10 Tips to Boost Your Site’s Conversion Rate


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Optimising your website for SEO means that search engines will be able to easily see and index your site. By being developed and presented in a specific way you have a greater chance of being found by your target market.

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10 Tips to Boost Your Site’s Conversion Rate

  1. 1. 10 Tips to Boost Your Site’s Conversion Rate©2011, Oracle Digital Page | 1
  2. 2. Is your website designed to convert? When you create a website for the purposesof online marketing, it needs to serve several purposes:  It needs to be optimised so that it gets found via search engines.  It needs to be optimised so that it serves as a virtual sales person.Optimise for SEOOptimising your website for SEO means that search engines will be able to easilysee and index your site. By being developed and presented in a specific way youhave a greater chance of being found by your target market.Optimise for CustomersIt’s not enough to simply get people to your site. Once they arrive, you have a veryshort amount of time to convince them that they have come to the right place forwhat they want or need. Many websites who optimise for SEO don’t pay enoughattention to conversion tactics and aren’t capitalising on the traffic they get.10 Tips to Boost Your Site’s Conversion Rate 1. Put an opt-in form on your site. It should be in a prominent place above the fold and needs to give visitors a good reason to opt in. A free offer is the best way to accomplish this. This gets the reader past the page they landed on (reducing your site’s bounce rate) and it opens the door for future contact with them. 2. Make sure very page has a direct call to action. The call to action doesn’t always need to be “buy now” but with each page you write you want the reader to want to dig deeper. The longer they are on your site, the better chances they will be converted into a customer. 3. Put testimonials on your pages. Demonstrating proof can equate to better conversions.©2011, Oracle Digital Page | 2
  3. 3. 4. Tweak your best pages and your evergreen content pages. If the vast majority of your traffic lands on specific web pages, continually tweak page elements to measure and improve the conversion rate. If you’re getting a lot of traffic from a particular blog post, for instance, consider updating the call to action regularly or adding a feed into the screen to direct people to other relevant posts or pages. 5. Add links into each page that direct people to other pages. Be sure to tag them with eye-catching titles. A smart on Page SEO strategy is to do intrasite linking. Not only do search engines read these links but people do, too. Look at each page of your site and try to imagine being a visitor. If you’re on X page, what other page on your site might be relevant and a logical next step? 6. Write specific landing pages. If you’re directing traffic in via a banner from another page or site or directing traffic via a pay per click campaign, tailor the landing page so that it suits the purpose of the ad you wrote to bring them in. This increases the chance of appealing to a specific visitor. Be sure to test out the results on various landing pages so you can determine which approaches work best for specific audiences. 7. Update your website. Maybe today’s design is outdated. Maybe it’s not conducive to maximum conversions. Maybe a fresh look will spark new action from people who regularly frequent your site. Conversion optimisation isn’t just about converting new clients, it’s also about keeping existing clients engaged, too. 8. Make sure you’re optimised for mobile browsers. If people can’t view your site properly on a smartphone you could be losing out on converting new customers. For the vast majority of today’s websites, those who track website traffic for the last twelve months typically see an increasing number of mobile visitors. 9. Add your phone number to your header. It sounds simple, doesn’t it? Many websites don’t do this. Give people an easy way to reach you and you increase your chances of conversion.©2011, Oracle Digital Page | 3
  4. 4. 10. Get some help. Oracle Digital is a Perth SEO company that can help you tweak or redesign your site for maximum conversions. We’ll help you optimise for search engines and optimise to maximise the potential of each visitor that lands on your site. Call us on 1300 899 851 or click the Chat Live button on this page.Remember: It’s not only about traffic. It’s about conversion, too. And not allconversions come from hitting a “buy now” button. Some come from an email, a re-tweet or Facebook “like”, an opt-in, a phone call, or a link shared with a friend. Youcan’t measure every single type of visitor conversion but if you implement theabove suggestions you’ll definitely see and feel a difference in how valuable yourwebsite traffic becomes.http://www.oracledigital.com.auOracle Digital206 Nicholson RoadSubiaco, WA, 6008Ph: 1300 899 851©2011, Oracle Digital Page | 4