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A COSMIC BLUEPRINT                                               Illustrating the I CHINGS three types of change          ...
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Cosmic Blueprint


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An overview of a concept. If you're interested in details, a presentation is available upon request.

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Cosmic Blueprint

  1. 1. A COSMIC BLUEPRINT Illustrating the I CHINGS three types of change and the difference between the layout of the archetypes on the ZODIAC (TIME) and the same archetypes on THE GOLDEN CITY (SPACE). YANG YIN TIME NONCHANGE SPACE The Foundation Layout movement mass The Circle of Heaven The Cross of Earth ZODIA LDEN The Four GO INNER WHEEL POSITIVE HE C Elements E C T OUTER WHEEL IT IT NEGATIVE TH FIRE Y MIDDLE WHEEL AIR WATER FIXED EARTH MUTABLE CARDINAL 00 Capricorn. The Winter Solstice. Here the EarthsThe Tropical Zodiac equatorial field crosses the Suns at right The Golden Cityis a representation of 00 Aries. angles to the Suns is a model based on centre.the Heavens based Here the Suns astrological archetypes equatorial fieldon interaction and the Earths arranged according to equatorial fieldbetween the Suns align at the Vernal the gravitational biasequatorial Equinox through the centre of the Sun. 00 Libra. of each of thefield and the Here the Aristotelian Four SunsEarths equatorial Elements when field and theequatorial 00 Cancer. Earths field align subjected to Earths The Summer Solstice.field. Here the Earths equatorial field at the autumnal Equinox through the centre of the Sun. gravitational field. crosses the Suns at right angles to the Suns centre. CYCLIC CHANGE Following the cyclicThe primary expression win upper conscious zodiacal sequence gof cyclic change rin t (time) on the foundation model, The Golden er spon the Tropical Zodiacis the Sun Cycle City (space), results in a focus of all the NOW(The Earthsjourney around archetypes and offersthe Sun); a startling description mnit results of consciousness: s umin the seasons the experience of tuof the year. me being here now. r au under consciousThe symbol SEQUENTIAL CHANGE tRNArepresenting forebrain and limbic systemmitochondrial DNA rilooks like this:- e Applying the DNA-type gh r sequence on The Zodiac, emisphe t to The Golden City, hemispheSequential change creates a clover-leafon The Zodiac shape like tRNA. Itcorrelates with this defines an intelligence ft hsymbol producing, in the system that maps theprocess, an uncannily e r l e working brain and, likelogical description of tRNA, converts codehuman Evolution. core brain into material form. M.C.Philp 2001 The Creative Heaven The Receptive Earth