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Citizen Made - Crowdfunder Beta pitch deck

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  • Hi, I’m Rachel. Ceo of the Citizen Made, a dynamic product configuration tool that powers makers and small businesses to sell custom products online.
  • startup shirt,google branded notebookHP branded pen in the ringsTimbuk2 baggreen juice 
  • makers, crafters, and manufacturersprovide customers like Amanda what we actually want. $50B $2Trillion 
  • Currently, the typical path of buying custom products from many small and medium sized companies, like an armchair, goes something like this:pdf line drawings, swatches interiors architect[pause] There is a better way.
  • service to their customersmarket intelligence purchasing decisions and trend forecasting.why aren’t more brands on board? configurators are out of reach1,000 configuration tools,98% one off basis
  • Large brands like the custom product pioneer Nike with their NikeID design tool used Razorfish interactive agency, paying tens of millions of dollars to produce this tool…. Twice.
  •  time or money to burnfreelance developers mixed results in functionality.
  • We believe in local and small businesses Subscription fee based on usage & social sharing statscritical mass of small businesses to make a dent in mass customization
  • No more managing emails & spreadsheets for custom ordersincremental rev & will help make purchasing decisions to serv. cust
  • News w/ quote from vivekPrivate beta w/ # usersGrowth rate of sign ups / week
  • The future is bright with configuration by Citizen Made user facing toolcompletes the value chain of commercially produced On-Demand consumer.
  • MakersSoftwaredevSupply chainDigital stratNewMeSingularity
  • $400kTeam expansionAccelerate cust. AcquisitionStrategic partnerships
  • Citizen made deck 6.12

    1. 1. Your products, Customized.
    2. 2. Market. Customization exists in most consumer products…
    3. 3. $30 Billion Handicraft Industry $350 Billion eCommerce Market $2 Trillion Consumer ProductsMarket. …and online engagement is shaping the future of dynamic consumer products
    4. 4. Yikes. Current custom engagement comprises: > PDFs & swatches > CAD & technical staff > Opt out of eCommerce product extension
    5. 5. Resolve. Dynamic customization Market intelligence for purchasing & trends analysis Most configurators are 1-off builds
    6. 6. Others. Interactive development shops ideal for those with time and a large budget to spare
    7. 7. Others. Freelance developers reinventing configuration tools, with mixed results
    8. 8. $11 $25 $75 $125 /mo /mo /mo /mo 1  product   3  products   10  products   Unltd  products   >1k  social   >7k  social   >15k  social   Unlimited  shares/month   shares/month   shares/month   social  shares  Model. Integrates with popular cart platforms Tiered subscription fee model starting at $11/mo.
    9. 9. The College Sport ScarfPeek. custom team & occasion scarf makers 80% of business is custom Custom orders currently accepted via email only
    10. 10. Traction. National media coverage Customer sign ups growing 40% week over week “I anticipate my sales to increase by 30%” – beta user
    11. 11. Mass   Produc>on   CAD  SoBware   Configura>on   Prin>ng  Future. Completing the value chain in on-demand commercial production
    12. 12. Team. @RachelABrooks– CEO @BrynMcCoy – CTO
    13. 13. Thanks. Citizen Made +1 347.560.9021