CRM as the hub of your big data - A Salesforce use case.


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With big data becoming the fulcrum around which companies build their strategies and run their campaigns, leveraging this rush of information has become critical. And a CRM like Salesforce can help you achieve this extremely well.


This presentation talks about the rise of big data, its importance and how Salesforce allows it to be utilized best. A few use cases illustrate these points further.

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CRM as the hub of your big data - A Salesforce use case.

  1. 1. Thursday 13 March, 2014 Using CRM as the hub of your big data A use case @suyatitech @anoopmgeorge Anoop M George Director – Sales & Marketing Suyati Technologies SuyatiTechnologies Abhishek Sivasubramanian Senior Developer Evangelist Suyati Technologies @abhisheksubbu
  2. 2. About Suyati Technologies Strong expertise in platform 3+ years of experience with global clients 130+ modules with around 1 Million LOC delivered successfully 30+ Salesforce developers including DEV 401 certified developers Customization Customize CRM to adapt your company’s existing processes Improvements for – Efficiency and Effectiveness Development Extend Salesforce CRM Developing other apps on the platform using Apex, VisualForce Migration From Microsoft Dynamics CRM, FileMakerPro, SAP, excel sheets Database migration via ETLs like Dell Boomi, DBAmp Integration 3rd party apps like GoogleDrive, GoogleMaps, MailChimp, ET, DocuSign, Amazon WebServices, BizTalk and Social Media
  3. 3. Agenda BIG DATA USE CASE as a Solution
  4. 4. BIGDATA VELOCITY VOLUME VARIETY Largeamounts of data Needs to be analyzed quickly Different types of structured and unstructured data Worldwide IP Traffic will quadruple by 2015 By 2015, nearly 3 billion people will be online & pushing data Source:
  5. 5. Gartner Hype Cycle for Big Data
  6. 6. LTE Cloud Internet of Things
  7. 7. Barack Obama Election Campaign 2012 Connecting with 5.7 million voters 50,000+ emails/day Voter doubts clarified via support staff Mobile Apps & Budgeting systems CRM
  8. 8. Cloud Computing
  9. 9. EnterpriseCloud Computing MarketShare #1 World’sMost InnovativeCompany 2011,2012,2013 #1 MarketLeader: Enterprise,MidMarket, SMB&SalesForce Automation #1 #1 in Enterprise Cloud Computing & CRM
  10. 10. 1T Connected Sensors A Whole New Way to Engage Customers Social Mobile Connected Cloud 50B Connected Products 4.5B Aggregate SocialUsers 5B Smartphones by2017 58% Faster Deployment
  11. 11. Third Wave of Computing “Internet of Things” LAN/WAN Client Server Millions SNA Mainframe Terminal Thousands LTE Cloud Social . Mobile . Cloud. Connected 50Billion Connected “Things”
  12. 12. Walmart – On the Web Transactions 7.2 Billion Transactions per hour $36,000,000 e-payments every minute 2.5+ petabytes Database Size
  13. 13. BIGDATA It’s not just managing huge data • it is about asking new questions • formulating new hypotheses • exploration and discovery • making data-driven decisions
  14. 14. Big Data – should always be SECURE Open Standards for Authorization Data Encryption
  15. 15. Connected Customers Connected PartnersConnected Employees Connected Devices Connected Products Big Data – flourishes when data flows in “Internet of Things”
  17. 17. Health Care – is all about Big Data Vitals Problems Medications Alerts ImmunizationPatients Doctor CRMWatch the demo here:
  18. 18. BIG DATA DATA MINING PREDICTIVE SYSTEMS My Book Publishing Site Select Publishing Packages • Beginner Packages • Children’s Packages • Premier Packages
  19. 19. Intel Perceptual Computing and Big Data Education reaches to the nook and corner of the world • Virtual Classrooms • Offline video courses managed in media repositories • Help quality education • Deaf and Dumb do need to be the next generation scientists
  20. 20. quotes-on-analytics-and-data/
  21. 21. Your Customers Cloud . Social . Mobile . Connected Sales Cloud Service Cloud ExactTarget Marketing Cloud AppExchange Salesforce1 Platform APIs Salesforce1 Mobile App Salesforce1 Platform Services Heroku1 ExactTarget Fuel A New Customer Platform built for supporting your Big Data Requirements
  22. 22. Q&A
  23. 23. Multivariate testing INDIA 2nd Floor, B-Wing, Thapasya Bldg. Infopark, Kakkanad Kochi – 682 030 +91 484 424 2800 US 47,South Pennsylvania Street Suite 700 Indianapolis, IN 46204 +1 313 427 1816 GERMANY (Business Partner) Consulting Team Hoeltgen GmbH Bussardweg 31 30880 Laatzen +49 511 9 82 52 81
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  25. 25. Thank You @suyatitech SuyatiTechnologies TheSuyati suyati-technologies-private-limited +Suyati