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Stable Corporate Book

  1. 1. RUIMT E Stable International is an KE independent property LIJ development company that is in the business of creating special, inspiring projects STATE and co-creating and initiating area developments.
  2. 2. At the cutting edge of retail & leisure Stable International is a property development company that operates at the cutting edge of retail and leisure. Our organisation has a strong international orientation, is experiencing rapid, controlled growth and works independently or in partnership with specialist co-developers. In this way we create the most favourable starting position for projects to deliver added value both today and tomorrow, for investors, tenants, consumers and residents.
  3. 3. Identity & Branding Identity has a crucial part to play in the development of locations and projects. An important aspect of this is the development of a name that is not only in keeping with the ambitions of the area, but also provides for a significant loading of all the activities, both now and in the future. A name that can grow into a brand capable of bringing about a series of carefully directed associations in the target groups. This brand development, or branding, has everything to do with the desired positioning and all of Stable International’s projects illustrate the added value that this marketing approach can realise. gezellig winkels traa tje Developing is growing
  4. 4. Long-term involvement Stable International’s approach to the ment takes time – time to establish that the different projects is inspired by the realisation basic principles prove their value in practice, that as a property developer we have a time to continue developing the support and responsibility that goes beyond construction time to reap the benefits of the commercial time alone. Our projects result in spatial development and growth of projects. statements with a major impact, both short Our permanent involvement, area development- and long term, which is why we work on a oriented approach and use of sales-related long-term involvement basis. Project and letting show that as a property developer area development is not just about planning, we really are also partners in business and construction and departure. Real develop- remain involved. Room to do business
  5. 5. Centre management is doing business In shopping and outlet centres in particular professional management is vitally important to the successful functioning of a centre. Through its years of involvement with outlet centres Stable has built up outstanding know-how in many subsectors of this market segment. Our team has acquired years of experience in shopping centre management. Stable contributes this knowledge to the local management teams so that centre management can take full advantage of this wealth of experience and immediately be brought up to a very high standard. The local management teams use clear Key Performance Indicators and of course current business to monitor visitor flows, sales and the performance of the tenants. It is important that centres remain safe and clean to give visitors that pleasant, welcome feeling. Our management teams also look after the training of tenants’ shop staff and the development of commercial and publicity campaigns.
  6. 6. Retail activities A good range of branches is essential if optimum appeal is to be created in all shopping and outlet centres. Where branches of given brands are absent and are not made available by the market, we go a step further in our involvement and entrepreneurial spirit. In these situations we use a retail subsidiary to enable us to undertake the missing retail activities at our own expense and risk. Since they have proved very successful in practice, we are further expanding these retail activities in the countries where we operate. The experience we acquire from them is used in our management teams, but also in the development of new shopping centres by Stable, giving rise to an optimum synergy between all the activities within Stable International.
  7. 7. Stable has broken new ground in Leasing the Netherlands Stable International uses its own team to pursue leasing activities. Over the years we have built up a wide national and international relationship network, which is the most important basis for the outstanding results in the leasing of both outlets and shopping centres. Our long-term involvement in projects means that not only the leasing percentage, but also the range of branches and the quality of the tenant and the contribution made to the long-term success of the centre are of decisive importance. Stable has proven to be an enterprising and innovative partner in the recent past, as is evident from the international tenant base that Stable has selected as exclusive partners for entering the Dutch market. Stable’s partners include MediaMarkt, Marktkauf and Toys ‘R’ Us, companies with a high degree of complexity when it comes to size and location in relation to required use. Stable has broken new ground in the Netherlands in this regard.
  8. 8. Creation, looking at things differently, seeing things differently For each project Stable International assembles a team of specialists – urban planners, architects, landscape designers – capable of developing distinctive solutions in partnership with it. Stable’s input consists of its years of experience and the ability to keep thinking fundamentally out-of-the-box. This results in a distinctive combination of talent and leads to spectacular results that confirm Stable’s reputation as an innovative property developer. werkmaquette
  9. 9. International focus Results from the past are the best guarantee Stable International is a property developer with a strong international orientation. for the future We have introduced global brands such as Toys ‘R’ Us, Decathlon, MediaMarkt and Marktkauf to the Dutch market. The Factory Outlet concept was successfully introduced in the Netherlands by Stable, Batavia Stad becoming the first FOC in the Netherlands in 2001. For us the brands operating in the outlet sector are not tenants but partners, partners from whom we can learn and who in their turn rely on our expertise. This partnership is the basis for close cooperation on new developments. Stable now also operates as a property developer across the border and is involved in the development, construction and management of various fashion outlet centres in Germany, for example.
  10. 10. Creation Self-evidencies soon take on a life of their own and form a barrier to innovative solutions. Every one of the requirements of different users, cars and the public space is a contrast that can be solved by looking at the space in a different way. Finding forms that combine function and perception
  11. 11. Cases
  12. 12. Area development Usually the authorities commission urban planning consultants to shape an area development. In Lelystad Stable International took the area development initiative itself and in Amersfoort-Vathorst even dared to replace an urban planning vision already elaborated with a completely new, innovative and contemporary plan. Stable International drew up a master plan for both these major projects and is also developing them under the urban development plan that the company also drew up. The development of both areas is in full swing in accordance with the master plan initiated and drawn up by Stable. Stable International has proven to be capable not only of initiating intrinsically good and realistic area developments, but also of actually developing and operating them. In both cases they are developments that can fulfil the desired high ambition level and be valued by the residents, consumers, authorities and businesses for their atmosphere, aura and success in socio-economic terms.
  13. 13. overzicht Amersfoort - Vathorst centre development The urban development plan for the centre of Vathorst Every conceivable function that belongs in such an originally provided for a covered shopping centre as urban district is represented: railway station, schools, a separate development, a railway station and an sports hall, library, services, catering, crèche, living enclosed complex of schools, library, sports hall and and shops. They are integrated and interwoven in such more minor government provisions, spread without a way that the centre is a pleasant place to be at any connection across the wide plan area. time of the day. Adjoining premises have been included Stable International took the initiative to modify in the master plan and every subarea of the plan is the urban development plan radically. As the driving executed as intended. It is not the simplest and most force Stable drew up a new master plan for the centre obvious way that has been chosen, but quality. of Vathorst in close cooperation with the City of The integration of buildings, the use of different height Amersfoort, the Vathorst Development Company and levels within the area and car traffic have not been client MAB. It is now a centre that functions as the ignored, but have been included in the development beating heart and the living room of this new urban as serious functions. The first major projects and district of Amersfoort of more than 30,000 residents. subareas were completed in 2009.
  14. 14. Vathorst urban district centre The central thought behind the new centre of the Amersfoort development area Vathorst was the realisation of a mixed-use project. Different functions are combined in a single plan: a school, the municipal information centre, the library, a church and housing. Stable International, on behalf of MAB, collaborated on the master plan for the 150,000 m² with Attika Architects for supervision and architecture and Handle with Care for the public area. This resulted in a functional but above all pleasant, attractive environment where the consumer and the local residents take centre stage. Of course, this means that the customer must also be able to park his car conveniently for a quick purchase. The car is a given and an economic factor of great importance for the proper functioning of a shopping centre. We have expressly chosen accessibility in combination with smart parking facilities, a choice with which not only consumers but also businesses and residents agree. Vathorst Centre, a CoCktail of funCtions
  15. 15. Lelystad - Batavia Stad/ Batavia Harbour Coastal Strip Batavia Stad Phase l Batavia Stad Phase ll Batavia Stad Phase III At the end of the 1990s Stable International took the (The Seven Provinces), the flagship of Admiral de Ruyter, Parking more than 2000 places initiative to develop the first Factory Outlet Centre is now under way at the Batavia Yard. The City of NLE Museum in the Netherlands on the coast at Lelystad, an area Lelystad worked closely with Stable to produce an Park consisting of a green plain with just the small urban development plan, which Stable International, Phase II Phase III Hotel development Batavia Yard and the former Polder Museum. in association with its development partners Amvest, Batavia Wharf It was an infrequently visited area on the coast with Rabo Vastgoed and Van Wijnen, used as a basis to an abundance of space and potential. create new opportunities for the area and to produce Park RACM Lelystad Phase I BEEC a plan for Batavia Harbour with high quality housing Mexx outlet The arrival of Batavia Stad Fashion Outlet on the and commercial facilities. The harbour has now been Housing development Batavia Haven Lelystad coast has given the area an enormous boost. enlarged, functioning as an important visitor’s harbour BEEC (BataviaStad Event & Exhibition Centre) More than two million people visit the outlet centre and providing a home to the Brown Fleet - a collection Restaurant each year. The former Polder Museum has now been of special antique ships. The high quality housing to New yachting club extended and refurbished under the name Nieuw Land a Krier & Kohl design is being built in phases; the first Future leisure development Heritage Centre. Following the completion of a replica block of 80 apartments has now been taken into use. The old historic wooden sailing fleet of the Batavia, the reconstruction of De Zeven Provinciën
  16. 16. The City of Lelystad has refurbished the public area to a high standard and Stable International will shortly be unveiling its plans for a new development in the area: the BEEC, that is the Batavia Stad Event & Exhibition Centre. This project will supplement the area developments and will attract many visitors each year. A new hotel on Batavia Harbour will complete this part of the plan. With its innovative ideas in Lelystad, Stable International has proven to be the initiator not only of a project, but also of a complete area development. Ideas that do not specifically focus on a single project but on the project and its environment. We have not however left it at making plans, but have also actually implemented and realised them at our own expense and risk. And more importantly, the operation has remained entirely for our own account.
  17. 17. Batavia Stad With more than two million visitors a year Batavia Stad, the Factory Outlet Village built in old-Dutch style, now occupies a top five position on the list of most visited attractions in the Netherlands. It has been a great success since its opening in 2001. The original 14,500 m2 of shopping and catering facilities has been extended towards the Markermeer with an additional 6,500 m2: Batavia Stad Phase II. Built in a mixture of classical Dutch styles, this expansion continues the historicising character of Batavia Stad. Traditional stepped gables and white patrician buildings, alternating with style elements of the traditional Beguinages, provide for a special atmosphere and quality. This expansion provides a natural link to the newly developed waterfront, with its eye-catching Polo Ralph Lauren and La Place building. Batavia Stad Phase III, an exclusive 5,500 m² expansion with 25 shops, was opened in February 2009. Chic curved shopping streets, wrought iron, luxury shop fronts, characteristic 50-year-old plane trees and unusual shops add aura and grandeur. The position that Batavia Stad now occupies is the result of a clear vision and an attractive range of top brands at sharply reduced prices. At its launch the outlet shopping phenomenon provoked the inevitable Boulevard 277 279 281 283 285 287 269 273 275 289 291 P controversy; it was feared that outlet shopping would mean the end of the regular retail trade. 265 Phase III 272 288 290 263 264 262 261 Polderpoort 260 274 276 278 280 282 284 286 259 222 224 226 216 Time has shown the impact actually to be a positive one that also creates additional employment. 210 206 204 220 200 106 98 70 66 108 94 92 90 86 62 The Factory Outlet Centre concept is on solid ground in the Netherlands, Batavia Stad, which now acts 80 76 74 72 Phase II P 252 254 56 58 60 Scheepspoort 1e verd. 230 228 236 238 112 240 242 244 246 248 250 230 114 52 101A 101B 97 95 89 87 77 73 as a strong regional feeder, being both a showcase and the ultimate reference in this regard. 118 117 15 25 71 69 51 29 48 120 11 19 31 33 37 21 124 46 The shopping centre in the centre of Lelystad has also benefited from this, having recently undergone 126 14 18 20 32 34 36 40 10 24 28 130 132 2 Stadspoort Boulevard complete redevelopment and extension. P
  18. 18. Continuing development Constant coordination with users is important for optimising formulas. At Batavia Stad this led to a second phase in which we gave the tenants the opportunity to set up their shop windows more in line with their corporate identity by replacing the barred windows with larger glass elements. An alteration that led to demonstrably more shop visits and sales. In that second phase we also laid out the public space differently: more seats, more greenery and more play facilities. These elements brought a new rhythm to the shopping streets, leading to a significant improvement in the average length of stay. Barely six years after completion of the first phase investment was also put into reorganising the public area and facade elements of this area to raise it to the quality level of the expansion. Leading fashion brands with attractive discounts (30 to 70%) in combination with varied and attractive catering facilities provide for a unique and permanently up-to-date success formula. The expansion illustrates the strength and the power of Batavia Stad.
  19. 19. Marketing team Batavia Stad Academy At Batavia Stad a team of marketers works on People make the difference, in factory outlet villages too. We use our the marketing strategy, such as promotions, events, experience in the education and training of the sales staff of our existing advertising and publicity. At the same time our staff and future tenants. In this way we make an important contribution to provide training for tenants’ sales staff and supervise the continuing development of the high standards that our business in-store campaigns and the development of partners and visitors to the outlets appreciate. Batavia Stad Academy is merchandising. The Tourist Manager in the team the latest example of this, in a unique partnership between Batavia Stad works closely with the surrounding museums and other Fashion Outlet and the Flevoland Regional Training Centre, where a attractions to encourage tourists to visit Batavia Stad. certified upper secondary vocational training course for retail staff is The Operations Manager is responsible with his staff given. In 2010 a start will be made on a higher vocational training for maintaining the high level of quality, cleanliness course in conjunction with Stenden University in Leeuwarden. and safety that is so valued by visitors.
  20. 20. The new consumer The advance of shopping outlet centres and villages, where the manufacturer serves con- sumers directly, without the intervention of wholesalers, is in keeping with the spirit of the age. The internet, as engine of the service economy, has provided for a high degree of transparency and increasingly demanding customers. Consumers know far better what is for sale and pursue a particular shopping experience. The various outlet formulas offer a combination of factors to which the modern consumer is sensitive: ease of access, safety and cleanliness, variety of catering, attractiveness of range, big brands and discounts. The Factory Outlet concept is in keeping with the altered view brands have of distribution. In this regard they are increasingly seeking a multi-channel approach direct from producer to consumer, using the internet and their own dedicated stores and outlets. Retail Linq Our own retail organisation runs shops of familiar fashion brands that do not want to undertake this activity for their own account, an example of entrepreneurship going off the beaten track. Vertical integration in due form. In this way we not only have a better idea of the opportunities and threats of our tenants, but we have also identified ourselves with them.
  21. 21. stedt Könner n Wiedemar Bitterfeld Bad Düben Torga u Saale 9 Wiedemar Fashion Outlet Eilenburg Halle Leipzig Airport t Merseburg Leipzig 38 14 Freyburg Weissenfels ale Naumburg Sa Rising up 20 minutes by car from the city of Leipzig is Wiedemar Fashion Outlet, a factory outlet centre Bor na located directly on the exit from the A9 motorway (from Berlin to Munich) and close to Leipzig Airport. 9 Zeitz Following the fall of the wall, the region is developing rapidly into a special economic centre with a hinterland Altenburg Jena formed by the 4.2 million residents. Major international companies are choosing this part of Germany, which is developing tempestuously following a large-scale reorganisation. Wiedemar Fashion Outlet is characterised by striking colourful elements, high shop fronts and a roof and facade design that makes a special interplay with the incident northern light possible, combined with elements of industrial design. The covered centre of more than 15,000 m² with only shops on the ground floor occupies an inviting, eye-catching position right on the motorway. Stable is working with Bartels Consulting Architects of Magdeburg on this project. Squares and grounds are being designed and laid out by the Amsterdam landscape architects Handle with Care, which also signed up for the reorganisation of the open spaces of Batavia Stad Outlet Shopping. Wiedemar provides space for more than 60 shops and has more than 1,500 parking spaces. Innovative development
  22. 22. Montabaur Fashion Outlet MONTABAUR FASHION OUTLET Directly on the A3 motorway and right next to the ICE train link between Cologne and Frankfurt am Main Köln is Montabaur. This town with a high-tech railway station opens up a catchment area of around 12 million 4 1 Bonn residents. This makes the Montabaur Fashion Outlet an especially promising project. 61 45 3 Monta 48 baur The town of Montabaur has a perfect location in the Westerwald, between the rivers Rhine, Sieg and Lahn. Koblen z 1 61 3 Frankfu 5 It is a popular recreation area with all the space and perfect infrastructure for a successful Fashion Outlet Centre. rt 66 60 45 The Montabaur Fashion Outlet will cover 13,500 m2 altogether, providing accommodation to 70 brands and 1 5 62 3 having more than 1,200 parking spaces. A start on the construction of Montabaur Fashion Outlet will be made in the summer of 2010, with the opening scheduled for the summer of 2011. Mannh eim
  23. 23. RUIMTE LIJKE STATE Stable International Development BV Hardwareweg 26, 3821 BM Amersfoort Netherlands +31 (0)33 - 450 40 30