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Maître for restaurants

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Maître for restaurants

  1. 1. Executive Summary The Restaurant Experience gone Mobile
  2. 2. Concept The restaurant business lacks from great customer experience, as most restaurants struggle to cope with rush hours and hardly find time to focus on their most valuable asset: their customers. Maître is a mobile app that lets customers enjoy a much richer experience when being at a restaurant. Users can browse a content- rich menu, order right from their phone, avoid lines and waiting times, call the waiter and ask for the bill. Everything right at the tip of their fingers. Maître helps restaurants to provide a great customer experience never seen before in the industry. Such great customer experience is what ultimately makes customer happy, loyal and profitable. A great experience is what truly makes customers to come back to the restaurant, tell their friends and, in conclusion: be loyal.
  3. 3. Problem Customers are the most valuable asset in the restaurant. However, waiters have literally no time to interact with the client. Customers arrive, get served and leave, and the restaurant has no means whatsoever to build strong customer relationships. Statistically, in a restaurant, customers wait an average of 26 minutes, without counting the cooking time. This is a real user experience killer, having a direct impact in restaurant revenues. Moreover, the average profit per user in a restaurant is below $1, making the restaurant business very hard to become profitable. The Maître app is targeted to trendy restaurants and cool casual dining bars, such as Nando's or Applebee's.
  4. 4. Solution Maître is a mobile app that enables restaurant customers to place orders right from their mobile phone, without having to line nor wait for the waiter. Our magic leaflet connects restaurants with their customers in just a tap. Restaurants can set up Maître following three simple steps at entering the restaurant information, creating their own customized menu and ordering the Maître leaflets. In most cases, the restaurant can have Maître up and running in just 24 hours. Manage your restaurant Maître keeps track of every product sold and every customer so that, at the end of the day, the restaurant can see all the statistics, visualize sales, forecast their stock and review their customers' feedback. Simply put: “Know your customers, improve your business” 21 3 Menu LeafletRestaurant 14% 39% 47%
  5. 5. Competitive Advantage Early adopters in the restaurant industry see NFC technology as a logical step towards mobile payments, enhanced marketing and a whole new world of possibilities. Thus, creating a new interactive way of connecting customers and restaurants is the starting point to bring in a whole new dining experience for consumers. Maître focus entirely on the customer experience. The goal is to make users enjoy the best restaurant experience ever, using a great user interface where to discover and order food and drinks. Maître can be deployed in just 24 hours, after ordering the leaflets, and it does not necessarily replace any of the existing PoS solutions. It is completely up to the restaurant to decide whether they want to use only Maître or combine it with their current system. Maître uses a pay as you go model. That is, restaurants only pay if their customers place orders using Maître. Every order costs $1 to the restaurant, and they get daily statistics, user feedback, stock forecasts and menu design tools, all for free. As a premium service, the restaurant can purchase advanced statistics and consulting services.
  6. 6. Business Model Maître's business model is a pay-as-you-go service. Restaurants only pay $1 for each order that is placed through the mobile app. For that price, the restaurant gets the management service, statistics, user feedback and the design of their own menus. ! ! ! ! Free! ! ! $0,10 ! for customers! ! per order With Maître, restaurants can also purchase premium service and obtain advanced statistics, such as consumer trends and top charts of food being served at other dining venues.
  7. 7. Team Our team has over six years of experience in the restaurant, hotel and mobile marketing industry, including a large-scale project for the Ministry of the Economy of Finland. We have also been part of the RestaurantDay movement in the Nordic countries, designing and testing a mobile app for restaurants all over the country. We will assist you to get the maximum out of Maître and boost your sales by using the built-in marketing functionalities of the service, forecasting your stock, pleasing your customers with new features, learning more about your business or simply giving you a hand in making your restaurant offer an excellent service, using Maître.
  8. 8. Contact For more information, please visit or send us an email to We just launched our app in Spain getting ready to launch also in Finland in the coming months. We are targeting Sweden, UK and Germany in 2013. If you happen to own a restaurant, café or bar in these countries, do not hesitate in contacting us. Maître Web: Email: Tel.: +358 (0) 503 555 638