Social Media for Learning: Twitter for Online Discussions


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Presentation for the Social Learning Summit 2012 - sponsored by Classroom 2.0 and the Discovery Educators Network

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  • [[Room Facilitator will open the Session]]
  • [[Melissa and Laura each introduce themselves]](Our pictures, titles etc., twitter accounts Who we are and brief history of our involvement with Twitter chatsOur roles in #IOLChat
  • [[Melissa]]This is our agenda for the sessionPrompt everyone to login to Twitter if they have accounts
  • [[Laura]]What is a live chat?
  • [[Laura]]Example of one tool to help monitor a hashtag is TweetChat – (point out how the hashtag helps to filter the tweets, etc,)
  • [[Melissa]](From the white paper – suggestions for how a live chat might be used in a course – point out that there are other uses to, such as posting class announcements, virtual office hours, etc.)
  • [[Melissa]]Facilitating a live chat comes down to three sets of tasks – Before During After, At the end of the session we’ll provide these in the format of a checklist with more detail, but for this session we’ll introduce the basics. …
  • [[Melissa]]
  • [[Melissa]]
  • [[Melissa ?]]Pros/Cons from K-12 perspective
  • [[Melissa]](Push link to the White Paper PDF through the Collaborate chat window)
  • [[Melissa … and Laura!]]
  • [[Melissaw/room facilitator who will close session]]
  • Social Media for Learning: Twitter for Online Discussions

    1. 1. Social Media for Learning:The Twitter Alternative toOnline Discussion ForumsMelissa A. Venable, PhD & Laura Milligan #SocialLearningSummit– April 21, 2012
    2. 2. Welcome! – Inside Online Learning Melissa – Education Laura – Editor and Writer/Blogger and Social Media Manager, #IOLchat Moderator #IOLchat Coordinator
    3. 3. We have a lot to cover!• Introducing Twitter Chats• Examples in Education• Planning & Facilitating a Live Chat• Benefits & Challenges• Resources Backchannel: Are you logged in?
    4. 4. Introducing Twitter Chats“A live chat can take place when all participants are online at an agreed upon day and time, using a common hashtag to indicate that their tweets are part of a unified discussion.” (Venable & Milligan, 2012)“One in every 40 scholars is on Twitter, on average tweeting about five times per week.” (Titlow, 2011)
    5. 5. Examples in Education• As an option to, asynchronous threaded forums within the course LMS.• Review reading assignments comprehension and progress.• Propose solutions to a given problem scenario.• Conduct an introductions session.• Invite a featured guest to answer student questions.
    6. 6. Before a Live Event• Participate in another chat• Create a hashtag (#)• Decide on a discussion topic• Develop specific discussion questions• Announce the time and date• Recruit an assistant• Start slowly - run a “test” chat
    7. 7. During a Live Event• Get the session started• Facilitate conversation• Manage the logistics and your time• Conclude the session
    8. 8. After a Live Event• Generate a transcript• Write a summary• Continue the conversation, asynchronously• Prepare for next chat
    9. 9. Benefits & Challenges(+) Free accounts, Web-based access, Privacy options(+) Opportunity to model online communication, presence(+) Many uses in the classroom : announcements to live discussion(+) Not just for class! Professional development options (-) Twitter for ages 13 and up (-) Safety issues& public nature of the platform (-) Media, Information, Digital literacies Is it right for you and your students?
    10. 10. A Few ResourcesLondon School of Economics & Political Science. (2011).A guide to using Twitter in university research, teaching, and impact activities.Perez, E. (2009). Professors experiment with Twitter as a teaching tool.Titlow, J. P. (2011). How scholars are using twitter (Infographic).Venable, M. & Milligan, L. (2012). Implementing Live Twitter Chat Discussion Sessions.Blue bird image credits: JadeGordon, stock.xchng
    11. 11. Thank you!Let us know how you and your students are using Twitter!Melissa A. Venable,