Police Proposal


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A Proposal to add more value by effectively changing the environment and make the police more responsive and respond with more agility.

This would also make the society more crime free and ensure that there are definite records in concluding criminal cases.

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Police Proposal

  1. 1. D TTS                                  IP Video Surveillance Solution by DTT Systems Limited INTRODUCTION Video Surveillance can be referred to as an appliance that enables embedded image capabilities and allows video images or extracted information to be compressed, stored or transmitted over communication networks or digital data link. Digital video surveillance is used for any type of monitoring. History of video surveillance is as complex as the system behind it. In fact, it goes further back in time than most of us realize. Press reports indicate that as early as 1965 united state police had been using video surveillance in public places, by 1969 police cameras had been mounted in strategic places of the New York municipal building. This set a strong precedent, as it was not long before the practice spread to other cities and police officers kept watch on key areas with the use of CCTV, or closed circuit television systems. This in the long run ensured effective policing and developed an efficient and proactive police force. The police play important roles without which the sustenance of order, legality, democracy and development would be difficult. The primary role of policing is therefore securing compliance with existing laws and conformity with precepts of social order. Police work involves a variety of tasks and responsibilities. Officers are expected to proactively prevent crime, protect life and property, enforce the laws, maintain peace and public order, and provide a wide range of services to citizens. 1 ST DTTS Limited  100 Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, Lagos  Contact: 234 1 8728541, 234 8023940509, 234 8023925801, 2347028703083  E‐mail: info@dynamictechno.com 
  2. 2. The problems with the Nigerian police force is that everybody wants to use the police as a status symbol yet the members of the organization remain without accommodation, adequate remuneration, tools to work with, efficient and well equipped transport to patrol and appropriate intelligent tools to support their operations. It also includes inadequate manpower in terms of quantity and quality, inadequate funding, poor crime and operational informational management, including accurate recording and collation, poor storage and retrieval, inadequate analysis and infrequent publication of criminal statistics. It is in this regard, therefore that we have designed a comprehensive wireless IP based video surveillance solution that would effectively tackle the issues of in-efficiencies in the police force, inadequate manpower requirements by providing in-depth tools for intelligent policing, arrest and conviction of criminals using evidences from IP based video cameras, intelligent traffic control and monitoring. This solution therefore is an all encompassing one that seeks to make the police force more intelligent responsive, act within its confined powers and make the public more co-operative in working with the police. Police can therefore leverage on this wireless enabled IP solution for more effective policing, improve law enforcement, increase effectiveness of rescue and emergency response procedures and better traffic surveillance. Wireless enabled video surveillance is like having an eye on the streets. They empower police officers to have real-time images of the environment: be it high risk areas, crowed public events and much more. With 1st DTTS advanced wireless video solution, the Nigerian police can therefore maintain round the clock visual monitoring from a control center. When a problem is detected officers can be dispatched immediately minimizing response time and maximizing safety and effectiveness. 1 ST DTTS Limited  100 Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, Lagos  Contact: 234 1 8728541, 234 8023940509, 234 8023925801, 2347028703083  E‐mail: info@dynamictechno.com 
  3. 3. OUR SOLUTION System Overview 1st DTTS advanced wireless solution involves deploying solar powered Wimax enabled video surveillance solutions. Solar enabled wimax solutions are critical to a successful installation, for many scenarios a solar powered solution can provide a necessary and convenient solution. In many locations electricity is too expensive or not available at all due to lack of infrastructure. Generators can be used, but they are becoming more expensive to operate due to increasing oil prices and maintenance costs. A solar based solution also provides a readily available, inexpensive and environmental power source. This is a self sufficient wireless IP video surveillance solution via wimax, with our solution it is now possible to deploy “really wireless” remote video surveillance at remote sites, where power grid do not exist. New IP (Internet protocol) video surveillance using H.264 technology providing high resolution imagery using one-fourth the bandwidth of conventional cameras. Wimax provides an ideal wireless backhaul solution for those cameras given it’s qualities for security, quality of service (QOS), reliability and range. A solar powered video surveillance is meant to operate in a remote environment one can assume it is cannot be accessed quickly and should therefore have ample backup power, this product took this into serious cognizance that maintenance is at its barest minimum. IP Video Surveillance Camera System coupled with Wimax radio solution provides a secure and quick time to roll out thereby enabling a flexible solution. The H.264 video compression technology enables video images readily accessible at low bandwidths thereby making downloading and uploading of video images easy. 1 ST DTTS Limited  100 Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, Lagos  Contact: 234 1 8728541, 234 8023940509, 234 8023925801, 2347028703083  E‐mail: info@dynamictechno.com 
  4. 4. Features Highlighted Enhanced Quality H.264 compression algorithm produces DVD like video clips that can deliver 1920x1080 at reduced bandwidth. This enables video playback so that it can be stored on a personal computer. This compression enables shrinking the video file as much as possible ensuring high quality output. Video compression means fewer bits to store and transmit digital video information. In Car Patrol Video Surveillance for delivering intelligence Effective and intelligent policing can only be achieved when car patrol vehicles are fitted with IP (internet protocol) cameras. This enables real time video playback on digital storage. Enforces professional conduct and officer accountability. Corroborate stories and document sequence of events. Create indisputable and court admissible evidence. Capturing videos on DVD’s, external hard-disks or memory sticks 1 ST DTTS Limited  100 Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, Lagos  Contact: 234 1 8728541, 234 8023940509, 234 8023925801, 2347028703083  E‐mail: info@dynamictechno.com 
  5. 5. Wimax wireless Installation with Video Capabilities A wireless backhaul with a Wimax radio solution interconnecting critical areas with IP video surveillance, this deployment enables fast time to deploy saving customers millions on deployment costs over wired infrastructures. This can be quickly deployed and configured within hours. The wireless solution provides the bandwidth, reliability and security to monitor live video streams from remote video cameras at a central command center. This solution provides the bandwidth, reliability and security to monitor live video streams from video cameras in remote locations from a central command center, laptop or PC anywhere internet access exists. This solution facilitates security video surveillance projects for ports, bridges, military bases, public stadiums, special events and high profile targets. This system can provide a virtual infrastructure to provide real time video transmission to public safety first responders and mobile command centers. Solar Powered video solutions Infrastructural deficiencies have led to deployment of innovative technologies, which is a paradigm shift from how devices are powered. Our proposal are solar powered that enables rapid deployment of wimax radio solutions. Features includes Photovoltaic cells fixed or flexible Sealed maintenance free battery specifically designed for deep cycle PV applications Adjustable solar panel array 440 watt solar panel array/Battery power 1 ST DTTS Limited  100 Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, Lagos  Contact: 234 1 8728541, 234 8023940509, 234 8023925801, 2347028703083  E‐mail: info@dynamictechno.com 
  6. 6. An IP based video surveillance based system enables real time monitoring and availability. A solar powered IP video surveillance deployment enables power availability 24x7 with forensic capabilities and proactive security strategy for the society. Digital Video recorder This provides the platform for digital storage and comprehensive reporting features, video images are compressed for high capacity storage allowing users to select between variable bit rate and constant bit rate for increased focus and reliability. 1 ST DTTS Limited  100 Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, Lagos  Contact: 234 1 8728541, 234 8023940509, 234 8023925801, 2347028703083  E‐mail: info@dynamictechno.com 
  7. 7. Full System Support. Test shots of the system and surveillance area target view would be carried out before installation and integration, a clip view of a typical traffic scenario would also be tested to actually get a design consideration specification. Real time web support would also be offered, e-mail support, telephone support and effective project management to ensure that project is completed in due time and within specified budget. Yours Faithfully Feludu Daniel Business Development 1st DTT Systems Ltd   1 ST DTTS Limited  100 Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, Lagos  Contact: 234 1 8728541, 234 8023940509, 234 8023925801, 2347028703083  E‐mail: info@dynamictechno.com