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Ipad benefits


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Ipad benefits

  1. 1. 3R’s -Using iPad in Reading
  2. 2. What Others Say…• “Research indicated that when students are the users of technology there are positive gains in achievement as measured by researcher-constructed tests, standardized tests and national tests.” June/July issue of THE Journal published by page 44• “It allows us to extend the classroom beyond these four walls”• School leaders say the iPad is not just a cool new toy but rather a powerful and versatile tool with a multitude of applications, including thousands with educational uses. The New York Times WINNIE HU Published: January 4, 2011• Chicago Public Schools
  3. 3. What We Say…• Physical Attributes• Apps• Easy to learn tools• Personalize instruction• HOTS• Engaging and motivating students• Marketing• Education