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Zen portfolios Sept 5th 2013 presentation revised


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Zen portfolios Sept 5th 2013 presentation revised

  1. 1. Zen Portfolios Lunch & Presentation Tuesday, August 13th, 2013
  2. 2. Agenda • Divinely Healthy lunch • Introductions • Capilano University • Zen Portfolios • Talent Cloud • Zen Projects • Zen Launchpad • Feedback / Questions
  3. 3. Divinely Healthy
  4. 4. Capilano University
  5. 5. Creating Connections
  6. 6. Zen Portfolios
  7. 7. Sample Site –
  8. 8. Sample Site –
  9. 9. Sample Site –
  10. 10. Enter your Username, Email Address and Password, read the Terms of Service and click on “I agree to the Terms of Service”. ZEN Portfolios sends you a confirmation email with that information but sometimes these emails get blocked in spam filters so it’s a good idea to write down your username and password. Step 1 Can be anything but good to use your first name last name (e.g. johnsmith) You can use your school or an external email address. Username & Password
  11. 11. Click on “Enter Signup code (sponsored account), enter the Sign Up Code below to get a free account then click the Next button. Step 2 The sign up code for Capilano University is: capu2012 Enter Sign Up Code for free account
  12. 12. Click on “Enter Signup code (sponsored account), enter the Sign Up Code below to get a free account then click the Next button. Step 3 Site URL, Name, Image & Privacy Usually first name last name works best for Site Name, e.g. This will display on your e-portfolio homepage, e.g. John Smith You can change this later. Browse to an image that you want to use for your e-portfolio home page. You can always change it later. This is the best privacy setting to get started. This will enable you to invite your instructor to view your e- portfolio. Once you have more content on your e-portfolio to showcase, you will probably want to open up your privacy settings more so more prospective employers can see your work.
  13. 13. Enter your current and future desired employment sector information, your country and region then click the Next button. Note: You can always edit these settings later. Step 4 Current & Future Employment
  14. 14. Enter your first and last names, your birth month and year and then upload your avatar (i.e. image of yourself or other picture) Note: You are asked your birth month and year in order to ensure that we provide age-appropriate access to content, groups and services and to meet or exceed privacy regulations related to the collection of personal information. This information will never appear anywhere on your e-portfolio and will never be shared with any third parties except in very rate situations where required by a Canadian court order. Step 5a Name, Age Confirmation & Avatar
  15. 15. Select your role, school, program, enrollm ent status, and anticipated graduation date, then select the “Next” button. Step 5b Your role
  16. 16. You can optionally enter your social network information. Your e-portfolio home page will have links to any of the networks you enter. When done, click the “Next” button. By doing this step, your e-portfolio can become your anchor for your various social networks. Step 6 Social network info
  17. 17. List up to 10 skills, characteristics and hobbies and interests. Be sure to only add one item per line. This is an important step for helping to attract prospective employers so be sure to put some thought into it! You can always modify them late though. Step 7a Skills, characteristics & interests
  18. 18. Add your primary language, add any additional languages you speak, add the countries where you are both eligible and want to work, then click on the “Next” button. Step 7b Languages & work eligibility Cont…
  19. 19. An automated Welcome Post is created for your e-portfolio, based on the information you entered. It’s a good idea to modify it at least slightly so that your Welcome Post is unique. You also want to make sure it reads smoothly. You can always edit this later as well. Step 8 Welcome Post You can just ignore the [zpcontactlink] coding, this is just used by the system to link to your contact form.
  20. 20. The last step is a really quick one! You just need to click the “Register” button to complete your registration. Step 9 Register
  21. 21. Employers / Visitors can easily download work samples
  22. 22. A company’s ability to predict candidate quality increases by 37-40% when there is a sample of that person’s work.
  23. 23. Directory with Advanced Search
  24. 24.
  25. 25. Talent Cloud
  26. 26. “Teaching used to be telling students about the world. Now it’s about engaging students with the world."
  27. 27. Zen Projects – coming soon Face to face crowdsourcing project service professionals
  28. 28. Zen Launchpad Co-work| Incubate | Accelerate | Learn
  29. 29. Feedback / Questions?
  30. 30. Thanks! Cell: 604-783-8601 @cyrijones Be sure to sign up for our Zen Launchpad email newsletter and also the Creating Connections newsletter