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Business Fundamentals: Introduction to Marketing


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The workshop I provided for General Assembly's Business Fundamental Course. The deck provides an introduction to key marketing concepts, a brief introduction into the Inbound Marketing Methodology and covers some actionable takeaways, such as landing page optimization, best blogging practices and some useful anecdotes for those interested in understanding basic marketing principles.

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Business Fundamentals: Introduction to Marketing

  1. 1. @dannyc_c   Marketing fundamentals Introduction to marketing concepts and the Inbound Marketing Methodology
  2. 2. @dannyc_c   Danny chan Marketing manager Imagine Easy solutions @dannyc_c
  3. 3. @dannyc_c   Imagine Easy Solutions A tiny company with big ideas. We focus on building educational products that work well. Our products make life easier, faster and better for our users.
  4. 4. @dannyc_c   Our products/services
  5. 5. @dannyc_c   Course Takeaways 1.  Introduction to marketing principles 2.  Customer/USER Personas 3.  Introduction to Inbound Methodology 4.  Content marketing and its relation to you
  6. 6. @dannyc_c   Marketing is the communication of the value of services or products from a company to their consumers. What is marketing?
  7. 7. @dannyc_c   Marketing attracts new customers by promising superior value.
  8. 8. @dannyc_c   Customer Value Proposition
  9. 9. @dannyc_c   The sum total experience a customer will realize upon purchase and use of a product or service Customer Value Proposition
  10. 10. @dannyc_c   Marketing helps to explain or promote that value
  11. 11. @dannyc_c   Value can be quantitative and/or qualitative.
  12. 12. @dannyc_c   Cheaper, more efficient, faster and other descriptions that are measurable. Quantitative
  13. 13. @dannyc_c   “Quantitative” marketing has to give a clearly defined and measurable comparison
  14. 14. @dannyc_c  
  15. 15. @dannyc_c   Image courtesy of microsoft
  16. 16. @dannyc_c   Image courtesy of
  17. 17. @dannyc_c   Better, cooler, prettier and other DESCRIPTIONS THAT are NOT EASILY MEASURABLE. CAN BE SUBJECTIVE “Qualitative” Marketing
  18. 18. @dannyc_c   ImAGE COURTESY OF
  19. 19. @dannyc_c   “The Ultimate Driving Machine”
  20. 20. @dannyc_c   Image courtesy of schick new zealand
  21. 21. @dannyc_c   Image courtesy of HOllister
  22. 22. @dannyc_c   Great “qualitative” marketing is emotionally driven.
  23. 23. @dannyc_c   Why emotions?
  24. 24. @dannyc_c   People will forget what you said people will forget what you did but people will never forget how you made them feel - Maya Angelou
  25. 25. @dannyc_c  
  26. 26. @dannyc_c   “Emotions process sensory input in only 1/5 the time our conscious, cognitive brain does” – Dan HilL Emotionomics: Leveraging Emotions for Business Success
  27. 27. @dannyc_c   Common emotional triggers include Love, anger, curiosity, fear, trust and guilt.
  28. 28. @dannyc_c  
  29. 29. @dannyc_c   Why are we spending so much time on emotions in this clasS?
  30. 30. @dannyc_c   Happiness makes us want to share… Sadness helps us connect and empathize… Fear/surprise makes us desperate for something to cling to… emotions work
  31. 31. @dannyc_c   Better marketing is a combination of both.
  32. 32. @dannyc_c   Consumers are more intelligent, have access to more information and have new definitions of value
  33. 33. @dannyc_c   Warby parker Dollar shave club apple Great brands to follow
  34. 34. @dannyc_c   So how do we best communicate these values?
  35. 35. @dannyc_c   Three (broad) steps 1.  Segment 2.  Target 3.  position
  36. 36. @dannyc_c   Identify your target potential market and segment them based on customer personas segment
  37. 37. @dannyc_c   Select the segments that appeal most to the desires of your company target
  38. 38. @dannyc_c   deliver the Customer value proposition in the most effective manner position
  39. 39. @dannyc_c   The full process 1.  Define the market 2.  Create segments within the market 3.  Evaluate segments for viability 4.  Construct segment profiles 5.  Evaluate the attractiveness of segments 6.  Select target Segments 7.  Develop positioning strategy 8.  Develop and implement marketing mix 9.  Review and iterate
  40. 40. @dannyc_c   Segmenting ensures that the audience are getting relevant information that they can relate to
  41. 41. @dannyc_c   “Anticipated, personal and relevant advertising alwaysdoes better than unsolicited junk.” - seth godin
  42. 42. @dannyc_c   An imaginary person created with a name, history and story with enough detail for you to understand his/her needs and wants Customer/buyer Personas
  43. 43. @dannyc_c   How to create a good Buyer persona
  44. 44. @dannyc_c   Collect common attributes for your customers from: •  Analytics on your users •  Surveys and questionnaires •  Educated speculation
  45. 45. @dannyc_c   Work with team members such as: •  Product developers •  Marketing team •  Sales and account managers This is really crucial. Seriously.
  46. 46. @dannyc_c   All personas should include: Biographical data • demographical data Buzzwords and mannerisms Challenges • Goals Real quotes, if possible Common objections to purchasing And…
  47. 47. @dannyc_c   A picture is worth a thousand words
  48. 48. @dannyc_c   Marketing Manager Danny Chan Manages a small team wants to improve marketing efficiency 27 years old, unmarried, no children. College educated with 5 years of marketing experience Lives in Park Slope, Brooklyn, about 45 minutes from his office Fun fact: an obscene obsession of pandas and has a wonderful smile
  49. 49. @dannyc_c   Current salary: $100 million Starting Salary: $80 million Danny has been with Imagine Easy Solutions for over a year after working in several startups in different industries Imagine Easy Solutions currently has 50 employees with a net revenue of $100 Billion
  50. 50. @dannyc_c   Goals: danny wants to improve company marketing efforts to set his company apart from competitors Pain Points: Danny and his team works long hours and has trouble meeting project deadlines Objections: Marketing tools are expensive and difficult to implement
  51. 51. @dannyc_c   His day: danny is in the office by 9am and starts his day reading and responding to emails. He meets with his team to discuss the day’s goals and objectives. He often has a meeting right before lunch with other managers in the office. He spends his time creating emails, developing content marketing pieces and working on new strategies with his ceo. He leaves the office by 7pm and spends his evening watching panda videos.
  52. 52. @dannyc_c   Note the extensive story. Its easier to market to a real person. make the story as real as possible.
  53. 53. @dannyc_c   You’re going to have several personas for each of your products
  54. 54. @dannyc_c   A great customer/ buyer persona can take hours to set up. It’s worth it.
  55. 55. @dannyc_c   “Make the customer the hero of your story.” Ann handley, CCO of MarketingProfs
  56. 56. @dannyc_c   Activity: answer these questions: •  What is their demographic info? •  What is their job title and level? •  What happens during their day? •  What are their Challenges & Goals? •  Common objections to purchasing? •  Where are they searching?
  57. 57. @dannyc_c   inbound Marketing Solutions Introduction to inbound and content marketing
  58. 58. @dannyc_c   Radio, Television and print advertisement Cold calling Online Advertisement Traditional formats
  59. 59. @dannyc_c   How do we break through the noise?
  60. 60. @dannyc_c   Make Marketing people love. - Hubspot
  61. 61. @dannyc_c   A strategy that focuses on getting found by the right customers. Inbound marketing
  62. 62. @dannyc_c   We conduct 131 billion searches per month Comscore, january 2010
  63. 63. @dannyc_c   don’t interrupt. No one likes interruptions.
  64. 64. @dannyc_c   Push or pull STOP! LISTEN! YO! Things you care about…
  65. 65. @dannyc_c   One-way communication Companies look for the customers No real measure of roi audience probably hates the messages The old way
  66. 66. @dannyc_c   Two-way communication Customers come looking for the brand Marketers can prove roi The audience loves the brand The new way
  67. 67. @dannyc_c   “People don’t believe what you tell them. They rarely believe what you show them. They often believe what their friends tell them. They always believe what they tell themselves.” - Seth Godin
  68. 68. @dannyc_c   Focus on the audience
  69. 69. @dannyc_c   Image courtesy of hubspot Inbound methodology
  70. 70. @dannyc_c   Attract with great content Convert with calls-to-action and landing pages close using the right tools Delight by engaging over and over again The theory
  71. 71. @dannyc_c   Create great content Drive traffic, always Convert your followers Nurture them like a baby The execution
  72. 72. @dannyc_c   But why inbound?
  73. 73. @dannyc_c   Inbound marketing costs 62%less per lead than traditional outbound marketing - Voltier Digital
  74. 74. @dannyc_c   What are some inbound strategies?
  75. 75. @dannyc_c   Blogs & vlogs Ebooks & white papers Podcasts & webinars Infographics Content marketing
  76. 76. @dannyc_c   Two way conversations Transparency and virality Social media marketing
  77. 77. @dannyc_c   Mailchimp • Wistia • Zendesk Marketo • Unbounce Hubspot • imagine easy solutions Brands you should watch
  78. 78. @dannyc_c   “What makes content engaging is relevancy. You need to connect the contact information with the content information.” - Gail Goodman, President and CEO Of Constant contact
  79. 79. @dannyc_c   Understanding customer lifecycle stages
  80. 80. @dannyc_c   Unaware Interested First-Time Customers Repeat Customers Brand Ambassadors Lifecycle Stages
  81. 81. @dannyc_c   Use content to start conversations and get these people to interact with you The Unaware
  82. 82. @dannyc_c   Use your content marketing to prove your company’s trustworthiness Interested but not buying
  83. 83. @dannyc_c   Use your content marketing to position your brand as a Thought-Leader in the industry The first-Time Buyer
  84. 84. @dannyc_c   Generate personalized content to build a lasting relationship with the customer The Repeat Customer
  85. 85. @dannyc_c   Create Content that reinforces their perception of you. Empower them to share more about you. The Brand Ambassador
  86. 86. @dannyc_c   Unaware (Make them aware) Interested (Stand Out from your competition) First-Time Customers (Make them love you) Repeat Customers (Keep them engaged) Brand Ambassadors (help them tell all their friends) Activity: What would you do?
  87. 87. @dannyc_c   Where do you begin in content marketing?
  88. 88. @dannyc_c   “No matter what, the very first piece of social media real estate I’d start with is a blog.” - Chris Brogan, Founder of New Marketing Labs
  89. 89. @dannyc_c   Build your blog. Optimize it. Promote it.
  90. 90. @dannyc_c   Your website works 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year Make it epic Your best employee
  91. 91. @dannyc_c   92%of companies who blogged multiple times a day acquired a customer through their blog - Hubspot state of inbound 2010
  92. 92. @dannyc_c   Blogs give 434% more indexed pages and 97%more indexed links - Content+ (UK Consulting firm)
  93. 93. @dannyc_c   The ninja Marketer’s template on a good blog
  94. 94. @dannyc_c   the general format of the blog
  95. 95. @dannyc_c   Your blog needs to stand out. The name has to be descriptive and engaging A great name
  96. 96. @dannyc_c   Your blog should also introduce you or your brand…otherwise, it doesn’t serve it’s purpose, which is to sell the idea of you Some info on you
  97. 97. @dannyc_c   You have about 7 seconds to capture your reader’s attention. Make sure they know what they’re getting with a quick glance. Benefits to the reader
  98. 98. @dannyc_c   Your blog is supposed to sell! Calls-to-Action Lead Capturing Forms Links to your Main Site and products Phone-number, contact us, etc. (Purpose)
  99. 99. @dannyc_c   Sell your products
  100. 100. @dannyc_c   Get subscribers
  101. 101. @dannyc_c   Further engage
  102. 102. @dannyc_c   Make sharing easy and simple Unless your goal is to stay unknown… Share, share, share
  103. 103. @dannyc_c   One click shares
  104. 104. @dannyc_c   The anatomy of a great blog post
  105. 105. @dannyc_c   A title of 4-8 words up to 70 characters A “Featured” Image Subheaders Bullets and Lists Short Copy Outbound Links Some basic Standards
  106. 106. @dannyc_c   Easy to remember Shows up correctly on Social Media Platforms Should be engaging Short Titles
  107. 107. @dannyc_c   Because pictures are better Breaks up text Also great for Social Media Featured Image
  108. 108. @dannyc_c   Look…magic! Featured image Short title A fantastic post on huffpo
  109. 109. @dannyc_c   Highlights important information Higher value in search engine ranking Breaks up text subheaders
  110. 110. @dannyc_c   Easier to read Breaks up text People love lists Bullets and lists
  111. 111. @dannyc_c   People hate reading A lot less copy
  112. 112. @dannyc_c   Too much to read too little time to do it LESS IS MORE People tend to scan
  113. 113. @dannyc_c   “Less is more. People don’t like to read. Stop the copy vomit.” - Danny chan, marketing manager at imagine Easy SOlutions
  114. 114. @dannyc_c   The copy vomit Even with lists, this is way too much copy
  115. 115. @dannyc_c   Much easier on the eyes Less copy Lists
  116. 116. @dannyc_c   Even easier on the eyes Lists Subheaders (that are meaningful) highlights
  117. 117. @dannyc_c   Imagine your blog as a real conversation “me me me” vs “Me, You, Him and Her” Outbound links
  118. 118. @dannyc_c   Add links to old posts Add links to other stuff you own Give them something to do Bring them back
  119. 119. @dannyc_c   Write for a human, not a machine
  120. 120. @dannyc_c   The greatest succinct guide to landing pages (maybe)
  121. 121. @dannyc_c   Tell them what Tell them why Tell them how Without the copy vomit What it needs
  122. 122. @dannyc_c   The Landing PAge
  123. 123. @dannyc_c   “Submit” Navigation bar Too many distractions Social sharing features (WHAT?!) Things you can do without
  124. 124. @dannyc_c   Social Share Links Instant Access to Download Reengagement Opportunities Thank You PAge
  125. 125. @dannyc_c   The outbound part
  126. 126. @dannyc_c   Email Marketing Social media Outreach Advertising Cold Calling, Conferences and others Outbound tactics
  127. 127. @dannyc_c   “What we really need is a mindset that will make us relevant to today’s consumers, a mindset from ‘telling & selling’ to building relationships” - Jim stengel, former global marketing officer of procter and gamble
  128. 128. @dannyc_c   Questions? Comments? @dannyc_c