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PPT for Hotel Management System


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Published in: Education
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PPT for Hotel Management System

  1. 1. Hotel Management System Gayana Hotel Tangalle
  2. 2. Presentation Agenda • Group Members • An introduction about the project • Problem Specification • Solution Outline • Key Benefits • Objectives • Procedure • Hardware and Software Requirements
  3. 3. Group Members • Group ID :- ITP-14-MTR-03 Supervisor :- Ms.K.B.A.B.Chathurika Names Registration number Prasad Lakmal D.H. IT13117474 Madushanka A.S.S IT13128050 Charitha D.G IT13118082 Wijesinghe A.M IT13118150 Piumal Dinuka W IT13087234 Ranathunga B.S IT13060954 Shyamal W.A.I IT13110062
  4. 4. Introduction oGayana Hotel is one of the iconic tourist attracted hotels in southern coastline, which has an experience of 60 years in hotel industry. oThe current system of the hotel is a manual one where all hotel activities are stored under a file based system. oHotel Management System is the software solution for Gayana hotel.
  5. 5. Guest Department Prasad Lakmal D.H.
  6. 6. Guest Department AddGuest Add EditGuestEdit Deleteguest Delete SearchGuest Search
  7. 7. Inventory Management Charitha D.G.
  8. 8. Reservation Management Wijesinghe A.M.
  9. 9. Reservation Management Problem Specification • Slow process of reservation Solution Outline • All Reservation details are stored in the system database and can quickly retrieve any record
  10. 10. Room Management Shyamal W.A.I.
  11. 11. Staff Department Ranathunga B.S.
  12. 12. Administration Department Madushanka A.S.S.
  13. 13. Payment Department Piumal Dinuka W.
  14. 14. Key Benefits • User friendly dashboard • Backup and restoring of system • Security • Generating Reports • Time saving • E-mail reminder
  15. 15. Procedure Basic Flow of the project: 1) Study of the current system 2) Identify requirements 3) Decide functions and sub functions 4) Design 5) Coding 6) Making reports 7) Testing
  16. 16. Appendix Books: • [1]Ian Sommerville, Software engineering, 9th edition, Pearson education, 2011. • [2]Rajib Mall, Fundamentals of Software Engineering, 2nd edition, PHI Learning Pvt. Ltd, 2004. • [3] Ragu Ramakrishnan, Johnes Gehrke, Database Management Systems, 3rd edition, McGraw-Hill • Education, 2003. • [4]Gerald W. Latin, Modern hotel management, W.H.Freeman, 2011. World Wide Web: • [5]”Hotel Management Case Study”, March.6, 2010. [Online].Available:, [Accessed: June.28, 2014] • [6]”High-Level-Software Features”, [Online].Available:, [Accessed: June.25, 2014]