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Google Places becomes Google+ Local


Published on Google Places becomes Google+ Local - What you need to know.

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Google Places becomes Google+ Local

  1. 1. Google Places becomes Google+ Local Google+ Local Courtney Engle
  2. 2. Google Places
  3. 3. G ol Lcl o g + oa e
  4. 4. For existing Places Owners• At this time, no Places Owners multi-admin functionality• Claiming and managing pages is still done at same place:• You can still manage bulk listings• Places analytics still work• Offers are still available in USA• Ranking algorithms are always changing, but this was mostly a UI change.• Links might change, ask customers to review by searching.
  5. 5. For new Google+ Local• Claim by going to
  6. 6. F m err sa h o c
  7. 7. nn o do- o f Fo od
  8. 8. Latitude
  9. 9. Google Places