph Smith gave this knowledge to the world; a generation later, scientific men arrived independently at the same conclusion
  13. 13. Brigham Young describing statements in the D & C: 29, verses 22-26: And again, verily, verily, I say unto you that when the thousand years are ended, and men again begin to deny their God, then will I spare the earth but for a little season; And the end shall come, and the heaven and the earth shall be consumed and pass away, and there shall be a new heaven and a new earth. For all old things shall pass away, and all things shall become new, even the heaven and the earth, and all the fullness thereof, both men and beasts, the fowls of the air, and the fishes of the sea; And not one hair, neither mote, shall be lost, for it is the workmanship of mine hand. But, behold, verily I say unto you, before the earth shall pass away, Michael, mine archangel, shall sound his trump, and then shall all the dead awake, for their graves shall be opened, and they shall come forth—yea, even all. ( D. & C. 29:22-26 .) “ So we learn that this mortal earth, like all on its face, is growing old, and eventually shall die, be cleansed, and then come forth a celestial world and everything will be restored to life never to die again. This does not mean, however, that everything that has been on this earth in mortality will be assigned to remain on this earth when it is purified and has received the celestial glory and becomes a fit abode for celestial beings, human, animal, and plant, according to the divine decree .”
  14. 14. NOW LET’S LOOK AT the ORGANIZATION (or creation) OF THIS EARTH
  15. 15. WHAT WAS THE FIRST THING THE GODS DID AFTER THE EARTH WAS FORMED and ORGANIZED? Abraham 4:1 And then the Lord said: Let us go down. And they went down at the beginning, and they, that is the Gods, organized and formed the heavens and the earth. (OUT OF WHAT? Out of material that already existed)    3 And they (the Gods) said: Let there be light; and there was light. LIGHT (intelligence) WAS THE FIRST THING INTRODUCED IN THE ORGANIZATION OF THE EARTH
  16. 16. NOW ANOTHER RUN AT IT: Abraham 4:1 And then the Lord said: Let us go down. And they went down at the beginning, and they, that is the Gods , organized and formed the heavens and the earth. 7 And the Gods ordered the expanse, …; and it was so, even as they ordered . 10 And the Gods pronounced the dry land, Earth; and the gathering together of the waters, pronounced they, Great Waters; and the Gods saw that they were obeyed . 12 And the Gods organized the earth to bring forth grass from its own seed, …after his kind; and the Gods saw that they were obeyed .
  17. 17. 18 And the Gods watched those things which they had ordered until they obeyed. 21 And the Gods prepared the waters …every living creature that moveth, which the waters were to bring forth abundantly after their kind….And the Gods saw that they would be obeyed , and that their plan was good. 25 And the Gods organized the earth to bring forth the beasts after their kind, and cattle after their kind, and every thing that creepeth upon the earth after its kind; and the Gods saw they would obey. AND NOW THE KEY ILLUMINATING PHRASE:
  18. 18. God COMMANDS & the Elements OBEY COMMAND & OBEY D&C 63:5 Behold, I, the Lord, utter my voice, and it shall be obeyed.
  19. 19. WHY DID THEY OBEY? Because the MASTER, the CREATOR, the WORD commanded that they obey. He spoke to the intelligence and the spirit of the object and IT did obey. Each object OBEYED in it’s respective turn.
  20. 20. D & C 88: 11 And the light which shineth, which giveth you light , is through him who enlighteneth your eyes, which is the same light that quickeneth your understandings;    12 Which light proceedeth forth from the presence of God to fill the immensity of space—    13 The light which is in all things , which giveth life to all things , which is the law by which all things are governed , even the power of God who sitteth upon his throne, who is in the bosom of eternity, who is in the midst of all things AND AS TO EVEN OUR EARTH 25 And again, verily I say unto you, the earth abideth the law of a celestial kingdom , for it filleth the measure of its creation, and transgresseth not the law—    26 Wherefore, it shall be sanctified; yea, notwithstanding it shall die, it shall be quickened again, and shall abide the power by which it is quickened, and the righteous shall inherit it.   D & C 6:21 Behold, I am Jesus Christ , the Son of God. I am the same that came unto mine own, and mine own received me not. I am the light which shineth in darkness , and the darkness comprehendeth it not.
  21. 21. MAN FOLLOWS THE SAME PATTERN Let the Lord speak, and let the people obey. That is the way to gain that happiness which all mankind are seeking, and no other course can satisfy the noble, Godlike spirit placed in man, who is formed for the express purpose of preserving his identity to all eternity. Without strict observance to the laws by which worlds were and are created - to the words of the Eternal, no being can inherit eternal lives. JD 7:4, Brigham Young, July 3, 1859 The First Law of Heaven is Obedience
  22. 22. MAN IS TO GROW & OBEY D & C 93: 1 Verily, thus saith the Lord: It shall come to pass that every soul who forsaketh his sins and cometh unto me , and calleth on my name , and obeyeth my voice , and keepeth my commandments , shall see my face and know that I am;    2 And that I am the true light that lighteth every man that cometh into the world; 19 I give unto you these sayings that you may understand and know how to worship , and know what you worship, that you may come unto the Father in my name, and in due time receive of his fullness .    20 For if you keep my commandments you shall receive of his fulness , and be glorified in me as I am in the Father; therefore, I say unto you, you shall receive grace for grace . 13 And he received not of the fullness at first, but continued from grace to grace , until he received a fullness;
  23. 23. D & C 50 on GROWTH 24 That which is of God is light ; and he that receiveth light , and continueth in God, receiveth more light ; and that light groweth brighter and brighter until the perfect day . Until you become PERFECT even as JESUS CHRIST and GOD THE FATHER ARE PERFECT Elder Hales said to the missionaries June 2010: The perfect day is when we stand in the presence of God having gained enough light to abide in his presence.
  24. 24. ANOTHER WAY TO SAY IT D & C 88:67: and if your eye be single to my glory, you whole bodies shall be filled with light , and there shall be no darkness in you ; and that body which is filled with light comprehendeth all things. (68) Therefore, sanctify yourselves that your minds become single to God, and the days will come that you shall SEE HIM ; for he will unveil his face unto you… AGAIN D & C 93:28 He that keepeth his commandments receiveth truth and light, until he is glorified in truth and knoweth all things .
  25. 25. LIGHT vs. DARKNESS Happiness, Joy Depression, Sadness Service, Establish Zion Works of Darkness Temple Covenants & Oaths Secret Oaths & Covenants Death Those things we do in Daylight Those things we do when no one can see Light, truth and Knowledge Obscurity, lies, and Ignorance Celestial Glory Punishment, Hell, Fire Virtue Vice
  26. 26. What a glorious promise is here given unto us! All light, all truth comes from God. That which is not from him does not edify but brings darkness . If we will continue in God , that is, keep his commandments, worship him and love his truth, then the time will come when we shall be bathed in the fullness of truth , which shall grow brighter and brighter unto the perfect day. Here then, we find power, wisdom, advancement, the knowledge which is perfect and which can only be obtained through continuing in God through obedience unto him
  27. 27. Jacob 4:6 Wherefore, we search the prophets, and we have many revelations and the spirit of prophecy; and having all these witnesses we obtain a hope, and our faith becometh unshaken, insomuch that we truly can command in the name of Jesus and the very trees obey us, or the mountains, or the waves of the sea. 7 Nevertheless, the Lord God showeth us our weakness that we may know that it is by his grace, and his great condescension's unto the children of men , that we have power to do these things.    8 Behold, great and marvelous are the works of the Lord. How unsearchable are the depths of the mysteries of him; and it is impossible that man should find out all his ways. And no man knoweth of his ways save it be revealed unto him; wherefore, brethren, despise not the revelations of God.    9 For behold , by the power of his word man came upon the face of the earth , which earth was created by the power of his word . Wherefore, if God being able to speak and the world was, and to speak and man was created, O then, why not able to command the earth , or the workmanship of his hands upon the face of it, according to his will and pleasure? REMEMBER that the reference to the WORD, signifies JESUS CHRIST And When we OBEY we gain the faith and the power sufficient to represent Christ
  28. 28. Helaman 12: 6 Behold, they do not desire that the Lord their God, who hath created them, should rule and reign over them; notwithstanding his great goodness and his mercy towards them, they do set at naught his counsels, and they will not that he should be their guide.    7 O how great is the nothingness of the children of men; yea, even they are less than the dust of the earth.    8 For behold, the dust of the earth moveth hither and thither, to the dividing asunder, at the command of our great and everlasting God.    9 Yea, behold at his voice do the hills and the mountains tremble and quake .    10 And by the power of his voice they are broken up , and become smooth, yea, even like unto a valley.    11 Yea, by the power of his voice doth the whole earth shake ;    12 Yea, by the power of his voice , do the foundations rock , even to the very center.    13 Yea, and if he say unto the earth—Move—it is moved.    14 Yea, if he say unto the earth—Thou shalt go back, that it lengthen out the day for many hours—it is done;    15 And thus, according to his word the earth goeth back , and it appeareth unto man that the sun standeth still; yea, and behold, this is so; for surely it is the earth that moveth and not the sun.    16 And behold, also, if he say unto the waters of the great deep-Be thou dried up—it is done.    17 Behold, if he say unto this mountain—Be thou raised up, and come over and fall upon that city, that it be buried up—behold it is done.
  29. 29. THUS MIRACLES!! And he shall say WATER to WINE, and the molecules obey. And he shall say to the crippled arm, be healed, and the bones and muscles that were borned in a state of disorganization, become organized and whole. “ And he arose, and rebuked the wind, and said unto the sea, Peace, be still. And the wind ceased, and there was a great calm. And they…said (to themselves) What manner of man is this, that even the wind and the sea obey him?” Mark 4:38, 39, 41.
  30. 30. To WHICH future KEYS DO WE ASPIRE? Pres. Spencer W. Kimball, largely quoting the prophet Brigham Young said in his talk OUR GREAT POTENTIAL Ensign May 1977 (April 1977 Priesthood Session) “ We have not, neither can we receive here, the ordinance and the keys of resurrection.” “ This is one of the ordinances we can not receive here on the earth, and there are many more.” “… (we will) receive the experience and power to create, to organize, to control native elements. How limited we are now! We have no power to force the grass to grow, the plants to emerge, the seeds to develop.” “ We will then receive authority to produce both spirit and body. But those keys we cannot receive in the flesh.” “ Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.” 1 Cor. 2:9
  31. 31. The Destiny of Our Earth 7 … they reside in the presence of God, on a globe like a sea of glass and fire, where all things for their glory are manifest, past, present, and future, and are continually before the Lord.    8 The place where God resides is a great Urim and Thummim.    9 This earth , in its sanctified and immortal state, will be made like unto crystal and will be a Urim and Thummim to the inhabitants who dwell thereon, whereby all things pertaining to an inferior kingdom, or all kingdoms of a lower order, will be manifest to those who dwell on it; and this earth will be Christ’s . (D & C 130) Art. 10…the earth will be renewed and receive its paradisiacal glory
  33. 33. ULTIMATELY ETERNAL LIFE 132:24 This is eternal lives — to know the only wise and true God, and Jesus Christ , whom he hath sent. I am he. Receive ye, therefore, my law. The Celestial Kingdom He that keepeth his commandments, receiveth truth and light , until he is glorified in truth and knoweth all things . D & C 93:28
  34. 34. Joseph Smith the Prophet thus gave the supreme definition of eternal life : &quot;Here, then, is eternal life-to know the only wise and true God; and you have got to learn how to be Gods yourselves, and to be kings and priests to God, the same as all Gods have done before you, namely, by going from one small degree to another , and from a small capacity to a great one ; from grace to grace , from exaltation to exaltation , until you attain to the resurrection of the dead, and are able to dwell in everlasting burnings, and to sit in glory, as do those who sit enthroned in everlasting power (King Follett Discourse) D & C 50: 24 That which is of God is light ; and he that receiveth light, and continueth in God, receiveth more light; and that light groweth brighter and brighter until the perfect day.
  35. 35. The Celestial Kingdom D & C 132: 19 …and they shall pass by the angels, and the gods, which are set there, to their exaltation and glory in all things, as hath been sealed upon their heads, which glory shall be a fullness and a continuation of the seeds forever and ever. 20. Then shall they be gods , because they have no end; therefore shall they be from everlasting to everlasting, because they continue; then shall they be above all , because all things are subject unto them. Then shall they be gods, because they have all power, and the angels are subject unto them. In the celestial glory there are three heavens or degrees, and in order to obtain the highest, a man must enter into this order of the priesthood (meaning the new and everlasting covenant of marriage). And if he does not, he cannot obtain it. He may enter into the other, but that is the end of his kingdom; he cannot have an increase . Sec 131
  36. 36. A FINAL TESTIMONY &quot;If ye continue in my word , then are ye my disciples indeed; and ye shall know the truth , and the truth shall make you free .&quot; These are the words of our Master, and it is obedience to him and his word that &quot; unlocks the glories and mysteries of the kingdom of heaven.&quot; It cannot be unlocked in any other way.” —(Synopsis of Baccalaureate sermon given at BYU, Sunday, June 6, 1937. Joseph F. Smith)
  37. 37. King Follett Discourse The first principles of man are self-existent with God. God himself, finding he was in the midst of spirits and glory, because he was more intelligent, saw proper to institute laws whereby the rest could have a privilege to advance like himself. The relationship we have with God places us in a situation to advance in knowledge. He has power to institute laws to instruct the weaker intelligences, that they may be exalted with Himself, so that they might have one glory upon another, and all that knowledge, power, glory, and intelligence, which is requisite in order to save them in the world of spirits. 8 Joseph Smith
  38. 38. King Follett Discourse A question may be asked—&quot; Will mothers have their children in eternity?&quot; Yes! Yes! Mothers, you shall have your children; for they shall have eternal life, for their debt is paid. There is no damnation awaiting them for they are in the spirit. But as the child dies, so shall it rise from the dead, and be for ever living in the learning of God. It will never grow [in the grave]; it will still be the child, in the same precise form [when it rises] as it appeared before it died out of its mother's arms, but possessing all the intelligence of a God. Children dwell in the mansions of glory and exercise power, but appear in the same form as when on earth. Eternity is full of thrones, upon which dwell thousands of children, reigning on thrones of glory, with not one cubit added to their stature. 9
  39. 39. King Follett Discourse dying testimony I rejoice in hearing the testimony of my aged friends. You don't know me; you never knew my heart. No man knows my history . I cannot tell it: I shall never undertake it. I don't blame anyone for not believing my history . If I had not experienced what I have, I would not have believed it myself. I never did harm any man since I was born in the world. My voice is always for peace.317I cannot lie down until all my work is finished. I never think any evil, nor do anything to the harm of my fellow-man. When I am called by the trump of the archangel and weighed in the balance, you will all know me then. I add no more. God bless you all. Amen.
  40. 40. King Follett Discourse- What did Jesus do? What did Jesus do? Why, I do the things I saw my Father do when worlds came rolling into existence. My Father worked out His kingdom with fear and trembling, and I must do the same; and when I get my kingdom, I shall present it to My Father, so that He may obtain kingdom upon kingdom, and it will exalt Him in glory. He will then take a higher exaltation, and I will take His place, and thereby become exalted myself. So that Jesus treads in the tracks of His Father, and inherits what God did before ; and God is thus glorified and exalted in the salvation and exaltation of all His children. It is plain beyond disputation, and you thus learn some of the first principles of the gospel, about which so much hath been said. When you climb up a ladder, you must begin at the bottom, and ascend step by step, until you arrive at the top; and so it is with the principles of the gospel—you must begin with the first, and go on until you learn all the principles of exaltation . But it will be a great while after you have passed through the veil before you will have learned them. It is not all to be comprehended in this world; it will be a great work to learn our salvation and exaltation even beyond the grave
  41. 41. Elohim ( Eloheim ) Plurality of God. Paul says there are Gods many and Lords many; and that makes a plurality of Gods, in spite of the whims of all men. Without a revelation, I am not going to give them the knowledge of the God of heaven. You know and I testify that Paul had no allusion to the heathen gods. I have it from God, and get over it if you can . I have a witness of the Holy Ghost, and a testimony that Paul had no allusion to the heathen gods in the text. I will show from the Hebrew Bible that I am correct, and the first word shows a plurality of Gods; and I want the apostates and learned men to come here and prove to the contrary, if they can. An unlearned boy must give you a little Hebrew. Berosheit baurau Eloheim ait aushamayeen vehau auraits, rendered by King James' translators, &quot;In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.&quot; I want to analyze the word Berosheit. Rosh, the head; Sheit, a grammatical termination; the Baith was not originally put there when the inspired man wrote it, but it has been since added by an old Jew. Baurau signifies to bring forth; Eloheim is from the word Eloi, God, in the singular number; and by adding the word heim, it renders it Gods. It read first, &quot;In the beginning the head of the Gods brought forth the Gods,&quot; or, as others have translated it, &quot;The head of the Gods called the Gods together.&quot; PLURALITY OF GODS
  42. 42. Plurality of Gods -Smith, Joseph, Jr. The head God organized the heavens and the earth. I defy all the world to refute me. In the beginning the heads of the Gods organized the heavens and the earth. Now the learned priests and the people rage, and the heathen imagine a vain thing. If we pursue the Hebrew text further, it reads, &quot;Berosheit baurau Eloheim ait aashamayeen vehau auraits&quot; — &quot;The head one of the Gods said, Let us make a man in our own image.“ I once asked a learned Jew, &quot;If the Hebrew language compels us to render all words ending in heim in the plural , why not render the first Eloheim plural?&quot; He replied, &quot;That is the rule with few exceptions; but in this case it would ruin the Bible.“ He acknowledged I was right. I came here to investigate these things precisely as I believe them. Hear and judge for yourselves; and if you go away satisfied, well and good. In the very beginning the Bible shows there is a plurality of Gods beyond the power of refutation. It is a great subject I am dwelling on. The word Eloheim ought to be in the plural all the way through—Gods. The heads of the Gods appointed one God for us; and when you take {that} view of the subject, it sets one free to see all the beauty, holiness and perfection of the Gods. All I want is to get the simple, naked truth, and the whole truth. (Joseph Smith, History of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 7 Vols. 6:475-76) Footnotes 634. Sabbath address, Nauvoo, 16 June 1844.
  44. 44. KNOWLEDGE IS NOT ENOUGH President Joseph F. Smith stated this truth very clearly in a discourse in the Ogden Tabernacle in the year 1913, summing up this whole matter: Christ inherited his intelligence from his Father. There is a difference between knowledge and pure intelligence. Satan possesses knowledge, far more than we have, but he has not intelligence, or he would render obedience to the principles of truth and right. I know men who have knowledge, who understand the principles of the Gospel as well as you do, who are brilliant, but lack the essential qualification of pure intelligence. They will not accept and render obedience thereto. Pure intelligence comprises not only knowledge, but also the power to properly apply that knowledge .
  45. 45. In Section 50 of the Doctrine and Covenants I find a passage which has impressed me as much as any other passage of scripture. If this saying were the only truth revealed through the Prophet Joseph Smith, it would be sufficient to stamp him with the power of prophetic vision. It is one of the outstanding truths revealed for the salvation of man. It has been the means of helping me to be humble and to rejoice in the eternal truth of exaltation as that truth has been revealed. It has caused me to rejoice and thank the Lord for his mercy and goodness and for the hope of eternal life which has come to me. Here is what the Lord revealed: 94And that which doth not edify is not of God, and is darkness. 94That which is of God is light; and he that receiveth light, and continueth in God, receiveth more light; and that light groweth brighter and brighter until the perfect day. 8
  46. 46. Alma 42: 13 Therefore, according to justice, the a plan of b redemption could not be brought about, only on conditions of repentance of men in this probationary state, yea, this preparatory state; for except it were for these conditions, mercy could not take effect except it should destroy the work of justice. Now the work of justice could not be destroyed; if so, God would c cease to be God.    14 And thus we see that all mankind were a fallen , and they were in the grasp of b justice ; yea, the justice of God, which consigned them forever to be cut off from his presence.    15 And now, the plan of mercy could not be brought about except an atonement should be made; therefore God himself a atoneth for the sins of the world, to bring about the plan of b mercy , to appease the demands of c justice , that God might be a d perfect , just God, and a e merciful God also.    16 Now, repentance could not come unto men except there were a a punishment , which also was b eternal as the life of the soul should be, affixed c opposite to the plan of happiness, which was as d eternal also as the life of the soul.    17 Now, how could a man repent except he should a sin ? How could he sin if there was no b law ? How could there be a law save there was a punishment?    18 Now, there was a punishment affixed, and a just law given, which brought remorse of a conscience unto man.    19 Now, if there was no law given—if a man a murdered he should b die —would he be afraid he would die if he should murder?    20 And also, if there was no law given against sin men would not be afraid to sin.    21 And if there was a no law given, if men sinned what could justice do, or mercy either, for they would have no claim upon the creature?    22 But there is a law given, and a a punishment affixed, and a b repentance granted; which repentance, mercy claimeth; otherwise, justice claimeth the creature and executeth the c law , and the law inflicteth the punishment; if not so, the works of justice would be destroyed, and God would cease to be God.    23 But God ceaseth not to be God, and a mercy claimeth the penitent, and mercy cometh because of the b atonement ; and the atonement bringeth to pass the c resurrection of the dead; and the d resurrection of the dead bringeth e back men into the presence of God; and thus they are restored into his presence, to be f judged according to their works, according to the law and justice.    24 For behold, justice exerciseth all his demands, and also a mercy claimeth all which is her own; and thus, none but the truly penitent are saved.    25 What, do ye suppose that a mercy can rob b justice ? I say unto you, Nay; not one whit. If so, God would cease to be God.
  47. 47. &quot;Man was also in the beginning with God. Intelligence, or the light of truth, was not created or made, neither indeed can be .&quot; (Doc. & Cov., Sec. xciii, 29.) &quot;I am dwelling on the immortality of the spirit of man. Is it logical to say that the intelligence of spirits is immortal, and yet that it (i. e. the intelligence) had a beginning. The intelligence of spirits had no beginning, neither will it have an end. That is good logic. That which has a beginning may have an end. There never was a time when there were no spirits(here intelligences), for they are co-equal (co-eternal) with our Father in heaven. * * * * * I take my ring from my finger and liken it unto the mind of man—the immortal part, because it has no beginning. Suppose you cut it in two; then it has a beginning and an end; but join it again and it continues one eternal round. So with the spirit of man. As the Lord liveth , if it had a beginning it will have an end. * * * * * Intelligence is eternal and exists upon a self-existent principle. It is a spirit from age to age and there is no creation about it. * * * * * The first principles of a man are self-existent with God.—Joseph Smith—(Mill. Star, Vol. 23, p. 262)
  48. 48. Do you believe the Old and New Testament?&quot; &quot;Yes.&quot; I then asked him a few questions with regard to the coming forth of the Son of Man, as he is called in a few places. &quot;Do you believe that he was born of the virgin Mary? - that he was the son of Mary? &quot; &quot;Yes.&quot; &quot;Do you believe that the Apostle told the truth when he said that he was begotten by the Father?&quot; &quot;Yes.&quot; &quot; Why do you dispute it, then, or throw a doubt upon it? Was he not flesh of our flesh and bone of our bone, if the history given of him is true?&quot; &quot;O yes.&quot; &quot;Whom did he look and act like? and whose errand did he come to do?&quot; I then turned and read - &quot;Whoso hath seen me hath seen the Father,&quot; and inquired , &quot;Do you believe that?&quot; &quot;Yes but I never before viewed the matter in the light it now appears.&quot; &quot;Is he not the very express image and likeness of his Father in heaven? The Bible says he is. Do you believe the Bible?&quot; &quot;Yes.&quot; THE PERSON OF JESUS CHRIST Catholic Mural of Trinity
  49. 49. D and C 19: 15 Therefore I command you to repent—repent, lest I smite you by the rod of my mouth, and by my wrath, and by my anger, and your sufferings be sore—how sore you know not, how exquisite you know not, yea, how hard to bear you know not.    16 For behold, I, God, have suffered these things for all, that they might not suffer if they would repent ;    17 But if they would not repent they must suffer even as I;    18 Which suffering caused myself, even God, the greatest of all, to tremble because of pain, and to bleed at every pore, and to suffer both body and spirit—and would that I might not drink the bitter cup, and shrink—    19 Nevertheless, glory be to the Father, and I partook and finished my preparations unto the children of men.
  50. 50. Alma 34: 9 For it is expedient that an a atonement should be made; for according to the great b plan of the Eternal God there must be an atonement made, or else all mankind must unavoidably perish; yea, all are hardened; yea, all are c fallen and are lost, and must perish except it be through the atonement which it is expedient should be made.    10 For it is expedient that there should be a great and last a sacrifice ; yea, not a b sacrifice of man, neither of beast, neither of any manner of fowl; for it shall not be a human sacrifice; but it must be an c infinite and d eternal e sacrifice .    11 Now there is not any man that can sacrifice his own blood which will atone for the sins of another. Now, if a man murdereth, behold will our law, which is a just , take the life of his brother? I say unto you, Nay.    12 But the law requireth the a life of him who hath b murdered ; therefore there can be nothing which is short of an infinite atonement which will suffice for the sins of the world.    13 Therefore, it is expedient that there should be a great and last sacrifice, and then shall there be, or it is expedient there should be, a a stop to the shedding of b blood ; then shall the c law of Moses be fulfilled; yea, it shall be all fulfilled, every jot and tittle, and none shall have passed away.    14 And behold, this is the whole a meaning of the b law , every whit c pointing to that great and last d sacrifice ; and that great and last e sacrifice will be the Son of God, yea, f infinite and eternal.    15 And thus he shall bring a salvation to all those who shall believe on his name; this being the intent of this last sacrifice, to bring about the bowels of mercy, which overpowereth justice, and bringeth about means unto men that they may have faith unto repentance.    16 And thus a mercy can satisfy the demands of b justice , and encircles them in the arms of safety, while he that exercises no faith unto repentance is exposed to the whole law of the demands of c justice ; therefore only unto him that has faith unto repentance is brought about the great and eternal d plan of e redemption .    17 Therefore may God grant unto you, my brethren, that ye may begin to exercise your a faith unto repentance, that ye begin to b call upon his holy name, that he would have mercy upon you;    18 Yea, cry unto him for mercy; for he is a mighty to save.
  51. 51. QUESTION OF HONOR: D & C 29: 36 And it came to pass that Adam, being tempted of the a devil —for, behold, the b devil was before Adam, for he c rebelled against me, saying, Give me thine d honor , which is my e power ; and also a f third part of the g hosts of heaven turned he away from me because of their h agency ;
  52. 52. 2 Nephi 9: 7 Wherefore, it must needs be an a infinite b atonement —save it should be an infinite atonement this corruption could not put on incorruption. Wherefore, the c first judgment which came upon man must needs have d remained to an endless duration. And if so, this flesh must have laid down to rot and to crumble to its mother earth, to rise no more.    8 O the a wisdom of God, his b mercy and c grace ! For behold, if the d flesh should rise no more our spirits must become subject to that angel who e fell from before the presence of the Eternal God, and became the f devil , to rise no more.    9 And our spirits must have become a like unto him, and we become devils, b angels to a c devil , to be d shut out from the presence of our God, and to remain with the father of e lies , in misery, like unto himself; yea, to that being who f beguiled our first parents, who g transformeth himself nigh unto an h angel of light, and i stirreth up the children of men unto j secret combinations of murder and all manner of secret works of darkness.
  53. 53. THEN GOD CREATED MAN 27 So the Gods went down to organize man in their own image , in the image of the Gods to form they him, male and female to form they them. Adam & Eve by Titian
  54. 54. Intelligencies, Eternal, Self-existent: &quot;The soul—the mind of man—the immortal spirit—where did it come from? All learned men and doctors of divinity say that God created it in the beginning; but it is not so: the very idea lessens man in my estimation. I do not believe the doctrine. I know better. Hear it, all ye ends of the world, for God has told me so, if you don't believe me, it will not make the truth without effect. * * * We say that God himself is a self-existent being. Who told you so? It is correct enough, but how did it get into your head? Who told you that man did not exist in like manner, upon the same principles? Man does exist upon the same principles. * * * * * The mind or the intelligence which man possesses is co-equal. [co-eternal 1 , with God himself. I know my testimony is true .&quot;—Joseph Smith, (Mill. Star, Vol. XXIII, p. 262
  55. 55. There never was any truth in science that would contradict any principle of revelation that God ever revealed to man. Why? Because true science is founded upon a true understanding of the laws and forces of nature. But who ordained from time to time these laws of nature in connection with the universe as we now behold them? It was the Lord whom we serve, the great Supreme Ruler of the universe, who organizes and disorganizes according to his own will and pleasure. He garnishes the heavens in his wisdom and builds the vast superstructure of the universe, as a very handy work. He brings into life and being new worlds and disorganizes them , scattering the elements, and again brings them together by his power or by the laws he has ordained, and by his laws makes new creations, new worlds, and one universe, and inhabits them with myriads and myriads of intelligent beings ? This is the work of the great Supreme Ruler of all things. JD 20:75 - p.76, Orson Pratt, August 25, 1878
  56. 56. CELESTIAL KINGDOM DESIGN Once we dwelt in the presence of our Father ; once we were enabled to lift our songs of praise in the celestial world, from which we emigrated; once we dwelt in the society of an innumerable convention of angels, upon a world that had passed through its stages, its ordeals, the same as this world is passing through its various mutations. That celestial world from whence we came, is more perfect than this earth, it is organized after a celestial order, a higher order and glorified by the presence of immortal, glorified, celestial beings. That is our home, from that world we came. Here is our dwelling place for a season; to that world we will return, to that being by whom we were begotten we will render an account; he who is our Father will require us to give an account of our doings in this probation . We must meet him, and behold him, in all his glory, in all his power, in all his majesty, and greatness, and superior excellency and with that infinite knowledge of which he is in possession; we must appear of our doings while shut out from his presence on this little world. JD 20:76, Orson Pratt, August 25, 1878
  57. 57. John in his visions, while banished to the Isle of Patmos, heard the angel say, &quot;time shall be no more.&quot; We may not fully comprehend the meaning and the purport of this expression. All phrases or expressions whether used by men, angels or God have a relative meaning, as one thing is compared with another; and to understand the full force of them, we must understand that to which it has reference by comparison. I simply understand by this, that so far as we are concerned, time will be no more when we shall be merged into eternity, and we cease to reckon our periods by the diurnal revolutions of the earth, and the changes of the moon, etc.; when we shall enter into a sphere where we can mingle with the gods and become acquainted with their reckoning, and the eternal periods or cycles of revolutions of numberless creations in space, which to-day the most profound astronomers of the earth are unable to fathom or mark their place of beginning. And this is called eternity by man , and, as far as man is concerned, is in contradistinction to other periods and modes of reckoning known and in use among the Gods. For they have their periods and reckoning as well as we, only on a vast and, to us, incomprehensible scale. We are in a state of progression , very small beginnings, but onward and upward for a more exalted sphere, in which they move. But I conceive of no stopping place; I conceive of no absolute resting place, but only, as before remarked, a change, a change in our circumstances and conditions, and consequently a change in our labors . JD 21:24 - p.25 - p.26, Erastus Snow, October 1879
  58. 58. DUTY TO SEEK KNOWLEDGE We must not expect the Holy Spirit to impart the future knowledge that will be necessary for the advancement of Latter-day Saints without any exertion of the mind on our part. In all things the Lord requires man as an agent to exert his faculties in order to obtain any blessing, of whatever nature it may be, whether it be the spirit of vision or the spirit of translating , or any other gift. We cannot let our minds remain dormant , taking no thought, expecting to be filled with the spirit of translation, or the spirit of inspiration, or revelation, or vision; but there must be an exertion of the mind, there must be an exercise of the agency of man and woman, in order that we may reach out after these great and glorious gifts , promised to us. And by and by, we will , after a school of experience has been given to us, find ourselves advanced to that degree, that the Lord will condescend to visit us by his angels - visit us by heavenly communications - visit us by visions - visit us more fully by the spirit of revelation that the worlds of Isaiah may be fulfilled to the very letter. When speaking of the latter-day Zion, he says, &quot;Thy children shall all be taught of the Lord&quot; - not being under the necessity of being taught by man, but all shall know the Lord from the least of them unto the greatest of them. This is the promise. All the children will be taught from on high… JD 21:206, Orson Pratt, November 12th, 1879