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Untangling the Complexity of Delivering Applications to China


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With the world’s largest Internet population of 720 million users, China is undoubtedly an attractive market to tap into. However, fast and secure web presence in the Chinese market can be very difficult due to regulatory requirements, malicious attacks and Internet infrastructure challenges.

View this presentation from China's Cloudflare’s China experts to learn:
-Why optimized web presence in China is critical for business success in the region
-How the Internet works in China and how to address the region’s challenges
-How Cloudflare helps customers achieve 10X reduction in load times and 30% increases in site availability in China

You can also watch the recorded of this presentation here:

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Untangling the Complexity of Delivering Applications to China

  1. 1. Untangling the complexity of delivering applications to China December 2016
  2. 2. Speakers Xiaolin Gong Special Projects Cloudflare Trey Guinn Solutions Engineering Cloudflare Tom Paseka Network Engineering Cloudflare
  3. 3. • User-oriented, self-learning platform that becomes more performant and secure with every request • Used by more than 4 million Internet facing applications in 150+ countries • Network of 101 data centers in 49 countries (and growing!) • Sit in front of ~10% of all Internet requests (2 billion+ monthly active users) • 24/7 customer service from our offices in San Francisco, Austin, London, Singapore Our Mission: Help Build a Better Internet
  4. 4. Source: Statista • 20%+ of the Internet population • 35% of global eCommerce spend • Ranked 91st in Internet speed • Web performance is critical to sales conversion • 1 second page load delay → 7% reduction in conversion • 3 second load time → 20-40% bounce rate China’s Massive Online Economy
  5. 5. Cloudflare’s China Service helps our customers navigating setting up and improving their online presence in China, offering a one-stop-portal experience for your global traffic needs Helping You Navigate in China Frequently Asked Questions: • What is an Internet content provider (ICP) license? How do I apply for one? • Do I need to host my website / application inside of China? • How is Cloudflare able to accelerate my performance in China? • How do I turn on Cloudflare’s China Service?
  6. 6. The Internet in China • Dominated by 3 providers • China Telecom the Largest ISP Globally • China Mobile the Largest Mobile Telecom Globally China Telecom and China Unicom account for around 20% of all fixed-line broadband services globally!
  7. 7. Source: China Telecom Americas
  8. 8. The Internet in China • The scale of Internet in China is hard to perceive externally • Imagine 50% of US Internet users condensed into an area the size of California. This represents just one or two Provinces out of 23 in China! • Internet in China is very fragmented • Access between providers is often slow or congested • Access between provinces oftens slows down during peak times • Access to Internet outside of China can be unreliable
  9. 9. The Internet in China • Packet loss and latency can heavily impact performance • Poor performance for applications hosted outside of Mainland China (including HK) • Additional latency of 60ms, which is typical for Beijing to Hong Kong, will significantly reduce performance • Poor performance, slow page times and timeoutsSource: China Telecom Americas
  10. 10. The Internet in China • Cloudflare has 25 Data Centers operating in Mainland China, across: • 24 different cities • In 14 different provinces and • Connected to all three major ISPs • Cloudflare is able to reduce latency by localizing the traffic to the closest regional Data Center, also eliminating packet loss
  11. 11. Same Great Service in China
  12. 12. Network Edge as a Service • DNS • SSL • Load Balancing • CDN • WAF • DDoS Mitigation • Rate Limiting • Analytics
  13. 13. • What is an ICP? • Who needs one? • How do you get one? • How long does it take? Internet Content Provider (ICP) License
  14. 14. Average Page Load Time in Seconds Before/After Cloudflare
  15. 15. Website Availability Before/After Cloudflare
  16. 16. Questions? For more information on Cloudflare’s China Service, visit Thanks for joining us!