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Used during the campaign for the 2013 Honor Awards Program in Region 5.

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  • Individual or Group Presidential For exceptional or extraordinary contributions resulting from an idea or performance that had NATIONWIDE IMPACT on public interest, security and patrimony. The contribution may be a suggestion, innovation, invention or superior accomplishment CSC Pagasa Award - For outstanding contribution/s resulting from an idea or performance that directly benefit MORE THAN ONE DEPARTMENT of the government
  • 8 Norms of Conduct Commitment to Public Interest Professionalism Justness and Sincerity Political Neutrality Responsiveness to the Public Nationalism and Patriotism Commitment to Democracy Simple Living
  • OM No. 4, s. 2013
  • A List would suffice.
  • * Seeks to recognize young individuals in the field of public administration and governance.
  • HAP 2013

    1. 1. 2013 HAP Guidelines and Writing Effective Nominations Atty. Daisy P. Bragais Director III, CSCRO5 attydpbragais 1
    2. 2. Scope• ALL – Officials – Employees• CAREER/NON-CAREER SERVICE• Includes appointive barangay officials and employees recognized as government employees attydpbragais 2
    3. 3. Job Orders/Contract of Service• NOT INCLUDED attydpbragais 3
    4. 4. Categories of Award • For Outstanding Work Performance– Presidential or Lingkod Bayan– Civil Service Commission Pagasa Award attydpbragais 4
    5. 5. • For Exemplary Conduct and Ethical Behavior– Extraordinary act/public service– Consistent demonstration of 8 norms of conduct under RA 6713 attydpbragais 5
    6. 6. Qualifications for Nomination• Must be in the government service at the time of nomination• Accomplishments were carried out within the last 3 years immediately preceding the nomination attydpbragais 6
    7. 7. • Posthumous nominations – public servants who died in the line of duty or in the pursuit of official duties – should be formalized within 12 months from the time of death attydpbragais 7
    8. 8. • VS rating or equivalent – last 2 rating periods prior to nomination• Not found guilty of any administrative or criminal offense involving moral turpitude at the time of nomination attydpbragais 8
    9. 9. Group Nominations• 2 or more individuals – bound by a common objective – task force – technical group – special working team• Created – Formally – informally attydpbragais 9
    10. 10. • Purpose – to undertake certain projects/programs• Group membership – shall not exceed 10 employees attydpbragais 10
    11. 11. • each group member should haveverifiable/actual contribution in theattainment of the group/team’saccomplishment attydpbragais 11
    12. 12. f or I A IO N R T E A IT U R LC A E V attydpbragais 12
    13. 13. Lingkod Bayan & Pagasa Awards attydpbragais 13
    14. 14. Noteworthiness of Outstanding Performance/Contributions Degree ofuniqueness and originality of outstandingperformance or contribution/s. attydpbragais 14
    15. 15. Impact ofPerformance/Achievement Extent to which the idea, suggestion, innovation or invention is being used, whether it has far-reaching effect attydpbragais 15
    16. 16. • The number of personnel benefitted• The paradigm shift it has caused • the amount of money saved attydpbragais 16
    17. 17. Reliability and EffectivenessThe extent towhich theinnovation/ideahas effectivelyand efficientlyaddressed apressingneed/improvedservice delivery attydpbragais 17
    18. 18. Consistency of Performance Degree of consistency of the individual/group nominee as manifested by consistent outstanding performance based on historical data/work record attydpbragais 18
    19. 19. Demonstrated Teamwork, Cooperation, Camaraderie & Cohesiveness Extent the group membersmotivate andsupport each other or the degree towhich group members positively influence each other For group/team nominee attydpbragais 19
    20. 20. Dangal ng Bayan Award attydpbragais 20
    21. 21. Quality and consistency of behavioral performance•Level of consistency to which thenominee has manifestedexemplary conduct andnoteworthiness of behavioralperformance attydpbragais 21
    22. 22. Impact of Behavioral PerformanceExtent to which theextraordinary act hascreated a powerful effect orimpact on the organizationor public attydpbragais 22
    23. 23. Risk or temptation inherent in the work• Degree of risk and temptation substantially present in the work attydpbragais 23
    24. 24. Obscurity of the Position the lowliness or insignificance of theposition in relation to the degree of performanceand extraordinary norm/s manifested attydpbragais 24
    25. 25. Years of service– Cumulative years of service that the nominee has rendered in the government vis-a-vis his/her accomplishments attydpbragais 25
    26. 26. Other similar circumstances or considerations in favor of the nominee. attydpbragais 26
    27. 27. Required Nomination Documents attydpbragais 27
    28. 28. •Summary of accomplishments – HAP FORM No. 1 – HAP FORM No. 1-A (group) • for Presidential Lingkod Bayan & CSC Pagasa Award attydpbragais 28
    29. 29. • CS Form 212 (PDS) – with passport size photo with name tag taken in the last 6 mos. attydpbragais 29
    30. 30. • Certification• Excerpts of deliberation And/or• Copy of Minutes of Deliberation PRAISE Committee attydpbragais 30
    31. 31. • Certification – not found guilty of any administrative or criminal offense involving moral turpitude – no final judgment/ruling at the time of nomination attydpbragais 31
    32. 32. • Detailed information on dismissed or decided cases, if any attydpbragais 32
    33. 33. • Certification of no unliquidated cash advances and disallowances – Except 2013 From COA attydpbragais 33
    34. 34. • Copy of the 2012 SALN – certified by the highest ranking Administrative Officer• Service Record attydpbragais 34
    35. 35. • Clearances – NBI – Ombudsman – CSCRO – NPAC – 2012 BIR Tax Clearance (for individual nominees) – CHR (for AFP, PNP, BFP & BJMP nominees only) attydpbragais 35
    36. 36. IMPORTANTattydpbragais 36
    37. 37. For appointive Barangay officials/employees• Certification issued by the Barangay Chairperson that the nominee meets the conditions provided under CSC Resolution No. 01-1352 dated August 10, 2001. attydpbragais 37
    38. 38. • Nominators to provide the Secretariat with – 5 additional copies of the summary of accomplishments (preferably 2-page summary) – stating the impact of the nominee’s accomplishments. • for Presidential & CSC awards attydpbragais 38
    39. 39. • For Dangal ng Bayan Nominees –Narration of instances relative to the manifestation of exemplary conduct and ethical behavior attydpbragais 39
    40. 40. attydpbragais 40
    41. 41. • All nomination folders and documents shall be considered as records of the Commission and shall no longer be returned to the nominee/s. attydpbragais 41
    42. 42. On Summary of Accomplishments/Norms of Conduct Manifested• Highlights of outstanding accomplishments or exemplary norms manifested for the last 5 years – Presented in order of significance – Complete with description and justifications attydpbragais 42
    43. 43. • Should adhere to the following pointers – Use specific terms • Define/clarify terms such as “assisted,” “contributed,” or “facilitated”• State outstanding accomplishments or exemplary norms displayed and impact – In brief – Factual – Bullet form attydpbragais 43
    44. 44. • Present impact of accomplishments by indicating – Problems addressed – Savings generated – People/office benefited – Transactions facilitated attydpbragais 44
    45. 45. For Outstanding Work Accomplishment• State whether the accomplishments presented are part of the regular duties of the nominee – If part of regular duties • Cite justifications on why the accomplishments are considered exceptional or extraordinary• Or if there are his/her own initiative attydpbragais 45
    46. 46. For Exemplary Conduct & Ethical Behavior• Justifications why the norm/s displayed are considered exemplary. attydpbragais 46
    47. 47. • Nominations of heads of offices, agencies, LGUs should present their individual accomplishments or behavioral norms, NOT the accomplishments of the entire unit or agency. attydpbragais 47
    48. 48. • Nominee can only be nominated in ONE award category. attydpbragais 48
    49. 49. Previous Awardees• can still be nominated to the same or another award category after 5 years from the conferment of award – Nomination is based on a new set of accomplishment and/or exemplary norms/behavior manifested attydpbragais 49
    50. 50. • No limit to the number of nominees that an agency can field – provided nominees comply with the requirements.attydpbragais 50
    51. 51. Recipients of National Awards• Shall be considered• PROVIDED the requirements are submitted to the HAP Secretariat within the set deadline. attydpbragais 51
    52. 52. Nominees below 35 years old• Will be endorsed to the Eastern Regional Organization for Public Administration (EROPA) to vie for the Outstanding Young Practitioner Award* attydpbragais 52
    53. 53. How to Nominate• Endorsement of PRAISE Committee to Agency Head• Endorsement of Agency Head to the HAP Secretariat through – CSCROs/FOs• In the absence of PRAISE Committee – Office cannot nominate/endorse nominations to the HAP Secretariat attydpbragais 53
    54. 54. If nominees are•Heads of Departments/Agencies•Elective Officials – Need not be submitted to the PRAISE Committee attydpbragais 54
    55. 55. Nominee Endorsing Head of AgencyGovernor/Mayor DILG SecretaryVice Governor/Vice Mayor Governor/MayorMembers/Staff of Local Vice Governor/Vice MayorSanggunianPunong Barangay/Kagawad City/Municipal MayorDepartment Secretaries Office of the Executive SecretaryHeads of Bureaus & Department SecretaryAgencies attached to orunder the DepartmentsPresident of SUCs Chairperson of the Board of RegentsPresident of Corporations Chairperson of the Board of Trustees or the Secretary of the Department to which the Corporation is attached attydpbragais 55
    56. 56. Brainstorm Gather materials attydpbragais 56
    57. 57. Develop an OUTLINE Create a DRAFTattydpbragais 57
    58. 58. Use CONCRETE words • Not unilaterally• Avoid terminated the GENERALITIES employee’s job but fired Mr. Santos. • Not apprehended the perpetrator but arrested Mr. Reyes. attydpbragais 58
    59. 59. Write for your Reader •Avoid vocabulary that a good portion of your audience will stumble over. attydpbragais 59
    60. 60. Write for your Reader • Avoid overly-long sentences. • By the time you get to the end of some sentences, you have forgotten what came earlier in the sentence. attydpbragais 60
    61. 61. • So proofread carefully.• Fix the typographical errors. attydpbragais 61
    62. 62. Make it attractive!• Put out a finished product thats pleasing to the eye.• Its a lesson from marketing: packaging counts.• Books are judged by their covers. attydpbragais 62
    63. 63. attydpbragais 63
    64. 64. attydpbragais 64