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May 2013 Sharefest

Published in: Education, Technology
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  1. 1. Using socialmedia to enhancestudent learning
  2. 2. Social media: For what purpose?•  To facilitate interaction within our community(Between students & teachers)•  To facilitate interaction beyond our community(With students, classrooms & experts around the world)•  Giving students access to expert resources fortheir questions and authentic audiences fortheir work
  3. 3. Our Project•  Develop a social media case study toolkit•  Case studies involving Twitter, Skype, blogs,YouTube, etc.•  Case studies used for professionaldevelopment for wider faculty
  4. 4. Case Studies•  The third-grade Twitterview•  Eighth grade author Skype session•  Second grade mystery Skype sessions•  YouTube “flipped classroom” video
  5. 5. Case StudiesT3•  3 case studies used for professionaldevelopment purposes in late January•  Last one used for professionaldevelopment presentation in late April•  One case study / PD session leads toteacher conducting an author Skype
  6. 6. Meaningful tweets!
  7. 7. Meaningful Tweets Go on the Fridge
  8. 8. Retweet # 1
  9. 9. Case Study #1: Twitterview
  10. 10. Twitterview Images
  11. 11. Putting the word out there..
  12. 12. Case Study #2: Author Skype Session
  13. 13. Eighth Grade Author Skype…•  Students asked about inspiration for writing•  Students asked about the writing process•  Students asked what she reads
  14. 14. Leads To Third Grade Author Skype•  Students asked questions like where ideasfor book and characters came from•  Author gave preview of sequelto a book students had read•  Author gave advice about being a writer
  15. 15. Third Grade Author Skype Images
  16. 16. Case Study #3: Mystery Skype Session
  17. 17. What experiences have we hadwhile using twitter?•  Mystery Skyping•  Making friends to blog with•  Learning about other communities
  18. 18. Our First Mystery Skype Session
  19. 19. Mystery Skype Leads to Blog Comments
  20. 20. Case Study #4: Flipped YouTube Video
  21. 21. Case Study #4: Flipped YouTube Video
  22. 22. Case Study #4: Flipped YouTube Video