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Are we paying them too much - can we become more profitable?


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An in depth analysis into the reach and effectiveness of content creators and the ROI behind content marketing.

Published in: Marketing
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Are we paying them too much - can we become more profitable?

  1. 1. Are We Overpaying Them? Clarice Lin Business Analyst & Marketing Strategist March 16, 2018
  2. 2. Executive Summary  Real Life case study  Measuring returns from digital content development  Become more profitable  Reduced overhead costs  The Opportunities to save cost over time
  3. 3. What We’ll Cover Today  Case study examining content performance vs ROI  The audit process  Data points used  Framework
  4. 4. Questions  Are we overpaying the content creators?  How are the content creators performing  Quantity and quality of content  Performance vs their remunerations
  5. 5. The Audit Process  Established brand - niche  ROI is too low - Revenue stream vs cost  Business model – advertising, events, moving towards paywall  Review high spend on freelancers vs perm staff
  6. 6. What Data Points were used  Finance  Monthly remunerations of each content creator over 6 months  Content Management System  Article ID  Title  Author  Date published  Number of words for each article  Article type – opinion, news  Google Analytics  List of articles and their corresponding authors  Pageviews, Bounce Rate, Unique Pageviews
  7. 7. Challenges faced  Finance data  Digital content vs print content  Payment were delayed  Chunks of payments  Identifying the full-time staff vs freelancers  Naming issues in finance system vs in CMS  Article was republished with a different date  Titles were renamed – need to dedup  Google Analytics  Duplicate article  Data exclusion for group collaborations
  8. 8. Finally…analysis to start!!  Benchmarking process  Eyeballs: Total pageviews of all articles by months  Engagement: Average bounce rate and pageview per visit  Average pageview, average bounce rate for each creator per article  Establishing leaderboard of all content creators vs Amount of remuneration  Quantity vs quality vs their remunerations
  9. 9. Insights  Some content creators were indeed paid more than others  While a couple show extraordinary performance with their content  Some were overpaid
  10. 10. Actions  Renegotiation of contracts  Convert into permanent staff  Team restructuring  Injecting analytics into the day to day review
  11. 11. Lessons learned  Data cleaning across different system to match up data  Business process exceptions  Proper tagging of CMS and Google Analytics
  12. 12. Questions and Answers “Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue.”
  13. 13. Clarice is a marketing strategist who drives business creativity & effectiveness with numbers. She has over a decade of experience in Business Intelligence, Market Research and Marketing Analytics. Connect  Twitter:  LinkedIn: in/  Medium: Contact me:  