Christiana Dobrzynski Grippe - MARAC: Beyond the Resume


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Presentation of original research entitled, "Beyond the Resume: Examining Interpersonal Skils as Intangible 'Credentials' Influencing the Hiring Process of Entry-Level Archivists," given during panel "An Eye to the Future: Student Research Paper Session" at the Mid-Atlantic Regional Archives Conference on May 6, 2011 in Alexandria, Virginia.

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Christiana Dobrzynski Grippe - MARAC: Beyond the Resume

  1. 1.   ACRL Rare Books and Manuscripts Section Task Force on Core Competencies for Special Collections Professionals. (2008). RBMS competencies for special collections professionals. College and Research Library News, 69(10), 622 – 629.  Gabehart, A. D. (1992). Qualifications desired by employers for entry-level archivists in the United States. American Archivist, 55(2), 420 – 439.  Miller, D. (2009). Professional Sustainability: The Elephant in the Archives – SAA Session #106. Annual Conference of the Society of American Archivists. austin2009/docs/Session106_Miller.ppt  Promís, P. (2008). Are employers asking for the right competencies? A case for emotional intelligence. Library Administration and Management, 22 (1), 24-30.  Walch, V.I., Beaumont, N.P., Yakel, E., Bastian, J., Zimmelmn, N., Davis, S.E., & Diffendal, A. (2006). A*CENSUS (Archival Census and Education Needs Survey in the United States). American Archivist, 69(2), 291 – 419.
  2. 2. Job description analysis January 1, 2011 to May 1, 2011
  3. 3.   Defined nine categories of interpersonal / soft skills; examined postings for inclusion of these  Online active job postings for full-time, professional, entry- level archivist positions   Temporary and permanent positions   Must have “archivist” as part of job title  SAA Career website, various email lists and listservs (A&A, EXLIBRIS, SHARP, DVAG, DUSAA), ALA JobList, Indeed, Drexel and UTexas iSchool websites, ArchivesGig
  4. 4.   Inherently “student”-related jobs = internships, practica, volunteer, unpaid, part-time (less than 37.5 hours per week), etc.  Jobs situated outside the United States (Alaska/Hawaii were included, Canada was not)  Paraprofessional positions  Jobs requiring more than four years of experience  Positions listed as “archivist” but did not require an advanced or related degree  Positions that did not list the employer
  5. 5.   Work well with others   Enthusiasm (patrons, donors, and colleagues)   Patience / Flexibility  Oral communication skills   General (literally “interpersonal skills”)  Self-management / Self- motivation   Other   Soft skills listed that did  Proactivity not fit in any other category  Creativity
  6. 6.   Academic: University  For Profit: Corporate  Government: State  Historical Society  Museum  Non-profit: Other
  7. 7. 46 total job postings found fitting the criteria so far. 27 permanent; 19 temporary (10 additional jobs did not mention soft skills.)
  8. 8. New York: 7; Texas: 5; Illinois: 4; Maryland: 3;Alaska, Arizona, California, Connecticut, Georgia, Michigan, Montana, North Carolina: 2; States in light yellow: 1; States in grey: 0
  9. 9. Illinois, New York: 3; Maryland, Michigan, Montana: 2; States in light yellow: 1; States in grey: 0
  10. 10. New York, Texas: 4; Connecticut, Georgia: 2;All others in light yellow: 1; Others in grey: 0
  11. 11. Category InstancesWork well with others 36Oral communication 34skillsSelf-management / 23self-motivationOther 16“Interpersonal skills” 12Patience / flexibility 9Proactivity 8Creativity 3Enthusiasm 1
  12. 12. Permanent Temporary
  13. 13. Final thoughts
  14. 14.   Continue job description capturing and analysis  Refine and distribute survey  Compare results of survey with job description trends  …ways to develop the research further…