Journalism: Is there an app for that?


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Mobile news for local news from Cincinnati Enquirer's James Pilcher at the Enquirer Media News 2.0 Forum with Cincinnati Social Media and Cincinnati Society of Professional Journalists.

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Journalism: Is there an app for that?

  1. 1. Journalism: Is there an app for that? Mobile’s role in the “new” news business Presented by: James Pilcher Sept. 9, 2009
  2. 2. ‘Walking billboards’ Cell phones and news = the perfect marriage – Local content that can be “localized” – Breaking updates w/depth behind it – Ad sales staff and support – Ready and willing audience Don’t forget about broadcast – Wireless networks slowly allowing video – Radio is a natural fit
  3. 3. Wireless 101  300 million subscribers nationally  Local market ~2 million including consumer, business and pre-paid  Market share for Cincy: 1) Verizon 2) Cincy Bell 3) AT&T (climbing due to iPhone) 4) Sprint (but falling due to merger issues) 5) T-Mobile (network quality issues here)
  4. 4. Wireless 101  What’s with all the Gs?  3G (third generation) the current standard – Getting to be the equivalent of a broadband connection on your hip – Wireless could be up to double current landline speeds by 2012  Get ready for 4G, LTE and even WiMAX
  5. 5. Wireless 101  48.1 billion text messages per MONTH  About 15 percent of cell subs use their web browsers regularly (25-30mm) – Still, 44% dissatisfied with mobile Web  Projected growth in data – 100 million on wireless Internet (35%) by 2010
  6. 6. Revenue potential  Mobile shopping/e-commerce coming soon – So is mobile banking  Paid content on cell phones? – Unlikely, unless there is specific niche for it  Mobile ad spending to grow 74 percent this year – Could hit ~$1 billion – Expected to grow to $13 billion by 2013  This can be as local as we are
  7. 7. What about the content?  Do more than just post Web stuff on cell phones – WAP decks outdated – Need location enabled content – More editing/more timely  Smarter phones = smarter reporters – Recent live streaming coverage on an iPhone – Research on the fly
  8. 8. Content - continued  Not just for print – Can stream video and audio – has iPhone app with downloadable audio stories – New iPhone apps make it possible to shoot live (WCPO)  Best practices: – Washington Post – Minneapolis Star-Tribune – NPR – AP – Clear Channel; CBS Radio
  9. 9. SMS a key  “Texting” is the default standard  Short codes major tool – Allow pull-push conversation with readers – Easy tag for advertising – Plug for local high school scores  Cincinnati = texting “capitol” – Locals average 300-400 msgs per month  Whither Twitter – Starting to become a viable news source, or at least a lead – Still needs verification, but works for headlines
  10. 10. The future  Interactive by location via GPS – Everything from movie times to sex offenders  Wi-Fi/Bluetooth etc. – Imagine Kroger that sends coupon to cell phone when you enter store based on buying preferences off Kroger card – Or having stories/ads/coupons beamed to your cell that tell about that neighborhood or connect with local merchants  Comparison shopping – Applications already there: scan a bar code and look up prices online and in bricks and mortar