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This is part of the outcome of a students exchange project. The title of the project work is \"Designing our Country\"

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  1. 1. DEFASK <ul><ul><li>Warmth, hospitality, prosperity </li></ul></ul>
  2. 2. <ul><li>Language: Defaskisk </li></ul><ul><li>mix of danish and italian – </li></ul>
  3. 3. How many people: 21 million.
  4. 4. Sport name: chain – fast
  5. 5. President: Michele Christensen
  6. 6. The government. The government is democratic and chosen by the citizens. The parties are e.g: the social – democrats and SF.
  7. 7. Currency: euro
  8. 8. Religion: protocatol - mix of protestantism and catolicism - People decide themselves how to practise their religion.
  9. 9. Church and state are separated.
  10. 10. No death penalty!  We believe in giving people second chances. It’s a harder punishment to be imprisoned your whole life, realising what you did.
  11. 11. Abortion is legal. People themselves should be able to decide what’s best for them. The abortion is legal until the child is 12 weeks old.
  12. 12. No punishment of children by parents.
  13. 13. -You can buy alcohol at the age of 17 or more. -To have alcohol served at bars you have to be 18. Under the age of 17 it’s hard to take responsibility for yourself.
  14. 14. Youngsters at 15 or older are allowed to have sex. Around that age most people are mature. The rule sends a signal, and guides youngsters.
  15. 15. Driving licence from the age of 18 At that age people can take care of themselves in the traffic.
  16. 16. They must start school at the age of 3, and go there for at least ten years To make sure everybody has some kind of education. They must start early since it’s easier to obtain knowledge at a young age.
  17. 17. Subjects: defaskisk, english, mathematics, sport, science.
  18. 18. Foreigners are welcome in Defask. If they are escaping from something they can come and stay in Defask. They won’t have to pass a test, since we owe our fellow human beings to help them when they are in need.
  19. 19. Homosexuals. Homosexuals can marry, but not adopt, for the childrens’ sake. They can show their sexual orientation in public.
  20. 20. Homeless people. Homeless people live in shelters and they are helped to get an education or a job. The society needs to help their own people, it’s humane and the right thing to do.
  21. 21. Drug addicts. Drug addicts are helped to move on with their lives, through services like personal advice, offered by the state. Houses, in which they can do their drugs, are built to remove the addicted from the streets. Both the drug addicted and everybody else will benefit.
  22. 22. Made by: D eborah, E ttore, F rancesca, A malie, S ander, K athrine The best 