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Day one pharma_healthcare_revised_sent


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Presentation by Frank Kumli to MSD Next Gen Network - harnessing ecosystems for transformation in healthcare

Published in: Health & Medicine

Day one pharma_healthcare_revised_sent

  1. 1. An initiative managed by in close collaboration with the Canton of Basel-Stadt Healthcare 4.0: Ecosystems! NGN MSD Tech Talk, April 2019
  2. 2. Ecosystems! Source: McKinsey
  3. 3. The Pharma Doomsday slide Changing market dynamics! End market? Sales growth? Reputation? IRR? Sources: icosystem, IQVQ, Edelman, KPMG
  4. 4. The Pharma Doomsday slide The Kodak moment? Source: Medium
  5. 5. The Pharma upside slide An industry in transformation! Source: EY
  6. 6. © Trend 1 Beyond the Pill - Digital Therapeutics Source: mobihealthnews
  7. 7. Trend 2 Towards the Patients (and Tech)! Source: mobihealthnews
  8. 8. Trend 3 Towards Providers (and Payors)! Sources: trialsitenews, navify
  9. 9. What we need to get right 1 Customer centricity and Personal Data Sources: nature, fastcompany
  10. 10. What we need to get right 2 Banking on Health! Sources: nature, goinvo
  11. 11. What we need to get right 3 Data Governance Source: nesta
  12. 12. It is hard! Source: brandinginasia
  13. 13. © Why is it so hard? Healthcare issues are wicked! Wicked Problems are best addressed through a collaborative approach Collaboration is relevant when • Problems have many stakeholders amongst whom power is dispersed • Part of the solution involves sustained behavioural change by many stakeholders • There is a win-win view of problem- solving Key challenges are • Increased transaction costs • Skills of collaboration are in limited supply • Collaboration can end poorly (and harden positions) Key advantages are • Higher stakeholder commitment • More comprehensive and effective solutions • Fewer resources having to be used by any one stakeholder. Sources: MIT, enablingchange
  14. 14. © Why is it so hard? Culture is the hardest to achieve Source: McKinsey
  15. 15. © Why is it so hard? It is still (very) comfortable Source: leanstartupconf
  16. 16. Getting out of the building Innovation labs, Hackatons, Accelerators, Incubators
  17. 17. Getting out of the building In a structured way! Innovation Training Design Sprint Internal Accelerator Community of practice Center of Excellence Internal Incubator Innovation Lab Innovation Transforma tion Co-creation session External Hackathon External Accelerator Co- experimenta tion Co- Development External Incubator Venture FundPartnership External FocusInternal Focus Low Investment High Investment Source: adapted from boardofinnovation
  18. 18. DayOne Building a Healthcare Innovation ecosystem
  19. 19. Ecosystems! Source: McKinsey
  20. 20. Contact:
  21. 21. References competitors-are