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Free Articles site List Of Kolkata


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Free article directories to get published within 24 hours. Quick review by article directory webmasters. Submit your articles free for any categories. 100% free article submission site to publish your unique content. Visit -

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Free Articles site List Of Kolkata

  1. 1. Articles.Namaskarkolkata
  2. 2. SEO strategies using Articles1.Quality Articles-When using articles as an SEOStrategy, you are to write highly informative articlesrevolving around your products or interest, which arethen submitted to various article directories i.e.EzineArticles – click to read some of my articles.2. Use of Keywords-The articles should containkeywords that are popularly used in search engines tosearch for products within your industry.3. Link Building-Your SEO Strategy can‟t be effectivewithout links. Internal and External links areextremely important, it is much better to have aprofessional SEO Expert like CFA handle yourexternal link building strategy while you take care ofthe internal.4. Go Social-I cannot overemphasize the importanceof Social Media in article marketing. Are you one ofthose who focus on the „social‟ aspect of Social Mediawhile neglecting the business and brand buildingaspect.
  3. 3. SEO Benefits of Article Submission As everyone knows, submitting articles (submit articles) is a great source for generating one-way backlinks to your website. Proper SEO campaigns require a lot of backlinks to your website with the targeted keywords of your choice in order to rank well on the various search engines out there. Let‟s mention a few SEO points when it comes to article submissions: Great source for one-way-backlinks. Great substance for link exchange which is something that rarely works nowadays. - 1 Article in specific article directories usually get‟s re-published which means that a single submission can generate 2 or more backlinks from the same article submission property.
  4. 4. Why We Required Article Marketing For SEOWe Required Article Marketing Because It‟s : Turn readers into customers. Turn existing customers into lifetime clients. Increase your ranking in the search engine for many of your keywords. Drive traffic to your site by bucket loads. Most importantly; a well written article will increase your CREDIBILITY.
  5. 5. Basic Steps for Successful Article Marketing Choose a niche or target market. Develop Several topic ideas within that market. Write your article titles. Decide what keywords to use . Write the article. Post in article directories or find websites looking for articles or ezines and GO VIRAL.
  6. 6. Is Article Marketing Effective in SEO? If you are going to search the internet, you will find a lot of so-called “gurus” who are saying the article marketing is already dead and article directorie are “dead site”. This is the reason why there are a lot of people who are wondering if bum marketing will still be effective when it comes to search engine optimization.
  7. 7. Article Submission Guidelines The following are some guidelines to submit your article in article directory. They are simple to use but must be followed: The articles that you offer must be your unique effort . We gain the right to submit your articles from your articles posting in to Article Dashboard . Others are Getting the Right to Submit Your Articles that You Posted into the Article Dashboard . No use of affiliate links! . Resource Box Is Useful To Make Link back to Your Site . Don‟t Provide More Than 3 Links for Resource Box . You will not entitle by any financial compensation with your articles Submission to Article Dashboard . We maintain some criteria for approval of your submitted article . You must make sure about spelling mistakes and grammatical errors in articles with spell-check and proof read before posting.
  8. 8. Thank You