SEO, SEM and PPC: Some Basics


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A rapid presentation describing about Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing & Pay Per Click Marketing.

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SEO, SEM and PPC: Some Basics

  1. 1. AComplete Online Marketing PRESENTATION
  2. 2. SEM, SEO and PPC:Some Basics
  3. 3. Over the years increasing number of people viewsearch engine marketing as paid search. Searchengine marketing agencies in Sydney believe thatthis perception is due to the reason that people donot consider SEO as part of SEM. This is a wrongperception.
  4. 4. Types of ListingsThere are two ways of listings:•Organic or Natural Listings•Paid Search
  5. 5. What is Organic or NaturalListings?The results that you obtain bysearching with a keyword onGoogle, Bing or any other reputedsearch engines is known as naturalor organic listings. The results thatare paid are specified asadvertisements or sponsored links.You cannot ask for favour in the What is Paid Search?search results by paying money incase of organic listing. Search engines have a provision for listing a website on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) ahead of organic listing. This service is available by paid means. Such listings are also marked as paid or sponsored links. This type of listing is also referred as CPC (Cost-Per-Click) or PPC (Pay-Per- Click).
  6. 6. Types of Search Engine Marketing SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) SEM (Search EngineThe practice of increasing the Marketing)rank of natural listings isknown as SEO. Search engine Paid Searchmarketing agencies in Sydney SEM deals with paid asemploy number of tools and well as organic listings. Intechniques for optimising a fact, this is an umbrella What would you do if youpage. term that includes SEO fail to gain rank for your and other techniques of website if after every gaining search engine attempt to optimise the page fails? Paid search rankings. could only be the option available to you.
  7. 7. A Question Worth Asking
  8. 8. Are Paid SEOs Still SEOs?Competition has been on the rise. When youare trying to gain rank for your website youhave to your website need to compete withnumber of other such websites. As a resultof this intense competition many SearchEngine Marketing agencies in Sydney aretechnical the help of paid means to gain theranking of natural listings. Many expertsconsider this practice as a SEO techniquewhile differ from the view. The safer waywould be to put this trend under the scopeof SEM.
  9. 9. AboutComplete Online Marketing helps businessowners who struggle to establish andmarket themselves online, throughstrategy sessions to online marketingmethods. COM help businesses succeedonline resulting with the generation ofmore leads and sales hotline(For Australia) 1300 14 81 86