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Time part one

This is the first of three presentations concerning TIME. Scientists attempt to understand time as if it exists independent of consciousness. This Part One introduces the importance of consciousness and it seems that PowerPoint is the perfect medium to illuminate this importance. People who have already seen this presentation tell me it takes their breath away. Do let me know what you think as I am using this presentation only as an exploration.

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Time part one

  2. 2. You are here . HELLOHello
  3. 3. Hello again Now you are here !
  4. 4. Changes keep happening –
  5. 5. Night- time
  6. 6. Day-time
  7. 7. Night- time
  8. 8. Day-time
  9. 9. But now does not change - - you are always here now
  10. 10. ... you are always here now. Hi
  11. 11. Now appears to move from one moment to the next in a steady flow ... but this is an illusion.
  12. 12. There is NO FLOW: There is only... NOW
  13. 13. You know that you are here now because you are . Even if you are asleep, if I wake you, you will still be here now. You are not only - you are that you are . .
  14. 14. You are not me so you can be laid back and not excited at all if you like.
  15. 15. I will use the colour ‘orange’ to represent here now. I have no special reason – this computer program chose orange so that’s as good a reason as any for me.
  16. 16. Although I am writing this now, when you read this I will be here now - ! Unless I am dead. When I am dead I am not absolutely sure where I will be so I’m not going to comment.
  17. 17. An important point to note is that while you are conscious that you are here now, everyone else is of being here now ... There is only of now for everyone!
  18. 18. I am a man I am the president I am gay I am a beauty I am a nervous wreck Consciousness experiences itself as separate when embodied in separate physical forms. I am a girl
  19. 19. I sense I am a man I think I am the president? I sense and feel that I am gayI see I am a beauty I feel a nervous wreck Embodied in ‘human’ form it experiences through four functions of consciousness; thinking, feeling, sensing (this includes hearing), and seeing (this is the same as knowing – ‘I see’ also means ‘I know’ doesn’t it?) I feel like a girl
  20. 20. Whether animal or human, furry, fluttery, big or small ... I could do with some help meow
  21. 21. ... focused in a physical body, ‘doing its own thing’, it ‘feels’ individual. Did someone say something? Buzz moo
  23. 23. Morning Morning Nightime Nightime Daytime Daytime Because consciousness is focussed in different places in space, in each space individual experiences are different.
  24. 24. Evening Evening Daytime Daytime Nightime Nightime For you it might be night-time while for me it might be day-time.
  25. 25. Winter in UK Summer in New Zealand Summer in Australia Spring in Italy Winter in New Hampshire For you it might be Winter while for me it might be Summer. The possibilities are endless.
  26. 26. Hi Changes never stop - but remember - you are always here NOW.
  27. 27. Here is an experiment: Pick up a chair and move it to the other side of the room.
  28. 28. NOW attempt to sit on the chair in the position it was before you moved it.
  29. 29. Oops ... you will notice a definite lack of supporting matter.
  30. 30. Yippee! You’ve got it! NOWis what MATTERS.
  31. 31. Our brains store MEMORIES. We remember yesterday ... yesterday ?
  32. 32. .. and the day before yesterday ... the day before yesterday ?
  33. 33. the day before the day before yesterday ... and the day before the day before yesterday . ?
  34. 34. Our MEMORIES go back for as long as we can remember. Wow!
  35. 35. Recordings of past events boost our MEMORY. Oh yes. CDs Photographs LettersDiaries
  36. 36. We have archives of stored information ... ! Mars Christopher Columbus Einstein Space-time Old LONDON Neptune Henry VII Old Palestine Zodiac Adam Stuart Smith Dr Adam’s Plesiosaurus
  37. 37. But … it is important to remember that information is not totally trustworthy. Information can be recorded and interpreted incorrectly. Information is not FACT. (Remember the chair).
  38. 38. The past is GONE.
  39. 39. Hello The past was THEN .. you are not here THEN. You are here NOW.
  40. 40. Information stored in your DNA is ancient ... wow
  41. 41. BANG? .. while information carried by the cosmos stretches back to what is presently considered to be the beginning of time!
  42. 42. We don’t only have a memory to supply us with a ‘past’ - we also have an IMAGINATION !
  43. 43. Our IMAGINATION imagines the future – happy (yippee) - Ah ha
  44. 44. - or bad- (scary). Ouch
  45. 45. Yet, however happy or tragic our memories, however complex our DNA, however vivid our imagined future, we are ALL always here Now. I can state this with confidence can’t I? Hello again..
  46. 46. The verb tobe is the first verb we learn to conjugate. Sum, est, es, sumus, estis, sunt. I am, you are, he is, she is, we are, you are, they are. Je suis, tu es, il est, elle est, nous sommes, vous etes, il sont, elles sont. Now is ’consciousness of being’. Without consciousness we would not BEat all!
  47. 47. The next slides present information from a dissertation written in 2006 in which I asked – Is There Anything in Astrology Independent of Culture? You can skip these pages if you are not into being academic. When I set out on this project I had no idea what the answer to the question posed would be. I was surprised when the exercise not only answered the question but also supplied additional information. It combined Plato’s Cosmographia (his description of ‘the soul’) with Herman Minkowski space-time, utilising information from philosophers as disparate as Lao Tzu (4th century BC), Ptolemy (90-168), Nietzsche (1844 – 1900), Weber (1864- 1920), Jung (1875-1961), and Merleau Ponty (1908-61). (If you are interested see website
  48. 48. The Platonic/Ptolemaic Cosmological Model Ferguson, K. Measuring the Universe: The Historical Quest to Quantify Space (UK, The Softback Preview, 1999), p. 22 ‘Plato recognised time and heaven as synonymous; ‘time and the heavens’, said Timaeus, ‘came into being at the same instant … framed after the pattern of the eternal nature, that it might resemble this as far as was possible …’ the heavens were not so much a metaphor for the divine, but rather the divine’s very embodiment’. It was Plato’s student Euxodus who worked on a Platonic cosmographic model. Timaeus, B. Jowett, trans., The Internet Classics Archive.
  49. 49. Peter Apian’s Cosmographia. (16 April 1495 – 21 April 1552) Until science took over Platonic ‘natural philosophy’ the search for a model that would place humanity in relation to, what Ponty calls the ‘perceptual field’, was a valid philosophical preoccupation. Indeed this is exactly what ‘natural philosophy’, in its new guise as ‘modern science’, is attempting today with its hunt for a ‘Unified Field Theory’, though many would argue that science has objectified this investigation, á la Descartes, to the point where it has lost all connection with reality.
  50. 50. Soul/UnusMundus/Dao/Ambient/ Phenomenological Field. The focus of the diagram ‘A’, is the ‘actor’ in a social Weberian sense. While Dao means field, De means focus, and stands for any incarnating entity whether quantum, chemical, physical, biological, cultural, social, psychological or ideological. The actor A, in this case an astrologer, is surrounded by a subculture (1) within a culture (2) based on planet Earth (3) enclosed by a solar system made up of bodies of mass that move with mechanical precision (4), generating in their geometric aspects one to the other changing patterns that are meaningful to the astrologer at point A. These bodies of mass can be precisely positioned on a horoscope against a moving tropical zodiac. The galaxy (5) acts as a template (or arche) for naming divisions in the seasonal Tropical zodiac. The cosmos (6) encompasses the horo- scope. Timaeus equates ‘cosmos’ with ‘soul’. Cosmos is corporeal; it has an exoteric reality. While the materiality of the cosmos is intrinsic, the ambient-dao-field is esoteric. We have reached the outermost rim of our understanding. Here, incorporating the totality, therefore not to be regarded as disembodied, are Plato’s forms/eide/arche/first principles (7). . Chrissy Philp’s Cosmographia (16 April 1942 -)
  51. 51. Herman Minkowski was Einstein’s tutor. This is Minkowski’s space-time diagram copied from Page 26 of Stephen Hawking’s famous book A Brief History of Time. It illustrates a past time cone and a future time cone and, between the two, a point called The Present. You can understand now why I decided memory and imagination should take the form of cones. Having come up with the updated Cosmographia (illustrated on the previous slide), a diagram of an incarnating entity in ‘SPACE’, otherwise titled The Cosmos, familiarity with this diagram suggested I combined my Cosmographia with this model representing ‘TIME’.
  52. 52. 6 . C o s m o s 7.Soul(Tim ae u s) ,U n u s M u n d u s ( J u n g ) , D a o ( L a o T z u ) , A m b i e n t ( P to le m y ), F ield(Ponty). 5 . G a l a x y 4 . S o l a r S y s t e m 3 . E a r t h 2 . C u l t u r e 1.S u b c u l t u re A 6 . C o s m o s 7.Soul(Tim ae u s) ,U n u s M u n d u s ( J u n g ) , D a o ( L a o T z u ) , A m b i e n t ( P to le m y ), F ield(Ponty). 5 . G a l a x y 4 . S o l a r S y s t e m 3 . E a r t h 2 . C u l t u r e 1.S u b c u l t u re A Space Time The Present,(Minkowski). The De, (Lao Tzu). The moment of incarnation,(Ponty). The Self (Jung).TheActor,(Weber). The Will, (Neitsche). The Past The Future So, here it is. This diagram models an incarnating self identifying through memory with the past and through imagination with the future. It illustrates, not only the incarnating self, but also the outer incarnating soul. Indeed, the total cosmic field is focused at this point. Minkowski labels anything outside of the space-time cones ‘elsewhere’. It represents information inaccessible to this self at this particular place and time. Um … like a message sent today from a being in the Andromeda Galaxy (you will understand this soon, I promise). You are here NOW Plato/Ptolemy/Minkoski/Ponty SPACETIME BIRTH
  53. 53. Shared PastIndividuality Shared Future Past life cone Space Time Now5 years 10 years PAST FUTURE Each one of us is incarnating separated by our position in space. This diagram not only illustrates our shared relationship with the cosmos but also the influence we will have on each other in the future. The closer we are in space the sooner our influence is experienced.
  54. 54. Jung: ‘Probably none of my empirical concepts has met with so much misunderstanding as the idea of the collective unconscious’. ACU, p. 42. personal unconscious moment of incarnation Future ‘The world’s vast Memory’. Ponty p.18. The Collective Unconscious. We understand don’t we?
  55. 55. It doesn’t matter if you are on Mars, or on a planet orbiting a star in the Andromeda galaxy, NOW is a Collective Experience. It is The Same for ! Mars Andromeda
  56. 56. So, if NOW is a Collective Experience, The Same for , (even if you are on a planet orbiting a star in the Andromeda galaxy) can we communication with someone living in Andromeda?
  57. 57. Andromeda Galaxy
  58. 58. This is where we hit a problem. We know information cannot travel faster than the speed of light, so, as the Andromeda Galaxy is 2.5 million light years distant, by the TIME information sent to Earth by a beingon a planet in the Andromeda Galaxy (if there is one) reaches us, it will be seriously out of date.
  59. 59. 2.5millionlightyears Milky Way 2.5 million years away HelloEarthman Hello Earthman Consciousness on planet in Andromeda sends message .
  60. 60. 2.5 million years later Wow!Consciousness on Earth receives message HelloEarthman
  61. 61. Andromeda 2.5 million light years away 2.5millionlightyears HelloAndromeda Galaxy‘being’. Hello Andromeda galaxy ‘being’. Consciousness on Earth replies to message from Andromeda Galaxy
  62. 62. 2.5 million years later Wow!Consciousness on planet in Andromeda receives message. HelloAndromedaGalaxy‘being’.
  63. 63. Milky Way 2.5 million years away 2.5millionlightyears Hello.Greattohear fromyou Hello, great to hear from you! Consciousness on planet in Andromeda replies.
  64. 64. 2.5 million years later Wow! Hello.Greattohearfromyou Consciousness on Earth receives reply.
  65. 65. That communication took just 7.5 million years. But, of course, if we take into account these two galaxies are presently speeding towards each other at 110 km per second, this estimation is not to be understood as strictly accurate.
  66. 66. I made this graph in an attempt to make sense of cosmic time-scales. Each square represents one thousand years. I think one thousand years is a lot (because I am comparing it to a human life-time) but, compared to our imaginary communication with Andromeda, one thousand years is peanuts. The total area of this graph covers the necessary 2.5 million years. The small blue bit at the top identifies civilization. Gobekli is believed to be 11,500 years old. I wanted you to see this I wanted you to see this before the next slide because in order to illustrate our relationship with a consciousness that might have evolved in Andromeda I have exaggerated civilizations. Had I not, I fear you would not have been able to see them.
  67. 67. Possible CIVILISATIONS on planets in Andromeda. Shared future Our now and Andromeda’s now might share the same past time cone but perhaps you can understand now that cosmic distances (at least in this rendition of reality) deny present ‘being now’ intercommunication. CIVILISATIONS on Earth. Shared future Shared Past 2 . 5 2.5millionlightyears now
  68. 68. Modern CIVILISATIONS on Earth. Shared future now Possible CIVILISATIONS on planets in Andromeda. Shared Past That diagram illustrated (very roughly) how it looked before we invented communication satellites. Now, on our world, it looks like more this. Our shared future has become almost immediate hasn’t it? It is ‘as if’ the space between us has shrunk (Can’t speak for Andromeda.)
  69. 69. We can deduce from this that we are stuck, for the foreseeable future, with managing our inter-relationships only in our own corner of the universe .... and maybe that is a good thing as we aren’t doing especially well so far ... are we? I have never seen one, but if you are someone who thinks space-men are already visiting our planet that’s fine too. Maybe there are ways of moving faster than the speed of light. Best to keep an Open Mind.
  70. 70. This was going to be a presentation about TIME, but, hang on, it will be ... it’s just that we can’t consider TIME if we don’t first consider what it is that is experiencing this phenomenon. Have we got this sorted? It’s Consciousness isn’t it? That includes US doesn’t it? We are experiencing the changes we call TIME. This is getting pretty heavy - are you still with me? Well Done
  71. 71. TIME is what we call our experience of changes happening within us and around us. We have constructed ways of defining these changes (some of which are very reliable). We are now in a position to identify successfully ‘where we are at’ in the midst of change.
  72. 72. In Part TWO we will look at the result of our efforts. We will look at LOCAL TIME (clock time); this tells us where we are in our day enabling us to interact successfully. Then we will look at a map of CONSCIOUSNESSTIME (horoscopic time) which offers us the opportunity to understand where we are at in our LIFE (big concept) so that we may learn (given TIME) to interrelate successfully. Part THREE will look at RELATIVE TIME –
  73. 73. THE END Part ONE Goodbye