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BJ Mannyst b2b b2c marketing in the new normal.

“COVID-19 has crippled the world, leaving many small medium businesses struggling to survive and many waking up to the reality of re-assessing their business strategies and tactics. Even [b2b / b2c] marketing will have to be adjusted. “

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BJ Mannyst b2b b2c marketing in the new normal.

  1. 1. B2C / B2B Marketing In New Normal For The New Normal
  2. 2. ● Take the time to assist your clients or prospects ● Form a trusting relationship with others during these uncertain times ● Work on improving your skills. Especially on the ones that help the bottom-line ● Your partners and team need your support to survive ● Find new markets ● Create new products and solutions ● Show your support for a universal cause ● Give thanks WHAT CAN YOU & YOUR TEAM DO TODAY?
  3. 3. —Emmanuel “Manny” Omikunle of BJ MANNYST / FOUNDERS UNDER 40™ GROUP “COVID-19 has crippled the world, leaving many small medium businesses struggling to survive and many waking up to the reality of re-assessing their business strategies and tactics. Even marketing will have to be adjusted. “
  4. 4. Content Marketing Pay For Boost Strong Multi-Channels Leverage Local Markets Pull With Inbound Faster Plan & Automate Here Is 18 Tips On What You Need For New Normal Marketing 01 02 03 04 05 06
  5. 5. Adapt Pipeline Tactics Be Clear What You Want You Know The Signs When Marketing Needs Fixing Data Driven Time CMO Who Show, Get More Money Key Strategy Wisdom Here Is 18 Tips On What You Need For New Normal Marketing 07 08 09 10 11 12
  6. 6. Agile Marketing In New Normal Urgency Marketing On Steroids? Here Is 18 Tips On What You Need For New Normal Marketing 13 14 Love People Love UncertaintyGood Business Model?Get DAM 15 16 17 18
  7. 7. Content Marketing Quality Relevant Selective 01
  8. 8. Selective Content • It’s just not a good use of time and resources to keep pumping out content for content sakes. • Just stop and think. What do my targets need and want? How can you present it differently? • Have you done SEO research, or asked targets? Done analysis on which material is needed the most?
  9. 9. …More ● Do you have great ideation and content creation processes? ● Is your social media management the best? Tip: Get a social media management software ● Is your community management and engagement the best? ● Is your content collaboration working out? ● Is content distribution working? ● Do you have the right tools to analyze content marketing strategy?
  10. 10. Better Local Leverage Local Marketing 02
  11. 11. Leverage Local Markets If there was ever a time to be a local giant, now’s the time. Your local market might not be perfect however with all this anti- globalization you may want to reconnect with your local community. Plus, I think everything is local when on the internet, right?
  12. 12. …More ● See if you can find online directories that allow access to local markets. Got to build up your backlinks. ● Leverage social media to remind people of your local connection and your local commitments ● Invest time and money in location-based mobile advertising aggressively ● Find a way to attract local leads that offer you their email address
  13. 13. …More ● Make sure to follow good privacy policy and email marketing rules. ● Segment your email with a good CRM software. . .you just have to communicate direct to your customers ● Be one with the people
  14. 14. Need Boost Got To Pay For Boost 03
  15. 15. Pay For Boost Every social media platform is just not encouraging that full organic reach because they want you to pay for it…those S.O.Bs. So my fellow founders and business owners pay for the boost because that’s one crucial way to break through the noise and choices. So much! So much noise and me too content.
  16. 16. …Which Means ● You’ve got to have money to spend to standout ● Look into improving your paid search advertising ● Improving paid social ● Advertising on platform / sites that have huge good reach but need revenue badly ● You will do one message or campaign for the whole of the company brand and it’s vision ● You will then need the ones for the products, services, and specific targets which you can turn on and off
  17. 17. Strong Pull Make Quality Leads Come 04
  18. 18. Pull With Inbound Some say inbound marketing is dead for B2B and it’s all about ABM “Account Based Marketing”. I say you will need every possible tactic to bring in business. Social selling, outbound, inbound, referral, ABM, cold email, etc.
  19. 19. …More ● You will need a few content that builds trust, provides value as well as reassurance of stability ● Increasing educational resources can be very powerful in reminding people to stick with you ● People are engaging and craving engagement more so engage them with relevant material ● Improve your email nurturing approaches with better marketing automation ● Create more videos, white papers, webinars, and livestreams so you stay top of mind
  20. 20. Multi-Channel Be Strong In Key Channels 05
  21. 21. Strong Multi- Channels It’s also known as an integrated marketing strategy, which is just making sure your messages are present at different venues of information. So that you are aiding prospects through the decision journey.
  22. 22. ● This is not about just promoting but about building brand awareness and trust ● Use it to build trust and loyalty ● Get repeat business ● It usually involves a well done SEO, Social media management, marketing, communication, good judgement, search advertising, social advertising, email, events, influencers, media, partners, etc. ● So in a new normal this is your chance to improve
  23. 23. Plan & Automate Find The Tools That Help 06
  24. 24. Faster Plan & Automate Everything is so fast today. In this new reality just can’t afford not to plan properly, plan faster, and execute faster. It might be a great competitive advantage with the addition of A/ML/AI (Automation, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence) . Tip: Digital Transformation
  25. 25. ● Improve your marketing ● Improve your strategy and strategic thinking ● Improve your trustworthiness ● Improve your relationships ● Improve your communications ● Improve your digital transformation ● Improve your optimism ● Improve convincing customers that you can add real value ● Improve your pricing strategy
  26. 26. Adapt Pipeline Tactics Be Clear What You Want You Know The Signs When Marketing Needs Fixing Data Driven Time CMO Who Show, Get More Money Key Strategy Wisdom Here Is 18 Tips On What You Need For New Normal Marketing 07 08 09 10 11 12
  27. 27. Adjust Pipeline Adjust Pipeline Tactics 07
  28. 28. Adapt Pipeline Tactics Yeah you may need to stop what you were doing prior to covid-19 and figure out a new way to get leads. You need to think very well about what areas of the economy are financially healthy and look into how to solve their problems. I hear everyone is going crazy for ecommerce and weed. . .well not too sure about weed.
  29. 29. ● Focus more on warming up your leads with nurturing, supportive, education-heavy content to drive awareness. ● Did you know more people prefer images, and video than text content? ● Quality, different and entertaining if possible material that helps and supports your target audience while they face uncertainty.
  30. 30. Attention Branding T A D Just pushing your logo or your one way agenda is just asking for failure. Today, your brand and organization needs to have attributes like a human friend. There to listen, chat, love and support. The attention economy is fast, furious, tricky and can be complex for any business. You have less than 10 seconds to grab and hook people. Got To Be Mobile Mobile is where there’s a huge amount of user attention because everything begins with mobile. So get into mobile marketing. A P
  31. 31. Data Time Make Better Decisions 08
  32. 32. Data Driven Time As a marketer or manager or business owner, having the right data at the right time is so critical. As I write this section, I wondered. . . when do we know we have gathered enough data? The trend in marketing is to eliminate data silos and basically have a huge 360 about a consumer or a business client.
  33. 33. T A D To Be Creepy or Not Be Creepy? So I will write the tips for this section however I will state that data, cheap storage, computing power, and A.I is about to make living in society very uncomfortablely creepy. A P
  34. 34. …or Is It Creepy Time? ● Realize that people are ad and content overwhelmed ● With quality data you can better understand todays customers and tomorrows. And also notice how bad people hate your disruptive ads. ● The data will also remind marketers that everything we do is driven by the markets. ● And the data helps in directing your strategies and tactics. This is a moment to use data to really understand your consumers. JUST DON’T BE CREEPY!
  35. 35. …or Just Helpful ● Data can help you focus on the why ● With data you can play the long game not the quick buck game ● When you understand with data you create meaningful bonds ● Even use AI platforms to understand tone and word choices communicated on social media or via chat box. ● With the right tools you can perform more micro segments which means efficient use of marketing dollars
  36. 36. Data Thoughts Time There’s always data trickling down or up from something or someone. Someone has to collect it, someone has to analyze, interpret, integrate, secure, share and take action on data. Sounds fun till you realize the effort that goes into working with data. A tiny error can mess up the whole thing.
  37. 37. …Let’s See ● Need quality data ● Need up to date data ● Need to keep storing everything forever…so we say ● Need to hire data scientist or analyst or find the software ● Need to prevent cyberattacks and ransomware ● Need to turn into a spy business organization that’s’ spying and tracking people’s habits 24/7 ?? ● Need analysis forever?
  38. 38. …Let’s See ● Need data to keep staying relevant so staff can trust it. ● Need to have all your data in one place?? That’s up to you. ● Need a data platform that takes all of the manual labor out of data collection and storing ● Need tools that are easy for non-tech people to use and access ● Need to incorporate some predictivity with A.I / ML ● Need to hire really incorruptible humans
  39. 39. You Want What? Know What You Want 09
  40. 40. Be Clear What You Want If you are still unsure what you want out of life or out from your business, then my friend you are just wasting time. In this new reality or new normal your marketing and your business better reconnect with your core strategy because it’s tough without directions.
  41. 41. ● Take a moment to reassess your strengths and weakness ● Write down the threats and opportunities and clarify what’s a GREEN and what’s a RED ● How will you get to that S.M.A.R.T goal ● What digital transformation tools do you need? ● Who do you need to hire? ● What processes do we need to have? ● Who is going to keep you accountable?
  42. 42. For CMO or Marketers Got To Convince To Get More Support 10
  43. 43. CMO Who Show, Get More Money As a marker or any other job for that matter, performance is crucial. I think sales and marketers have that the hardest yet we are the first to get cut from companies. Tech guy shows up does some coding and gets paid regardless whether the product sales or not. Even saying that doesn’t change the fact that a CMOs marketing strategies and tactics must work for him/her to get more funds.
  44. 44. ● Ignore the previous page. Get upset when some people don’t value sales and marketing people. Thinking our function is as clear as accounting or hr. ● Marketing is art and science. Yet to get more funds you better have data. ● Make sure the others or you understand ROI from marketing doesn’t happen overnight. ● Know what you want and be clear about what you’re asking for
  45. 45. ● Know what is currently being done ● Know where you need improvement in your marketing ● Convince with benefits and the impact to bottom-line ● Know how to focus on efficiency and ● Be prepared to prove that a tactic is working ● Prepare and Know your digital marketing strategy ● Find as many credible allies internally and externally to assist in educating other team members
  46. 46. Know Signs Got To Know Signs When Marketing Needs Major Fixes 11
  47. 47. You Know The Signs When Marketing Needs Fixing There will be moments when you will pivot or need to fix marketing strategies and tactics. Just wanted to let you know what to look for. For further assistance, feel free to reach out. So here are quick signs your digital marketing isn't working.
  48. 48. ● No traffic and / or sales after spending ad dollars ● You are getting some return but spending more to acquire versus the cost of product ● So many quality control issues with your digital assets like misspelled company name or product name or wrong detail ● Using the post-and-pray tactic ● Yeah…when 2+2= whatever random shit - - you will know this isn’t efficient
  49. 49. ● Not knowing what will get reaction because you failed to know your targets loves and hates ● You’re seeing decent traffic, likes, and follows but no conversions ● Not attracting the visitors that are likely interested in your offers, have money, and authority to purchase ● Not even getting email subscribers ● The results from your SEO are terrible ● Paid adverts is a waste because of poor copywriting or targeting
  50. 50. ● You are just winging it…basically no thought in anything ● Not even doing keyword searches or asking customers what resources do they need ● Your website isn’t ranking high in the search results ● Not knowing how to monitor and analyze whether your marketing efforts are actually yielding results. ● Not tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) ● No multi lead sources
  51. 51. ● Poor strategies and tactics ● No clear and consistent message or visualization material ● Your revenue goals aren’t been met ● Not having a good marketing mix ● Not having the will or confidence to make corrections
  52. 52. Relevant Content Landing Page 72 % 17 % Did you know only 17% of marketers use landing page A/B tests to improve conversion rates. (HubSpot, 2020) 72% of marketers worldwide said relevant content creation was the most effective SEO tactic (Marketing Profs) Text Content Text will always be the foundation of search so making sure there’s text around your website's assets still helps. Video is hot now…everything starts with text.
  53. 53. Marketing Game Plan Got To Have Some Plan 12
  54. 54. Key Strategy Wisdom For some of you all this marketing talk is just too basic. So I and the BJ Mannyst team said lets just include the basics again because every marketer are f__ geniuses.
  55. 55. ● As a marketer you need to prepare SMART goals, objectives, partners, man power, marketing plan ● Know what’s your budget range because effective marketing is not free ● Do you have a clear Unique Selling Proposition (USP) and clear benefits? ● How well have you defined your ideal target? Do you know how to reach them consistently? ● Do you have methods to receive feedback?
  56. 56. ● You know what you should do…post this question weekly or monthly to clients “what do you think of our product?” ● The art of product detail is not hard but it takes good attention to detail to get it right. Emphasize key aspects. Stand out with some creativity. ● Need good distribution channel and partners ● Is your pricing strategy well thought out? ● How will you promote successfully?
  57. 57. Social Followers Did you know one way to keep followers is to understand why people are following your brand in the first place?
  58. 58. Agile Marketing In New Normal Urgency Marketing On Steroids? Here Is 18 Tips On What You Need For New Normal Marketing 13 14 Love People Love UncertaintyGood Business Model?Get DAM 15 16 17 18
  59. 59. Marketing Agile Got To Be Agile To Market Agile 13
  60. 60. Agile Marketing In New Normal You’ve got to be fast and agile in the new normal. I and the BJ Mannyst team have always compared agile to sports like football, soccer, basketball, etc. because all are games that force adapting movements on a dime. Every forward momentum may not turn into points however you keep agile, proactive, persist, adjusting, etc.
  61. 61. ● There’s like more problems and issues due to covid-19 than ever says the man who sees opportunities. ● It’s time to innovate and experiment and reduce downside risk ● Customers interest and flavors changes faster so agility will be your friend ● Digital transformation is ramping up ● Marketing must keep evolving ● Marketing must keep understanding journeys and removing frictions
  62. 62. Urgency Marketing Got To Have Sense of Urgency 14
  63. 63. Urgency Marketing On Steroids? If there’s ever a time when a sense of urgency is called for, this is it folks. This is f___ sink or swim. I and I’m sure you are swimming too. Lets get focusing on wanting to survive the current situation. You’ve got to try and test to get the right return. Let me be clear, everything in this guide is meant for people who are not harming / exploiting people and animals just to make money.
  64. 64. …Move Your Ass ● Step up your collaboration, mutual love and mutual goals. ● Step up your determination ● Step up your fearlessness ● Fill gaps in your operation quickly ● Focus on what matters ● Get really into monitoring, measuring, and analyzing faster cause your window is now ● For further assistance, reach out to our team: /
  65. 65. In People Business People Do Deals With People 15
  66. 66. “research from Boston Consulting Group indicates that when companies populate their upper management ranks with diverse workers, their revenue-earning capacity jumps 19 percentage points. This phenomenon may be due to the increased innovation that emerges from a range of viewpoints.“ WI N
  67. 67. So Love People For all you marketers, people or organizations who still think one skin or ethnic group is superior, you are really screwed in the next decade. Different people are coming, like people with genetic modification, people with mechanical parts, people with enhancements, people who don’t look exactly like you. So for your own survival embrace people powered by God.
  68. 68. …Diversity Is Not A Threat ● Your survival or business survival is dependent on diversity whether you like it or not. ● As founders or marketers it is important that everyone stands under the same support, encouragement, universal values ● The fact is diverse and inclusive companies drive innovative results ● Establish a sense of belonging for everyone
  69. 69. …Diversity Is Not A Threat ● A leader that gets it and loves it should be leading ● Quotas is not a solution if the culture doesn’t embrace and value differences. ● If 50% or more of customer base or employees in functions are too similar, you are just asking for trouble ● You know what …try having team exercises or retreats more often. A family camp day. ● Try to encourage joy and connection, minimize fear
  70. 70. …Diversity Is Not A Threat ● The use of “fit” in the hiring process sometimes is misused. It should be used for discovering if people have similar universal values about work, life, people, family, responsibility not about having gone to similar schools or have same skin color. ● My dear marketers and founders…God did not concentrate great talent in one body type.
  71. 71. “The trouble arises when we are not spreading love or understanding for people in our own neighborhoods who are different from us. They might be of different backgrounds, identities or faiths. Practicing love and understanding should be a norm for everyone. “ H EY
  72. 72. Get DAM For Peace Get DAM 16
  73. 73. Digital Marketing Asset Management As time goes with your marketing you will crave better tools to assist you in keeping things organized. A Digital and Marketing Asset Management Technology is one of those tools. It is a tool that helps your organization keep control, monitor, provide flexibility, access, deter bad intentions, etc. of your digital marketing assets.
  74. 74. ● It’s for digital assets like images, video, audio, and documents that’s being exchanged within your company, customers, partners, and suppliers ● It is making sure delivering the right content to the right people with the right policy and protocol ● It’s also like a repository of information…having everything your team needs to perform at their best ● I guess this could be a knowledge management/ DM / CRM / CMS tool as well
  75. 75. Your Business Model How Do You Make Money? 17
  76. 76. Good Business Model? Even AirBnB has to reassess their whole business model. It’s going to be an offering that survives however the volumes may take time to return. Clearly this section is about business models and maybe your business needs reassessments. Honestly, times like these are perfect ways to take note what industries survive pandemics which ones don’t. Hint: Stick close to the essentials.
  77. 77. ● The sooner you identify problems with your business model the better for you and VCs ● Don’t fall into the habit of changing and pivoting because of some trend or fad or news ● Use good judgement and carefully assess everything ● The better you know what people value and are willing to pay for the better for you ● So if you do make changes to your target, brand, business model, etc. . .everything including your marketing strategy will need change
  78. 78. Reasons Reasons to change include too competitive, you’ve become a commodity, can’t differentiate, out dated, recession, regulations, low margins, little demand, out of money, new investors, consumer taste changed, and so on. Reach out to us: / jenn@foundersunder40. com
  79. 79. Love Uncertainty Change Uncertainty Uncomfortable Fear Unknown 18
  80. 80. Love Uncertainty Change is happening as I write this. Change is also the only way that any species advances in this game of life. So my dear founders and marketers now is the perfect time to be curious and create opportunities.
  81. 81. …How To Embrace It ● Run and hide under a rock if you want. Don’t do that. ● Try and learn something new ● Don’t engage the unknown too recklessly ● Pickup books or watch movies that inspire the imagination ● Accept that you can’t predict the future ● Learn not to fear change ● Change comes whether you want it or not
  82. 82. …How To Embrace It ● Develop processes that allow you live for a big why. preferably something like writing a book or visiting an Amazonian village or win a Gold Medal in sleeping ● Find out what happened in the past and what did others do ● Go through the process and understand this moment will pass ● Watch some happy films, comedy, listen to upbeat music, go out and be of assistance to others wisely
  83. 83. Resources FURTHER ASSISTANCE ● For quick service - business-marketing-assistance via email/WhatsApp ●
  84. 84. Resources FURTHER RESOURCES 30 Plus Signs Your Service Startup or Service Business Stands Out out.html Tips For Founders Who Want To Stop Selling Themselves Short UPDATED How Founders Can Have A Meaningful & High Achievers Life - Founders Under 40™ Group Sponsor Get Your Red Crab Ass Off Christmas Island - Part 2 How To Become a Fair Founder In An Unfair World - Founders Under 40 Group Sponsor
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