In Search Of God


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Some thinker has said, ‘A smattering of knowledge
turns people away from God. Grater knowledge
brings them back to Him’. The author concludes in
this book by examining various theories that the
choice humanity have is not between the universe
with God and the universe without God. The real
option is between the universe without God. The
real option is between the universe with God and
no universe at all. Therefore humanity is compelled
to opt for the proposition the universe with God.
Hence it is logical to say l exist, therefore, God exist.
This book proves the existence of God beyond
doubt. After reading it a reader has responded as

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In Search Of God

  1. 1. In Serch of God Table of ContentsTABLE OF CONTENTSTable of Contents ............................................................................... 21. A Most Evident Mystery................................................................. 32. Does God Exist?.............................................................................. 5 The Beginning of the Universe ....................................................11 Expansion......................................................................................13 Harmony .......................................................................................14 The Right Proportion....................................................................15 Checks and Balances ....................................................................183. Man Does Not Stand Alone .........................................................214. God–A Source of Conviction........................................................255. God-Oriented Life.........................................................................306. The Concept of Accountability ....................................................36In Search of God ...............................................................................40 ~2~
  2. 2. In Serch of God 1. A Most Evident Mystery1. A MOST EVIDENT MYSTERYWHAT ONE is most convinced of is his or her ownexistence. Despite this, in purely scientific terms,everyone is a mystery. For man is not what hephysically appears to be, but consists of what hecalls I, and the I is not observable.That is why when the philosopher Rene Descartes(1596-1650) wanted to give proof of his ownexistence, he did not say: “I consist of a body that isobservable, therefore I exist.” Instead he had to say:“I think, therefore I exist.”Man undoubtedly has an observable existence. Weall know that man exists. But, in fact, this man’sexistence is at the level of “I” and the cognisance ofI is at the level of perception or comprehension, andnot at the level of observation.Exactly the same is true of God. It is, as if, God is aGreater I. God, at the level of His creation, isdirectly observable. But God at the level of HisBeing is not directly observable by man. We shallhave to believe in God on the basis of the samelogical principle which Descartes employed to ~3~
  3. 3. In Serch of God 1. A Most Evident Mysteryknow himself, and on which all men and womenbelieve in their own existence.I can comprehend God, therefore God exists. Thetruth is that God’s being comprehensible is anundeniable proof of His existence. If we deny God,we shall have to deny our own selves. Since wecannot countenance our own denial, we cannotcountenance God’s denial either. Everyone whobelieves in his own existence is logically compelledto say, “I exist, therefore, God exists.” ~4~
  4. 4. In Serch of God 2. Does God Exist?2. DOES GOD EXIST?DOES GOD exist? My answer to this question is in theaffirmative. Based on my study and my experience,I can say with full conviction that God exists. Thereis no doubt about it. When I say that God exists, Isay this in the scientific sense and not in the popularsense.People generally believe that they are in a positionto prove or disprove anything. But this is not thescientific position. According to modern science,you cannot prove or disprove anything, You canonly arrive at a probability, rather than a certainty.If there is sufficient data to show that this or thatthing probably exists, then one can make thestatement that this or that thing exists.The present question of whether God exists itselfraises another question. Studies in anthropology,that is, the science of man, have established that theconcept of God is ingrained in human nature. Beliefin God runs in our blood. Every man and woman isa born believer. Everyone undergoes this experienceat one point of time or the other. Especially in times ~5~
  5. 5. In Serch of God 2. Does God Exist?of helplessness and in crisis, we discover that thereis a Supreme Being. Every man and woman hasexperienced this natural fact at least once in his orher life.Then why this question? If the concept of God ispresent in our flesh and blood, why does onequestion the existence of God? The reason is verysimple. People want to know whether there is arational basis to their inner belief, whether there issome scientific proof in favour of their innerfeelings.I must emphasise that there is certainly a scientificbasis for belief in the existence of God. But peoplegenerally fail to discover it for the simple reasonthat they try to apply a criterion which theywrongly believe to be scientific. They want a proofin terms of observation, whereas this is neither thescientific method nor the criterion by which tojudge. If you apply the right criterion, you will findthat God is a proven fact.Here I recall an incident which took place in 1965,when I was living in Lucknow. I happened to meet ~6~
  6. 6. In Serch of God 2. Does God Exist?a gentleman, who was a Doctor of Philosophy and agreat admirer of Bertrand Russell.Of course, he was an atheist. During ourconversation about God he asked: “What criteriondo you have to prove the existence of God?” Ireplied: “The same criterion which you have forproving the existence of anything else.” Thedialogue ended there. There was no question andno answer after this.Why did this learned man fall silent? The reason isvery simple and well known. My answer was tohim a kind of reminder. I reminded him of the factthat we are living in a world where inferentialargument is as applicable to the concept of God asto any other concept.In our modern times scientific knowledge hasincreased to an unbelievable extent. But, accordingto the Encyclopaedia of Ignorance, “increase inknowledge has only increased our ignorance.” Onescientist has rightly said: “We know more and moreabout less and less.” Now it is an established factthat science gives us but a partial knowledge ofreality. ~7~
  7. 7. In Serch of God 2. Does God Exist?Human knowledge has two different phases—thepre-Einstein period and the post-Einstein period. Inthe pre-Einstein period, knowledge was confined tothe macro or material world, which was observableand measurable. So, it was generally held thateverything, which has a real existence, should alsobe observable. Anything which could not beobserved had no real existence. This meant thatonly the seen world was real and what was unseenwas unreal, or some kind of fiction.This concept created the theory which is generallycalled logical positivism. It means that the onlyvalid logical argument is one which is demonstrablein material terms, otherwise it is simply a baselessclaim, and not a valid argument.But, in the post-Einstein period, in the early years ofthe 20th century, when the atom was split, thewhole situation changed. After the splitting of theatom, matter as a solid substance, disappeared. Itwas replaced by the micro world, beyond theatomic world, where everything was reduced tounseen waves, neither measurable nor observable. ~8~
  8. 8. In Serch of God 2. Does God Exist?After this revolution in knowledge, logical orrational argument also changed drastically. Thischanging situation compelled the philosophers andthe scientists to revise logical criteria. It has nowbecome an accepted fact that inferential argument isas valid as direct argument.In the post-Einstein era, it was discovered that evenso-called observable matter was unobservable. Noweverything was waves, and waves were notobservable.Present-day science includes so many things, likeelectrons, the law of gravity, x-rays, etc., all ofwhich are non-material in nature. They cannot beobserved, but every scientist believes in theirexistence, for the simple reason that, although wecannot see these things directly, we can see theireffect. For example, a falling apple, in the case ofgravity, and a photograph, in the case of x-rays. Webelieve in the existence of all these things, not byobservation but by their result; in other words, byway of indirect knowledge.This change in human knowledge also changed thetheory of logic. Now it is well established in science ~9~
  9. 9. In Serch of God 2. Does God Exist?that inferential argument is as valid as directargument. (For details, see Human Knowledge, byBertrand Russell)In the pre-Einstein era, unbelievers held that theconcept of God pertains to the unseen world. Andsince no direct argument was available to bear thisout, belief in God was held to be illogical and all therelevant indirect arguments were consideredscientifically invalid, since they were inferential innature.But now the whole situation has changed. Nothingis observable. So the existence of anything can beestablished only by means of inferential argument,rather than by direct argument.If inferential argument is valid with regard to theunseen micro world, it is also valid with regard tothe existence of God.Bertrand Russell, in his book, “Why I am not aChristian”, has admitted this fact. He says that theargument centering on design, propounded bytheologians to prove the existence of God, isscientifically valid. ~ 10 ~
  10. 10. In Serch of God 2. Does God Exist?Since ancient days, theologians have argued thatwhen there is a design there must also be adesigner. As we see that our world is well designed,it compels us to believe that there is a designer.When we reflect deeply about our world, we findthat all over the universe there are clear signs ofplanning, design and intelligent control. These signslead us to believe that there is a Creator ofcreatures, there is a Designer of designs, and thereis a Mover of all movements.No other explanation presents itself. Here I wouldlike to refer to some of these universal signs.THE BEGINNING OF THE UNIVERSELet us begin from the beginning. Science tells usthat 25 billion years ago there was a Big Bang inspace. After this Big Bang our universe came intoexistence. Scientists have found evidence to believethat in the beginning there was what they call acosmic ball. All the particles now present in theuniverse were tightly bound to each other in thiscosmic ball in a highly compressed state. ~ 11 ~
  11. 11. In Serch of God 2. Does God Exist?According to the known physical laws, only aninner journey was possible for these particles.Physically, there was no possibility of their outwardjourney in space.Then, according to astronomical studies, this cosmicball suddenly exploded. The compact particlesscattered outward and the present universe cameinto existence, perhaps within the space of a fewminutes.It was a violent explosion and we know that everyexplosion is destructive, except one, which is pre-planned. Chernico of Russia is a recent example. Itwas a sudden explosion, which proved totallydestructive. On the other hand, there is the exampleof exploding rocks to build tunnels. This secondtype of explosion is always pre-planned, and assuch, is always constructive in its result.The Big Bang explosion resulted in a universe thatis highly constructive and meaningful, in everysense of these words. This miraculous phenomenonis enough to make us believe that the Big Bangexplosion was certainly pre-planned. And when it isproved that it was pre-planned, it is automatically ~ 12 ~
  12. 12. In Serch of God 2. Does God Exist?proved that behind this pre-planning there was aplanner, indeed a Super Planner. And it is thisSuper Planner who is God Almighty.EXPANSIONScientific studies in space have proved that ouruniverse is an expanding one. We know that in thehuman world, every expansion has its limits. Whenyou blow up a balloon, you cannot blowindefinitely. Every balloon has a blowing limit andafter reaching that limit it bursts.In human history, there have been so many politicalempires—the Roman empire, the Ottoman empire,the Mughal empire, the British empire, etc.—Theirrulers wanted to expand their realms indefinitely.But after reaching a certain limit they becameunmanageable and over time, they disintegrated.The same is true of industrial houses or industrialcompanies. The masters of these industrial empiresalways want to go on and on expanding. But everyday we hear the news that this or that industrialcompany is facing bankruptcy. Why? It is for the ~ 13 ~
  13. 13. In Serch of God 2. Does God Exist?simple reason that after some time, they reached anunmanageable limit, and collapsed.Contrary to this, the universe presents anexceptionally different example. Although theuniverse is constantly expanding at an astonishingspeed, it is still functioning smoothly after billionsand billions of years of expansion. It has neverbecome unmanageable to the point of collapsing.This exceptionally unique phenomenon of theuniverse is a sufficient proof that there is a SuperManager or Super Planner behind this world.Otherwise, it would have collapsed long ago.(For more details, see Evidence of God in anExpanding Universe, compiled by John CloverMansoma)HARMONYStudies show that there is complete harmony in theuniverse. There are innumerable stars and planetsin space, perhaps more than all the grains of sandon the coasts of all the oceans. All these bodies arecontinuously moving at an unbelievably rapid ~ 14 ~
  14. 14. In Serch of God 2. Does God Exist?speed. But there is no collision between these astralbodies.There are numerous such phenomena in theuniverse. The rains, for example, are the result ofvery complex action between the ocean and the sun.A harmonious and universal process makes rainfallpossible.The exchange between man and the tree also servesas an example of such harmony. Man inhalesoxygen and exhales carbon dioxide. Contrary tothis, the tree inhales carbon dioxide and exhalesoxygen. This exchange is an extremely complexharmonious process that insures the life of bothman and the tree.Such miraculous phenomena speak without anydoubt of there being a central management behindthe universe. There is, indeed a super manager, andthis super manager is none other than God Almighty.THE RIGHT PROPORTIONStudies also show that everything in the universe isin the right proportion. The universe is a unique ~ 15 ~
  15. 15. In Serch of God 2. Does God Exist?industry. All the products of the universe areproduced at the standard of zero defect.Look at the tree. Its present shape is the final model.Any other model of a tree would be unthinkable.Let us look at a man or a woman. Both are “finalmodels.” No artist could produce any better modelfor a man or a woman.There are countless things in our world created byGod. But everything in nature is so perfectly createdthat everything is a “final model”. But if you look atmotor cars manufactured by humans, you will findthat very many improvements have been madefrom the time the first motor car was assembled.And this process of development is still continuing.Studies also show that everything in nature is inperfect order. Take, for example, the distancebetween the sun and the earth. The distancebetween the sun and the earth is 93,000,000 miles.Compare this with alternatives and you will findthat this distance is perfectly according to ourneeds. ~ 16 ~
  16. 16. In Serch of God 2. Does God Exist?Had this distance been double the present distance,i.e. 180,000,000 miles, then the earth would havebecome so cold that everything would be frozen.No life on earth would have been possible. And ifthis distance were half of the present distance, i.e.,50,000,000 miles, the temperature on the surface ofthe earth would be so hot that everything would beburnt and again life on earth would be renderedimpossible.Now let us take the size of the earth. Had the size ofthe earth been double the present size, thegravitational pull would have increased to such anextent that it would have badly affected the growthof human beings. Every man and woman wouldhave been reduced to dwarf-like sizes.If the earth were half of the present size, thegravitational pull of the earth would havedecreased dangerously. Then every man andwoman would have experienced an uncheckedphysical growth. Everyone would be as tall as theQutub Minar. What a terrible world it would be!But, in the world of nature, everything is perfectfrom the outset. There is no need for reform or ~ 17 ~
  17. 17. In Serch of God 2. Does God Exist?improvement. Everything is a perfect and finalmodel. No change is required in anything. Thiswonderful perfection is a clear proof that there is aperfect Creator behind creation. Otherwiseperfection of such a kind in this world could neverhave been possible.CHECKS AND BALANCESStudies show that in nature a system of checks andbalances is prevalent everywhere. Without thissystem, our world would have becomeuninhabitable.One such example is found in the world of insects.Biological studies tell us that every insect has thepotential of unlimited growth. For example, everygrasshopper has the potential to grow bigger andbigger until it becomes as big as a camel or anelephant. This is true of every other insect.According to this, our world should have beenfilled with insects as large as elephants and camels.Had it been so, there would have been nopossibility of mankind living in such a jungle ofhuge animals and creating a civilization. ~ 18 ~
  18. 18. In Serch of God 2. Does God Exist?How was mankind saved from this horrible fate? Itwas due to a simple mechanism in nature. The factis that although the body of an insect has the abilityfor unlimited growth, its breathing tube does nothave any scope for growth. This double system inthe body of insects serves as a check against itsunlimited growth. The growing body of the insectnarrows its breathing tube and this doublemechanism in its body serves as a killer for theinsects.There are so many other examples of such checks,and it is these checks that maintain the balance inour world. If this were not so, our earth would havebecome uninhabitable for mankind. (See Man Doesnot Stand Alone by Cressy Morrison)The planet earth is a unique exception in theUniverse because of its rare qualities and attributes.All the numerous celestial bodies in the Universeare either huge fiery stars or rocky planets, with thesole exception of the earth, which has life and itsaccompanying support elements. This exceptionitself is a proof of God’s existence. Every exceptionnecessarily requires an answer to the question: Who ~ 19 ~
  19. 19. In Serch of God 2. Does God Exist?or what is the cause of this exception? Withoutbelieving in ‘cause and effect’, you cannot explainwhy there is an exception. And this uniqueexception in the case of the earth is proof enoughthat God exists.In conclusion, I would like to say that in such asituation the choice we have is not between theuniverse with God, and the universe without God.This is not an option. The real option is between theuniverse with God or no universe at all. As wecannot opt for the proposition “the Universewithout God” we are compelled to opt for theproposition, “the Universe with God.” ~ 20 ~
  20. 20. In Serch of God 3. Man Does Not Stand Alone3. MAN DOES NOT STAND ALONEJULIAN HUXLEY, (1887-1975) the well-known Britishwriter, did not believe in God. He believed that mandid not need God, a concept explained in his aptlytitled book: Man Stands Alone.It is noteworthy that a reputed American scientist,Cressy Morrison, countered Huxley’s thesis with abook titled: Man Does Not Stand Alone.Even more so today, many people express the viewthat they do not need God; that success can be theirswithout their believing in the Almighty. But if youconduct a survey, you will find that their views donot reflect mature perception. In fact, such remarksare spawned by immature minds mostly belongingto the under forty age group. Psychological andbiological studies show that human beings attainmaturity only after reaching middle age. Prior tothis, they are not in a position to form any soundopinions on the realities of life. Surveys show,indeed, that superficial remarks about God aremade mostly by those who are as yet immature. Butwith the transition from immaturity to maturity, ~ 21 ~
  21. 21. In Serch of God 3. Man Does Not Stand Alonewhich comes with the acquisition of experience andknowledge, a great number of people, includingatheists and apostates, become serious in theirapproach to the subject of God.A thinker has aptly said: A smattering of knowledge turns people away from God. Greater knowledge brings them back to Him.Here are a few examples to illustrate this point. Letus take the case of a youth who, having grown upwith romantic ideas, enthusiastically enters uponmarried life by opting for a “love marriage”. Butvery soon this love turns to hate and the coupleultimately separate. Then the husband realizes thathis acceptance of love as the “summum bonum”was the result of his own immaturity. Consciouslyor unconsciously, he begins to feel that hisperception has not been clear enough to understandlife in depth and that a superior guide is required tocompensate for his inexperience. ~ 22 ~
  22. 22. In Serch of God 3. Man Does Not Stand AloneThen there is the example of an ambitiousbusinessman who starts a business. His businessgoes on expanding until a time comes when itbecomes unmanageable. Now he realizes thatcertain personal limitations bar his way to fulfillinghis desires and ambitions. He comes to feel that heneeds a vaster world in order to realize his dreams.Similarly, yet another youth forms a political partyin order to fulfill his ambitions, and a time comeswhen he finally contrives to secure an importantpolitical niche for himself. But then he meets thefate of Jawaharlal Nehru. Like Nehru after he waselevated to the position of Prime Minister, hesuffers from second thoughts. He feels that thereexists a far greater power than himself and that,without the cooperation of this power, he cannotcarry his plans into effect.Most young people enter life with great ambitions.But again and again they undergo such experiencesas remind them of their helplessness. Disease,accidents, losses, disadvantages—all theserepeatedly remind them that their lot in life is oneof unfulfilled desires. Then they see that, however ~ 23 ~
  23. 23. In Serch of God 3. Man Does Not Stand Alonegreat one’s material success, one inevitably dieswithin the span of 100 years, leaving all one’swealth behind. Such bitter reflection shows that allthe sweet dreams of childhood and youth stemmedfrom ignorance. For it is impossible to havecomplete fulfillment in this present imperfectworld.One’s goal in life—whether it be the making ofmoney, the acquisition of fame or power, oranything else of this nature—proves less than ideal.After the individual manages to achieve thesethings, he again suffers from the feeling thatwhatever he has achieved falls far below hisexpectations. Thus he remains as unsatisfied asever. Finding success becomes as meaningless asnot finding it. ~ 24 ~
  24. 24. In Serch of God 4. God–A Source of Conviction4. GOD–A SOURCE OF CONVICTIONIF YOU have a super-telescope that can view theentire Universe, you will first of all see that rareplanet called Earth. You will observe that, amidstthe totally lifeless universe, this tiny planet has anabundance of life and all kinds of life-supportingelements. This rare, exceptional sight is sooverwhelming that you will be wonder-struck.You will also see that—the Earth, along with itsmoon and the other planets, is continuously inmotion, i.e. it rotates on its axis, and orbits aroundthe sun. Then this entire solar system revolves inthe wider circle of the galaxy. And this galaxyrotates in the much wider circle of the othergalaxies.The movement of the stars and planets in this vastendless space will appear astonishingly strange toyour sight. You will then see an unbelievablenumber of vast balls of fire, called stars, whichrotate with great speed. Amidst all these astralbodies, our Earth appears hardly bigger than agrain of sand. And this sight will be so strange to ~ 25 ~
  25. 25. In Serch of God 4. God–A Source of Convictionyou that your own existence will appear to betotally insignificant and valueless. This experiencewill lead you to the discovery of two things at thesame time. Firstly, there is a powerful God in thisuniverse, who is its Creator as well as its Sustainer.If you can recall this sight of the universe to yourmind, your heart will automatically call out that theuniverse itself is a clear proof of its Creator.Secondly, you will feel that you are a helpless andan insignificant creature in this universe, and thatwithout God, your very existence is not possible.This is the most important reality of life. When onecomprehends this reality, one will voluntarily turntowards God. With one’s whole being, one will callout: “O God, help me! For, without Your helpeverything will go wrong.”In this vast universe, man’s only source of supportis God. It is by God’s guidance that man’s ship isbrought safely to the shore. Belief in God is the mostimportant thing for man. Man is nothing withoutthis belief.Sometimes, in the course of daily life, a feeling ofhelplessness comes over man, the same kind of ~ 26 ~
  26. 26. In Serch of God 4. God–A Source of Convictionhelplessness that he experiences after theobservation of the universe through a telescope.All men and women have the feeling that theysuffer from limitations, when they cannot achievewhat they want. These limitations make them feelhelpless. Each one of us has experienced either aloss, illness, accidents, death or old age. Theseexperiences repeatedly remind us of the fact that weare in need of a superior power. Without the help ofsuch a superior power, we cannot go on in life.These feelings amount to a psychological proof ofthe existence of God. We go through thispsychological experience at some point of time inour lives. Each one of us, in his inner feelings,witnesses the existence of God,The nature of every human being constantly urgeshim or her to recognise the need for God. WithoutGod, our lives cannot be complete. Without the helpof God, we cannot succeed in life.Man’s position is further illustrated by thefollowing example. ~ 27 ~
  27. 27. In Serch of God 4. God–A Source of ConvictionA hundred years ago, a ship sailed from the coast ofAmerica to Africa. When the ship was far out to thedeep sea, a severe storm broke out. The ship beganto shake and jolt. All the passengers were in a stateof great fear and anxiety. At this time of crisis, oneof the passengers saw a little girl sitting in a cornerof the deck. She was playing with her dolls, quiteundisturbed by the storm. On seeing this, hebecame curious and asked her, “Do you know whatis happening to our ship?” She asked, “What is thematter?” The passenger told her that the ship wascaught in a dangerous storm. The girl calmlyreplied: “You know, my father is the captain of thisship. He is not going to let it sink.”The girl’s faith in her father saved her from being avictim of fear at this crucial moment. The same istrue of a religious person. He has the same childlikefaith in his Creator, God Almighty. But his is a faithof far greater intensity. When catastrophe threatens,he can say with much stronger conviction that GodAlmighty is the captain of the ship of his life: Hewill never let it sink at any time or in any situation. ~ 28 ~
  28. 28. In Serch of God 4. God–A Source of ConvictionIn short, spirituality awakens the mind. Spiritualityis a great strength at all times. Spirituality is the bestformula for character building. Spirituality is apromoter of all good and a killer of all evils.Spirituality is the essence of all religions. Let’s alladopt this universal religion. ~ 29 ~
  29. 29. In Serch of God 5. God-Oriented Life5. GOD-ORIENTED LIFETHE EARTH is the sun’s satellite. It constantly orbitsaround the sun. It takes one year to complete such arotation. This movement of the earth around thesun is essential for the healthy functioning of life onearth. If the earth did not revolve around the sun,its existence would have no meaning, and lifewould come to an end.This is a practical example of how we should leadour lives in this world. This example is indeed aphysical demonstration that shows how man mustrevolve around God, just as the earth revolvesaround the sun. It means that all of man’s activitiesshould be based on God.The earth rotates as compelled to by the laws ofnature. But man, of his own free will, shouldsurrender to God. He should build a life, which isbased on the concept of God. This consciousness isthe real ascension of man. In this consciousness liesthe secret of all success.The God-oriented life begins with the discovery ofGod. When individuals, whether men or women, ~ 30 ~
  30. 30. In Serch of God 5. God-Oriented Lifediscover God, it means that they have found thetruth. And this truth pervades their whole being.This feeling of having discovered the truth becomessuch a thrilling experience that it fills them witheverlasting conviction. This everlasting convictionremoves all frustrations from their lives. Therefore,losses are no longer such, for, in spite of them, theynever lose the feeling that their greatest asset, i.e.God, is still with them.Man experiences this realization by pondering uponGod’s creations. The truth is that the presentuniverse is an expression of God’s attributes. In thisrespect, the present universe is a completeintroduction to God. God is visible in His creations,just as a human being sees his own reflection in themirror, without having any doubts about it.The vastness of space tells man that God, itsCreator, is boundless. The observation of the sunand the stars shows us that God is all light. Theheights of the mountains show us the greatness ofGod. The waves of the sea and the flow of the rivertell us that God is a storehouse of boundlessblessings. We see God’s bounties in the greenery of ~ 31 ~
  31. 31. In Serch of God 5. God-Oriented Lifethe trees. Man’s existence becomes a proof of God’sexistence. In the waft of air he experiences a divinetouch. In the chirping of the birds, he hears God’ssongs.The God-oriented life for man starts by hisremembering God. He begins to feel the presence ofGod. Everything serves to remind him of God.God’s remembrance is never absent from his heartand mind. His mornings and evenings should bespent as if he is living in God’s neighbourhood. Justas rain replenishes the crops, so does he remainever immersed in the remembrance of God.God is a spiritual focus for man. One whose heart isattached to God undergoes spiritual experiences atevery moment. Belief in God becomes a source ofspiritual development for him. Filled with the loveof God, he does not need anything further. Godbecomes a vast ocean for him to continue to swim inwithout ever experiencing any limit. In the form ofspiritual awakening, he receives such great wealththat he does not feel any need for anything else. ~ 32 ~
  32. 32. In Serch of God 5. God-Oriented LifeFor one who discovers God, the entire universebecomes an open book of God for him. Every leaf ofa tree becomes a page of the divine book.When he sees the sun, he feels as if God is lightingHis heavenly torch so that he may read His bookclearly. The Universe becomes, as it were, asupernal university and he its student.Finding God is to find his centre of Love. Man bybirth is a seeker of a Supreme Being who is farabove him, who is free from all limitations and whomay form the centre of his feelings, in short, a Beingafter finding whom the grown man becomes assatisfied as a child after being held in the embraceof his mother.This discovery of God saves one from regardingsomething other than God as God and mistakenlyand unrealistically thinking it to be the answer tothe urge inherent in his nature. The discovery ofGod is to fulfill his or her real urge to find God.And the failure to discover God means failing tofind that which is man’s greatest need. ~ 33 ~
  33. 33. In Serch of God 5. God-Oriented LifeOne who fails to find God is compelled by hisnatural urge to give the place of God to somethingother than God. This place is sometimes accorded toa certain human being, sometimes to a certainanimal, sometimes to a phenomenon of nature,sometimes to a certain material power, sometimesto a certain supposed concept and sometimes just tothe self.Even if one fails to discover God, or he becomes adenier of God, it is not in his or her power to stiflethe urge in his nature to find God. That is whythose men and women who have not found Godinevitably come to hold something other than Godas God. And this supposed God is always somecreature or the other of God.By nature, it is possible for man not to accept thereal God as God, but it is not possible for anyone tosave himself or herself from granting the status ofdivinity to something other than God.Making God one’s object of worship raises man’sposition. On the contrary, regarding somethingother than God as God amounts to descending fromthe level of humanity. ~ 34 ~
  34. 34. In Serch of God 5. God-Oriented LifeSubmission to God is the only way of life for bothman and the universe. ~ 35 ~
  35. 35. In Serch of God 6. The Concept of Accountability6. THE CONCEPT OF ACCOUNTABILITYGOD IS indispensable to man. His life is incompletewithout God. A philosopher has aptly remarkedthat had there been no God, we would have had toinvent one. Fortunately, God exists in reality. Wecan believe in God with conviction, not as asupposition, but as a fact. And we can accord Himthe place He deserves in our lives.It is essential that man should have within hisreach, a super formula for life’s management. Godprovides just such a formula—a complete principlefor life’s management.Human beings are not like machines controlled by amechanical system, nor are they like animals whoare governed by their instincts. Human beings enjoyfreedom. They take decisions about their actions oftheir own free will. Now the question arises as tohow to keep man to the right course, how to makehim consistently disciplined in his behaviour.History shows the ineffectiveness of all worldlymeasures in this connection, whether—social ~ 36 ~
  36. 36. In Serch of God 6. The Concept of Accountabilitypressures, enforcement of the law of the land or theappeals of reformers.Experience shows that the pressure of society islimited, if not totally ineffective. There are so manyloopholes in the law that it is not difficult forwrongdoers to find a way out. The reformers’ bid toreform people are nothing but appeals and appealsalone cannot bring about a revolution in human life.The truth is that for the attainment of disciplinedbehaviour, it is essential for one to be convinced ofthe existence of a power far superior to himself, aBeing Who is aware of man’s activities at everymoment; who can reward and punish man, andfrom whom it is impossible to escape.There can be only one being of this nature and thatis God. Belief in God functions at two levels at thesame time. On the one hand, man finds in God aguardian who is aware of all his activities and whohas unlimited power to chastise him. It is notpossible for man to escape God’s chastisement.Belief in God compels man to steadfastly adopt aproper attitude in all situations, privately as well as ~ 37 ~
  37. 37. In Serch of God 6. The Concept of Accountabilitypublicly. Only then can he save himself from thewrath of God.Another point is that belief in God is a storehouse oflimitless hope. Man can lead his life in this worldwith the conviction that if he incurs any lossbecause of treading the path of truth, or if he suffersfrom any other adversity, he will be able manfullyto endure it. For if he adheres to the path of truth,God will grant him a reward in the form of eternalparadise, and there can be no reward greater thanthis.It is not possible for man on his own to bind himselfto moral values or adhere to justice. This is possibleonly when he is convinced of the fact that he isunder a super power—a super power who observesjustice to the extent of perfection; for whom it isfully possible to guide man to the true path and alsopunish those who deviate from this true path.This present, limited world is totally inadequate forpunishing a criminal. Similarly, this world is alsoinadequate for granting great rewards for one’sgood deeds. The concept of God tells us that Godcan create a far better world free from all the ~ 38 ~
  38. 38. In Serch of God 6. The Concept of Accountabilitylimitations of the present world, where reward andpunishment both can be satisfactorily awarded.The concept of a living and powerful God isnecessarily accompanied by the concept ofaccountability. And the concept of accountabilityguarantees right thinking and right actions on thepart of man. It makes man cautious by remindinghim of God’s chastisement. Moreover, this giveshim the conviction of receiving God’s reward if headheres to the right path at all costs and in allsituations.The concept of God provides man with an ideologyin which loss is turned to gain and in whichadversity brings with it good tidings. ~ 39 ~
  39. 39. In Serch of God In Search of GodIN SEARCH OF GODSome thinker has said, ‘A smattering of knowledgeturns people away from God. Grater knowledgebrings them back to Him’. The author concludes inthis book by examining various theories that thechoice humanity have is not between the universewith God and the universe without God. The realoption is between the universe without God. Thereal option is between the universe with God andno universe at all. Therefore humanity is compelledto opt for the proposition the universe with God.Hence it is logical to say l exist, therefore, God exist.This book proves the existence of God beyonddoubt. After reading it a reader has responded asfellows? ~ 40 ~