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Is 201 group presentation 3

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Is 201 group presentation 3

  1. 1. Successful ProjectDeliveryChris DeFeoRandall FordeSteven KrohJake SandlerMike Zeberlein
  2. 2. Linux and Ubuntu
  3. 3. Photo Editing• Picasa• Art Weaver
  4. 4. Office Applications
  5. 5. Other Useful Softwares• Audacity• Blender• Cam Studio Article
  6. 6. Stevenson Web Services Proposal Vs.
  7. 7. The Core Features of Blackboard:• Online course delivery and management• A community and portal system which supports collaboration• Content management system for centralized control over course content• System to record and analyze student assessment resultsLicensing Costs:• $250,000 / YearConsensus:• Is an important tool for Stevenson University and operates reasonably well, but is very expensive for what it is.
  8. 8. The Core Features of Moodle:• Offers all of the same features as Blackboard right out of the box.• Is Open Source so Stevenson is free to make changes to the source code.• Plug-In support for students who want to further customize their experience.• Many different builds of Moodle available to choose from.Licensing Costs:• $0 / YearConsensus:• Moodle can handle everything that Blackboard currently handles (and more) at the University for free.
  9. 9. Ensuring Project Success• Select managers capable of performing effectively• Develop deadlines with input from project team• Secure management support• Train users of new technology