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  1. 1. Subject: Hotel Management and TourismTheme: Tourist Agent ProfileTeacher: Ernesto PaniaguaStudent s name:Silvia Oneyda Crespín Santos N 31-4277-2008 San Salvador, September 22nd, 2012
  2. 2. Festival of the Calabiuzas at Tonacatepeque CELEBRATIONSAccording to locals, the tradition started when children used to askfrom house to house for squash with panela honey, a traditionallocal sweet. The children became known as “the beggar of squash”.The participants used to dress as angels and carried pumpkins withcandles lighted from the inside in order to light their way. Thisaccessory became known as “calabiuza” from pumpkin in Spanish. During the walk, participants sing the chorus “We are angels from heaven. We come here asking for squash for our journey” this is accompanied by the rhythms of drums and whistles.
  3. 3. Nejapa’s fireballs festival Panchimalco flower and palm festival On the first Sunday of May every year, the small town of Panchimalco, lying closeThe main attraction of Nejapa is the to San Salvador, celebrates its two patronfestival of "Las Bolas de Fuego" (Fire saints with a spectacular festivity, known asBalls). The tradition is more than 100 “Fiesta de las Flores y Palmas”.years old; and began after the eruption of Although the origin of this event comes fromthe volcano El Playon in November pre-Columbian Maya culture and used to1658. commemorate the start of the rainy season.During the eruption the volcano threw nowadays the festival honors Catholicincandescent balls of fire (or bombs) into saints, the Virgin of Rosario and Concepcion.the air. Women strip the palm branches of their fronds and skewer flower blooms on them toThe celebration is held every August 31st. create large colorful decoration.
  4. 4. "Day of the Cross" National day of the pupusas•Every second Sunday of November,a National day of the Pupusas iscelebrated throughout El Salvador. •The Day of the Cross is celebrated on Maypupusas are thick, hand-made 3rd. It is a common belief. This celebrationcorn tortilla. It can be stuffed with was done by the Indians in honor of thecheese (usually a soft Salvadoran God of Rain. This celebration had thecheese called Quesillo), fried pork rind purpose of imploring the heavens for the(chicharrones), chicken, refried beans benefit of the rain. Also, it was materialized(frijoles refritos), or queso con loroco by the Spaniards who introduced the(loroco is a vine flower bud adoration of the Cross instead of the Godfrom Central America). of Rain.
  5. 5. November 28 - San Miguel Carnival On November, San Miguel celebrates its municipal festivities in honor of "Nuestra Señora De La Paz" (Our Lady of Peace), being the Carnival of San Miguel the final and main event that takes place on the last Saturday of the month. It is considered the biggest festival of entertainment, music and food in El Salvador and one of the largest in Central America. The beginnings of the Carnival itself date from 1959. Currently, this tradition continues to reflect the growth of the city and one of the motors for its economy.)
  6. 6. New Year’s Day. Maundy Thursday. January 1stHOLIDAYS New Year’s Day which is It’s a Christian feast that is on January 1st marks the celebrated on the stat of the year in the Thursday before Easter. Gregorian calendar. It is This day celebrates the celebrated in the same final meal of Jesus Christ way in pretty much every with his apostles in the country people fill the cenacle, just before his streets, dance and count passion. It is the day that down the seconds and Jesus gives a new they shoot the fireworks. commandment to the
  7. 7. Holy Saturday.Good Friday. Holy Saturday .commemoratesGood Friday. There are two the day that Jesus Christ lay inmajor processions early in the the tomb after his death. It ismorning there is the “Passion” also known as Easter Eve,.which is the representation of It is also known as Judas day inthe walk that Jesus took with Mexico, where people burnthe cross to Golgotha. effigies of Judas.
  8. 8. Labor Day Fiestas de Agosto. This party is celebrated onGovernment and private August 1st-6th of each close their offices They celebrate sportfor the international Labor day. tournaments art exhibition, theater, fairs andTrade Unions make a parade other events. This is celebratedcommemorating that day. in honor to the patron “Saint ElIn EL Salvador is celebrates in Salvador del Mundo (JesusMay 1st Christ)”
  9. 9. Independence Day Day of Race Every October 12th many countries of Spanish-speakingIn 1821 the declaration of world celebrate Columbus Dayindependence was signed . The (Dia de la Raza). The dark sidefirst shout of independence was of military conquest andon November 5th, 1811 in San colonization aside, theSalvador. In 1823 Delgado was encounter of the old and newelected president of the worlds marks the newconstituent assembly beginning of the new Latin America .
  10. 10. All Soul’s DayIn many catholic countries, people attend churches , which are appropriatelydraped in black. And visit their families graves . People take flowers todecorate the graves and visit them. In El Salvador its called “Dia de losMuertos”
  11. 11. Christmas New Year’s Eve New year’s Eve marks the end ofChristmas is the biggest even of the year. At mid night the fireworkscelebration. As in El Salvador are burn and everybody give hugsculture is quite influenced by the to others. In El Salvador peopleRoman Catholics. It’s celebrated in say “Feliz Año Nuevo”. People askfamily and friends. Children open wishes and eatgifts. Houses, streets, restaurants, chicken, turkey, tamales, andetc , are decorated with bright some other typical food.lights and other decorations.
  12. 12. El salvador presents arange of importantnational parks, its quantityand its uniqueness.
  13. 13. NATIONAL PARKS Santa Ana. Sonsonate. Natural park Cerro Verde. Aquatic park Sihuatehucan.Cerro verde (Santa Ana): Sihuatehuacan (Sonsonate): inIn the West Terminal. in the West Terminal, in SanSan Salvador, take route Salvador, take rout 201 going201. Stay in the Congo and toward Santa Ana. Stay in INSAtakes there the route 248 and takes there the route 51 “A”which takes you to the OR “B” urban.park.
  14. 14. La Libertad. La Libertad. Aquatic park Los Chorros. Natural park Walter T. Deininger.Los Chorros (La Walter T. Deininger (LaLibertad):In Bolivar Park, Libertad): Opposite the cemeteryin San Salvador, take Route "Los Ilustres", in San79 travels to Lourdes, Salvador, take the ruta102 or 197Colon. Stay up to Los traveling towards Puerto de laChorros. Libertad. Stay in "El Faro" and takes the ruta187 or 540, stay on the bus stop called "Tourism".
  15. 15. San Salvador. Ilopango. Natural park Puerta del Diablo. Aquatic park Apulo.Puerta del Diablo( San Apulo ( Ilopango): In theSalvador): In the center of Avenida España, in SanSan Salvador, near to Salvador, take the route 15, itMercado Central take route will take to Parque Apulo in12 destined to Planes de the Lake of Ilopango.Renderos
  16. 16. San Vicente. La Paz. Aquatic park Laguna de Apastepeque. Aquatic park Costa del Sol.Laguna de Apastepeque (San Costa del Sol ( La Paz): In theVicente): In the Eastern Eastern Terminal, in SanTerminal in San Salvador, take Salvador, take the route 495 it willRoute 116 or 301 which travels take you to Costa del San Miguel. Stay in forwardon San Vicente and there takea pick-up, to Santa Clara orApastepeque.
  17. 17. A pupusa (of pipil pupusawa) is a thick corn tortilla handmade that is filled with one or more of the following ingredients: chicharrón, refried beans, cheese, cheese with flour.Also this revolt pupusa with mixed, like cheese, bacon, beans, chicharróningredients. Pupusas are the most widespread El Salvador typical food.on 1 April 2005, airs the Legislative Decree No. 655.
  19. 19. Salvadorian Desserts • Pastelitos: pasty turnovers, stuffed with sweets like custard, jam or• Tres leches Cake caramelized(Pastel de Tres fruit. Leches): A cake soaked in three kinds of milk, including • Semita: evaporated coffee cake milk, sweetened with guava or condensed milk pineapple and cream. jam.
  20. 20.  The most popular El Salvador beer is Pilsener. Characteristic non-alcoholic beverages in El Salvador include Kolachampan, a sugarcane-flavored soda; tamarind juice; horchata, a sweet herb and spice-based El Salvador drink; and ensalada ("salad"), a drinkable blend of finely chopped tropical fruits.
  21. 21.  La Hacienda Real: One of the best steaks in town and the prices range between $14.00 to $25.00 You can find them just across from La Gran Via mall.Señor Tenedor: Its a well known and established restaurant inEl Salvador. You can delight your palate with delicious seafood,international and gourmet food; but they also do some of thebest steaks in town. It has amazing prices! Find them at La Gran Via Shopping Center, (503) 2241-0700.
  22. 22. So we can mention some other restaurants suchas:El Ancla Restaurant (sea food restaurant)Café de don Pedro (bar & resturant)El Sopón Tipico (soop restaurant)Típicos Margoth (typical food)INTERNATIONAL CUOSINLa Enoteca (Italina food)Il Buon Gustaio (Italian food)Kamakura (Japanese food)And many others
  23. 23. DECAMERON SALINITAS It is located in Cantón Punta Remedios km 70, carretera a Sonsonate , Acajutla.Located just 50 minutes away from San Salvadorand only 90minutes from the ComalapaInternationalAirport, withan unique climate, sunny days and great atmosphere all yearlong.IT HAS ALL INCLUSIVE PROGRAM
  24. 24. HILTON PRINCESS HOTEL REAL INTERCONTINENTAL HOTEL There are 204 elegant rooms and suites with breathtaking views of the city. Its extensive facilities include 228 40 minutes from Comalapa rooms, 6 suites and International Airport, the hotel is other amenities distributed on a 8 located in famous “Zona Rosa”, level building. Colonia San Benito. Address: Los Heroes Boulevard and Sisimiles Ave., San Salvador. In front of Metrocentro Mall.
  25. 25. CROWNE PLAZA HOTEL HOTEL BAHIA DEL SOLLocated in one of the most Hotel Bahia del Sol is anprestigious areas of the capital. important location for sportTrained staff will assist you in fishing, its marina is used toEnglish, French and German. host important events, such as “In Search of the Marlin.”There are 194 comfortable roomsand 9 suites on a 6 level building A famous yearly internationalequipped with all modern fishing contest.amenities.
  26. 26. RIVERS & LAKESSUMPUL RIVER La Palma and San Ignacio. With a length of 77 kilometers, the Sumpul River is shared with Honduras; it originates on the slopes of Cerro El Pital. One of the benefits of this river is that it’s a fishing resource for locals. It also helps in the irrigation process of many vegetable plantations of the surrounding communities. Lempa River in Central America It rises in Guatemala near Esquipulas crosses a LEMPA RIVER corner of Honduras, and enters El Salvador at Citalá. it flows eastward for over 80 miles (130 km) and then southward for 65 miles (105 km) across the southern mountain range to enter the Ocean Pacific.
  27. 27. Sapo River Suchitlan LakeSAPO RIVER Located in the It’s located in the Department ofextreme northeast of the Cuscatlán . It is located at 475 mDepartment of Morazán, 250. KM. above sea levelAccess Via Sanfrom San Salvador. With its Salvador Pan American Highwayimpressive bed of clean and cold to San Martin (19 Km) San Martínwaters of Turquoise colour, to Suchitoto 28 Kms. a total of 47through a large area of Kmapproximately 6 hectares betweenpine and oak forests.
  28. 28. ILOPANGO LAKE COATEPEQUE LAKEThis Lake has an approximate It experienced a fiercearea of 70 square kilometers and period of activityis surrounded by three megateluric that ended withdepartments: San Salvador, La an explosion that left thePaz and Cuscatlan. huge gap of more than 20The maximum depth of this lake kilometers from radio andhas an estimated 230 meters. about two of depth, which began a long process ofColumbian era where by the capturing rainwater anderuption of a volcano whichaffected around 200 kilometers in groundwater to becomeall directions Lake.
  29. 29. Museums David J. Guzman Museum was founded in 1883,the Museum presents 5 rooms in lathe a: human settlements, agriculture, craft production, trade and Exchange, Religion, arts and forms of communication; In addition to a room for temporary exhibitions. Specialized library, Auditorium, parking and tours. Art Museum (MARTE)Three rooms dedicated to local and international exhibitions, a great room permanently dedicated to the history of Salvadorean painting and video projection room. Shop, parking, taxi stop.
  30. 30. ENRIQUE SALAVERRIA SCULPTURE MUSEUM Open since 1999, displays nearly 80 works in different materials of the sculptor Salaverria, originating in Juayua. Between exhibited parts "Movement and women" of 3 meters and half carved in Cedar. Museum of Television and SalvadoreanMILITARY MUSEUM cinema. Dedicated to investigate, rescue, preserve and exhibit to the public elements of the culture and history of El Salvador. You have a file with collections of photographs, audio, film, video, posters, objects and publications on issues of identity, culture and historic memory. Specialized file: documents and photography.