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In today’s world we can see the technology everywhere around us and its continuously advancing and penetrating into our lives. All old and traditional methods and ways are being rapidly modernized through different technologies.
Similarly, to revolutionize the dining experience in a restaurant we have invented the TAOS restaurant application that can be used on tablets and computers as well as on network LCD screens located on tables of restaurants and hotels. It offers the customers to order their food in such an innovative way that they have never experienced it before.
To bring new style and creativity in your restaurant menu and a rich customer experience with a unique image of your restaurant in the customers’ minds TAOS is the opportunity to stand out of the crowd and attract more customers.

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  3. 3. Touch Screen Restaurant Menus Increase Dining Experience What is TAOS ? In today’s world we can see the technology everywhere around us and its continuously advancing and penetrating into our lives. All old and traditional methods and ways are being rapidly modernized through different technologies. Similarly, to revolutionize the dining experience in a restaurant we have invented the TAOS restaurant application that can be used on Smartphone’s, tablets and computers as well as on network LCD screens located on tables of restaurants and hotels. It offers the customers to order their food in such an innovative way that they have never experienced it before. TABLE AUTO ORDERING SYSTEM
  4. 4. TABLE AUTO ORDERING SYSTEM With Technology
  5. 5. To bring new style and creativity in your restaurant menu and a rich customer experience with a unique image of your restaurant in the customers’ minds TAOS is the opportunity to stand out of the crowd and attract more customers. Followings are the benefits of TAOS:  Innovative customer experience  Increase in side orders and revenue  Enhance the restaurant perception  Waiting time reduction for customers  Full menu access with Images and description   . Why TAOS? TABLE AUTO ORDERING SYSTEM
  6. 6. User has attend meal so we have USER DETAILS TABLE AUTO ORDERING SYSTEM
  7. 7. TAOS restaurant menu application has number of features to bring the above listed benefits for our customers. This new dinning idea has proven itself and more and more hotels, restaurants and café prefer it to delight their guests.   To make your restaurant more flourishing it    Increases the profitability significantly  Changes the way of customer service  Easily integrates with the existing system  Incorporates existing processes and workflows into high-tech food ordering system  Enhances the dining experience of customers  Minimize printing costs   . Why TAOS? TABLE AUTO ORDERING SYSTEM
  8. 8. This digital restaurant menu solution is the result of our lifestyle innovation strategy, expert skills and the user-friendly touch screen technologies. We integrate modern technologies in your restaurant through the new restaurant ordering and application. It offers the advanced features to bring your restaurant into the modern digital age. Its easily customizable interface allows you to customize the menus on Android tablets with seamless Point of sale integration, table reservation solution. We are confident that installing TAOS restaurant application will directly benefit your restaurant business. There are so many restaurant menu software and applications are available but we challenge you that TAOS is most inexpensive, full- featured and a risk-free restaurant menu application. With us you have nothing to lose on your money by simply returning our product. Major Reasons of Installing TAOS into restaurant: TABLE AUTO ORDERING SYSTEM
  9. 9. TABLE AUTO ORDERING SYSTEM Major effects on your business: Cut Employees Overhead Using our digital menu system, your waiters can easily handle at least twice as many tables at a time because they are now just serving the food rather than taking orders. This will cut the number of head counts in the staff to save thousands of rupees a year. No Printing Costs: Every time you change the prices or add new items into menu you have to get print of new copies of your menu, but TAOS will save your lots of money when you can update your menus every day within seconds. Click-of-Sale (COS) Solution: TAOS restaurant application is very cost effective that offers digital restaurant menu integration.
  10. 10. TABLE AUTO ORDERING SYSTEM Meal Reviews: Customers can review and rate the food items of their choices. Restaurant management will come to know about the reviews and they can prepare the menu and foods according to the customers’ preferences to keep them coming back. You can also display featured food items for the ease of new customers. Restaurant Exposure: By using the TAOS you will get huge exposure within our users’ community. Through social media our users can create a word-of-mouth marketing your restaurant which is the most authentic and faster way of marketing nowadays.
  11. 11. TABLE AUTO ORDERING SYSTEM Fast Turnaround Time: We have developed and integrated the advanced ordering and paying process within the restaurant menu app so that customers spend less time on the tables and waiting for the order and the bill. It means less waiting for the new customers and more sales for the restaurant. Customer/Staff Interaction: With TAOS tablet restaurant menu Customers can order food of their choice and they can also directly pay from the tablet using their credit card. Waiter’s attention can also be requested for any enquiries. And management will get the customer insight to send them any promotion or offer.
  12. 12. TABLE AUTO ORDERING SYSTEM Amazing factor: Because the touch screen tablets are attractive and interactive for the customers which has an ultimate increase in sales by 20% using the digital restaurant menu. High resolution photos of the dishes and detailed description provides more information to the customers and encourage for the side orders. With this full package of benefits and features you get the 3 months money back guarantee that makes it a risk free investment for you to increase your sales. By showing off your digital restaurant menu application you can convince the potential customers to walk-in the restaurant and enjoy the great meal with a high- tech and innovative dining experience.
  13. 13. TABLE AUTO ORDERING SYSTEM Features of TAOS: Give Detail of each of these.  One Touch Order Customer can scroll through the list of featured items and order it with a single touch. Update Item and Category Simply go to the content management system and click update next to each category or the item within the category to make changes. When a customer places an order using your restaurant menu application, it will go to the restaurant’s Point of sale system, and cashier does not have to enter the items manually.  Kitchen Comments Customers can send special comments to the chef in the kitchen such as if they want a specific dish spicy or normal or any instructions about the ingredients.  Feed Back Customers can also give their feedback about the dishes they have ordered and general comments. They can also rate and review the items they have ordered.
  14. 14. TABLE AUTO ORDERING SYSTEM  Booking Our restaurant menu application can be integrated with your website so that if customers make reservations through the website it will automatically come to the system in real-time.  Multi Language Support Our digital menu software support multi-language to cater the customers of different nationalities. So if a non-native language speaker visits your restaurant, waiter does not have to come and ask for the order details.  View Order Status Admin can view the order status whether its executed, in process or delivered. Admin can set the order preferences according to the receiving and serving time.  View History Full history of the orders and the online transactions can be seen from the CMS. Admin can also download the order history to the local computer.
  15. 15. TABLE AUTO ORDERING SYSTEM How it Works: Get TAOS is state-of-the-art solution for the restaurants which has completely revolutionized the traditional food ordering and point of sales system in the restaurants and cafes. It’s a complete cloud computing based solution that syncs in real time. Customer / Waiter place the order from tablet on table. Order is printing / displayed in Kitchen. Order goes to cash register and cash counter. This complete ordering system is managed by the CMS based contents management system. Admin can manage the menu by adding, removing or editing the food items, photos, descriptions and much more. Get TAOS is a mobile food ordering system on tablet, touch screen kitchen display, detailed reports and wireless equip your restaurant with smart and sleek technology.
  16. 16. TABLE AUTO ORDERING SYSTEM Consider the following effects on your bottom line:  Cut Costs on Staff - With digital menus, your waiters are capable of handling at least twice as many tables at a time since they will be primarily focused on serving rather than taking orders. Having fewer waiters on staff already saves tens of thousands of rupees yearly  No Menu Costs - Save on what would otherwise be spent on reprinting menus every time you change a price or add an item. Now you can update your Android or Tablet menus within seconds.  Learn About Your Food - With customers reviewing after their meals, you can be instantly conscious of your customer’s preferences by improving or eliminating unpopular dishes to prevent losing your customers. With the Suggestion Feature your Profitable dishes are often suggested, so that new customers know what to order when first dining at your restaurant, and are more likely to come back.
  17. 17. TABLE AUTO ORDERING SYSTEM  Unlimited Exposure - Your customers could recommend your restaurant to their They can also text their friends a recommendation using their smart phones on our app. Word-of-mouth is the most effective form of advertising in the food industry, no pun intended. With social media capabilities, the good word about your restaurant can travel quicker than ever hanks to digital menus and their wide swath of appeal.  Quicker Turnaround Time - Since the ordering and paying processes are expedited, customers will spend less time at their tables. This means shorter lines for hungry, waiting customers and more sales for you.  Customer/Staff Interaction - Customers can order food, send special instructions to the chef, request a waiter’s attention.
  18. 18. TABLE AUTO ORDERING SYSTEM  “Wow” factor - The most obvious benefits of touch screen tablets is that are both attractive and interactive. Studies show that customers are likely to order 20% more food using a digital menu than they would with a paper menu. Enticing high resolution images of every dish with details about ingredients and preparation not only provides customers with more information about what they’re eating, but they are salivation-inducing. Throw in the ability to browse the internet, use apps, and play games with your kids during your meal, and you’ll notice a huge jump in customer satisfaction. Simply put: our menus are fun to use. Our hospitality suite is designed specifically for the Restaurant and Bar / Nightclub industries. Here are some of the programs we offer in this suite. For more details on specific modules please contact our offices.  Touch Menu Present vibrant, detailed pictures of your items. Display nutritional information or anything that you could squeeze into a traditional paper menu.
  19. 19. TABLE AUTO ORDERING SYSTEM  Table order system Customizing their meal and submitting items with a push of the button allows your staff to concentrate better on customer service and not on taking orders. Customers can sift through the menu items the entire time they sit at the table increasing the likelihood that they will order more items and more frequently. We all know how difficult it can be to flag down wait staff during busy shifts.  Summons the wait staff No more waiving or becoming frustrated that the server hasn‘t tended to your table. If customers need a re-fill or something additional, they get instant service through the touch of a button. Talk about customer service!
  20. 20. TABLE AUTO ORDERING SYSTEM  Built-in advertising program We built in advertising and branding opportunities throughout the entire system to allow you to gain and even larger ROI on your investment. Advertise your own products or sell outside advertising for a few extra rupees every month. These modules are designed to not only entertain your guest but more importantly engineered to help your business grow. Cost reduction and product up sell features are all implemented to improve your bottom line. We understand that having technology comes at a cost, but what if this amazing technology could actually make you more money? That was our goal when we designed this software. Offer a great user experience while improving service and increasing revenues was at the top of our list and we hit the nail on the head!
  21. 21. TABLE AUTO ORDERING SYSTEM  Built-in advertising program Increase order efficiency by letting your customers decides when to order and send it to your kitchen without even talking to wait staff. We have seen 12-30% increases in items ordered just by letting customers order when they please. You now have the ability to suggest pairings and up sell items without depending on your staff to do it for you. With our food rating system, checking’s and many more additions, you can bet that we have one of the most useful tools you will ever buy for your venue. The greatest feature about the hospitality suite is that it upgrades itself on a daily basis. Firmware updates are sent out via wi-fi so you always have the most up to date features. This suite is paired with a web accessible admin site that will allow you to push up to the minute updates on your items. Changing prices, adding or deleting items from the menu or pushing items at any given moment is now possible.
  22. 22. TABLE AUTO ORDERING SYSTEM  Kitchen display system Weboptimizeguru also comprises a Kitchen Display System that provides a visible, real-time dashboard to manage and control kitchen orders. Mounted in your kitchen or bar prep area, the KDS gives your kitchen staff a visual display of all orders along with timing and status.  Kitchen Display Get TAOS kitchen display system shows real-time orders on a touch screen display to manage and prepare all orders coming from the Menu Pad. You can conveniently mount the touch screen display in your kitchen with the wall or shelve or even you can place it near the food preparation area. Our easy-to-eye layout design of kitchen software application will not only display orders of food or drinks but also monitors timing of orders to be in time. Using our Hi-Fi router and Wi-Fi connectivity our software works great on touch screen display and performs continuously communicating with our Restaurant touch screen display and Menu application. It also provide some great features including late order notifications, review closed orders, custom timers, table number view for easy prep in busy hours.
  23. 23. TABLE AUTO ORDERING SYSTEM Following are a few key features of the TAOS system:  Order notifications  Different colour codes for the orders based on current status  Displays each order monitors time to prepare  Local wireless network based When used with our Restaurant digital restaurant menu solution then it transforms your traditional way of hospitality into a modern and high-tech customer service which comprise speed and accuracy for your staff and customization for the customers at anytime.
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