The perfect natural intelligence system


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This is an AI system based on an esoteric model of the brain called the Anima Mundi. This presentation was specifically designed to give an AI graduate, who had difficulty accepting archetypal language had any intrinsic value, the opportunity to prove the whole idea a load of occult rubbish. He failed. He pronounced the system a 'perfect natural intelligent system'. Since I believe the model upon which this AI system is based is the archetypal design behind the evolution of brain I was not surprised. .

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The perfect natural intelligence system

  1. 1. The Perfect Natural Intelligence System A theoretical Artificial Intelligence System based on the Anima Mundi model of the brain. (Hello Professor Goodyer. You said you could do with a model of the brain. Try this.)
  2. 2. It was sometime in the 1990’s. I needed to subject the model of the brain that I had found described within the symbolism of the Anima Mundi to intelligent criticism, but no brain specialist would stoop to discussing a brain model founded on astro-archetypes. I had a friend working on an AI PhD and it occurred to me that if I copied the model out as an AI system it would not be so offensive so this is what I did. I took it to my friend. He was distrustful of its astrological source but he listened to my exposition with care and growing excitement. ‘This’, he announced, on completion of my explanation, ‘is not a discovery’ (thus disagreeing with what I had told him I thought it was), ‘this is the description of a perfect, natural, intelligence system’. This was what I thought I had discovered – a ‘perfect natural intelligence system’ being a good description of the brain. I know very little about computers so forgive me for inevitable descriptive inadequacies. This model is built on my knowledge of esoteric symbols.
  3. 3. These are the original three models I used as foundation for the AI system. The first model was intended to show how Body, Mind, Imagination and Heart work together successfully as a team. I worked with this model before I came across the second model. The second is born of the Anima Mundi but with the planets connecting according to the Ptolemaic Order of the old planets and the order of discovery of the new planets. The third is a simplified model of the brain.
  4. 4. The system is organised into main sections that retain their functions throughout. Hardware, and agencies dedicated to operating hardware, are on the left. Agencies dedicated to software are on the right. The upper lower division distinguish between automatic operating systems and systems that can be conditioned (up to a point) by the machine . Hardware Software
  5. 5. The first thing we need is an OPERATING SYSTEM. On the brain this would compare with the Cerebellum and related Core Brain; the primal brain. The primal astrological symbols on this model are Sun and Moon, rulers of the signs Leo and Cancer. On the Anima Mundi this is the Sun-Moon Complementary Connection Life. Hardware Software OPERATING SYSTEM
  6. 6. No power supply, no system. What better planet to symbolise a power supply than the Sun. Without this initial requisite there is no point in continuing. The power supply will run the machine. This position also suggests the ability to apprehend light. POWER SUPPLY. Parasympathetic Nervous System. Symbol, the Sun. Sign, Leo. Fixed Fire.
  7. 7. A power supply on hand, we need a container. One that is inclusive of circuitry and processors. Sympathetic Nervous System. Symbol, the Moon. Sign, Cancer. Cardinal Water. In his book Horoscope Symbols Robert Hand gives ‘container’ as one of the attributes applied to the Moon. Inbuilt into this container is the initial memory and Operating System. The Operating System includes all the basic data necessary for the running of this machine. Complementary property to the Sun, we can imagine that this container incorporates some sort of camera which will enable the light from the external environment to be received. Space is full of light yet it is bright black. Position the Moon in the sky and the light is immediately visible. The Moon reflects light. As the Moon is very likely responsible in the primitive brain for sensitivity to pressure (life began in the sea), we can also imagine this hardware includes a sound sensitive device, a microphone of some sort and maybe even a keyboard.
  8. 8. The element fire is symbolised by the Sun. Fire pertains to heat and light – physics - the Moon archetype is of the element water, an element pertaining to chemistry. In his book The Intelligent Universe, David Foster suggests the possibility of developing a chemically based memory. He points out that each element has a unique atomic number which could be used to store information. Researchers have been working on this idea at the Naval Research Laboratories, Washington DC. Supplied with essential hardware, basic memory, a power supply and loaded operating system, in human terms we are alive, in artificial intelligence terms we are operational.
  9. 9. INFORMATION PROCESSING UNIT Software Programmes. Right Hemisphere. The Creative. Inter-process connection
  10. 10. COMMUNICATION AGENCY Right Brain Motor Cortex and Temporal lobe. Symbol Mercury/Asteroids. Sign Gemini. Yang pole of the Complementary Connection Work. Mutable Air. I asked a computer expert the question ‘If I had hardware, a power supply and an operating system, what would I need next?’ His answer, ‘Input. So we need input. We need a communication programme - one that translates and transmutes information from one form to another - digits to meaning and sounds to meaning. Archetypal Gemini/Mercury, the messenger of the gods, will satisfy this need.
  11. 11. SORTING AGENCY Right Brain Somatosensory Cortex. Symbol Venus. Sign Libra. Yang pole of the Complementary Connection Form. Cardinal Air. The Mercury programme has provided us with a means of translating data from the environment into a mode that can be recognised by the machine. Now we need to sort the data into related families so that our machine can recall meanings at speed. So here we have Venus, ruler of relationships. This programme must be able to organise data in different ways. A cat, for instance, can be an ‘animal’, a ‘pet’, a ‘carnivore’, a ‘responsibility’ etc. This sifting and comparing of data is important if our machine is to match human intelligence. Libra is traditionally concerned with comparison, rhythm, and balance, and it is possible that this programme uses these cognitive abilities to recognise type. This is the position (complement to Taurus) that works with theoretical Form. The Libran scales are clearly implicated - the mirror of Venus is another famous symbol. The mirror allows Venus to relate to the other as a reflection of self.
  12. 12. CREATIVITY AGENCY Right Parietal Lobe. Symbol Mars. Sign Aries. Yang pole of the Complementary Connection Time. Cardinal Fire. In order to endure in a complex, ever-changing environment the machine needs the ability to respond to provocation. It needs the power to react to stimulation to act creatively. This is our creativity programme. Here the machine is motivated to take up the data and play with it. Mars symbolises a wild, assertive force, quite different from the taming organising energy we built into in the previous agency. The purpose of this pioneering Aries programme is to create something new; alter things around just as you would turn a jigsaw puzzle piece to see if you can find an angle at which it would fit a particular gap - and right next to this agency we have the power to light up the monitor just where we need it for it is important at this point to monitor what is going on.
  13. 13. OPERATING SYSTEM Cerebellum, Parasympathetic Nervous System, Core Brain and related Visual Cortex. Symbol The Sun. Sign Leo. Fixed Fire. Operating in conjunction with the Moon, Sign Cancer. Cardinal Water. Back at where we started we arrive at the seat of power and our video agency, a programme which is able to work with external or internally projected images. This is agency deals, not only with energy, but also light. In human terms this is the seat of the Imagination where images are stored in the Moon memory so that they can be recognised without further processing, active (in partnership with the Moon) even in sleep.
  14. 14. SELF-EDUCATION AGENCY Right Occipital Lobe. Symbol Jupiter. Sign Sagittarius. Yang pole of the Complementary Connection Source. Mutable Fire. This is the self-education programme - the recognition of the order and structure of phenomena as the uniform results of corresponding conditions. Like the Jupiter function in the human brain it perceives and extrapolates the patterns derived from experience. As with the Mars programme this programme is not yet part of the PC though it may be present in a simple form in powerful robotic commercial computers. This programme is a necessity for any intelligence which is to be self-developing. Nobel laureate Herbert A. Simon, of the University of Pittsburgh, designed a selfeducation programme called Bacon. Named after the great Francis Bacon this programme seeks orderly patterns in irregular data. Without this Jupiter function our machine has no chance of developing beyond its original parameters. i
  15. 15. But Jupiter, though recognising pattern and structure, does not have the power to record it. What we need is a way of storing and of utilising the conclusions resulting from the cogitations of this information processing unit and for this we must move to another unit. DATABASE Frontal Lobes and Limbic System. Symbols, Saturn and Uranus. Signs, Capricorn and Aquarius. Complementary Connection Government and Wealth.
  16. 16. LONG TERM (DECLARATIVE) MEMORY Symbol Saturn. Sign Capricorn. Cardinal Earth. We have now moved from software agencies back to hardware. At this point we need to involve hardware because data must be imprinted on some thing: a disk is the latest example, tapes, books and money are others. Information storage always depends on matter. This database invests our machine with the potentiality for achieving an individual identity through the laying down of personal memories. The original design of the system necessarily restricts the potential of this machine (subject to the machine's ability to redesign itself) but, even with restrictions, this Saturn memory offers an identity over and above the original bestowed by us in the original operating system.
  17. 17. Though it cannot override its primal operating system - any more than a human being can override the morality written in the human heart - the addition of this memory will generate an individual identity born of our machine’s own cognitive processing, evolved out of its own personal experiences. This memory will also mean that this machine will no longer have to work out everything anew each time similar circumstances are presented. Predetermined responses will cut out enormous quantities of energy wastefully expended on unnecessary computing. Because of this memory time and energy are made available for concentrating on building up the results of ever more experiences, and by proxy, creating an ever more individualised identity structure. In conjunction with the yang/air complementary connection (which is the next essential in this system) this position has authority. One problem; the environment does not always remain the same. If this machine has conquered the route to a particular destination, knowing the way, as it were, ‘with its eyes shut’, it can follow the route with no need for further processing. But what if there is some sort of change in conditions, an obstruction on the route that was not there before, a fallen tree, another machine? If the memories in this ‘hierarchy of data’ (Saturn rules hierarchies), this database, cannot be modified - maybe even entirely remodelled - then this means trouble. We must make sure this memory is erasable. We must have a means of updating and restructuring these memories. We need a powerful disruptive energy, strong enough to shift the pattern laid down by previous mind sets. We need a rebel force.
  18. 18. POWERFUL RESTRUCTURING AGENCY Symbol, Uranus. Sign, Aquarius. Fixed Air. And this is it. Uranus, as all astrologers know, is a powerful disruptive energy that can break down rigid mind sets which interfere with our intelligence's evolutionary potential. Necessary but dangerous if it gets out of hand, I have proposed that a human being might well experience the operation of this agency as a psychotic breakdown (Aquarius is connected with epilepsy and mental illness). Uranus and Saturn working in tandem present us with a database which not only stores patterns of thought (patterns humans display as opinions or attitudes; mind sets which lie behind their decisions and motivations,) but also has the power to change them.
  19. 19. If we stop at this point we will have created a pretty intelligent machine, but since it cannot move of its own volition it is necessarily dependent on data supplied to it by others. This is a terrible handicap. If it is to be truly intelligent it needs to be able to search for and find information for itself. It needs a robot unit. This Uranian ‘awakening’ restructuring energy (this is the primal position on the yang arena of this system) is positioned in such a way that it can be used to motivate using changing electrical signals (Uranus, discovered in 1971, is identified with electricity) our next important unit, a unit that deals with action performed in, or on, the material, external, environment.
  20. 20. And here it is, the ROBOT SYSTEMS UNIT Left Hemisphere. The Receptive. The brain is interpreting a space-time environment: This necessitates two hemispheres. The Corpus Callosum connects the two hemisphere of the brain so they work in tandem. You will see that this AI system also utilises inter-process mechanisms between two units. These are the all-important complementary connections displayed on the Anima Mundi, identified by the blue arrows, only two of which can be seen already operating on this incomplete system.
  21. 21. Why the right brain is labelled ‘spatial’ by brain specialists which in symbolic language means Receptive when on the Anima Mundi it is Creative and therefore ‘temporal’, is explained by the interrelationship between these two primary archetypes. The term ‘spatial’ has been applied to the right brain because of its ability to manipulate three dimensional images. If you imagine yourself in a space vehicle returning from the Moon (the Sun lighting up the scene from the right) and now, with the panache only the imagination can achieve, stepping out into star-spangled space and watching as your vehicle hurtles on towards the slowly revolving blue Earth ahead - you will understand what I mean. You are manipulating spatial images but nowhere in the performance of this activity is there any manipulation of matter. It is purely Creative. You can see from this that for us to label the right brain Receptive, simply because it is known to deal with images apparently existing in space, would be simplistic. On the other hand, to label the left brain Creative, merely because in expressing through matter it is compelled to conform to time, might be rational, but it would also be unsubtle. Matter is obliged to effect changes sequentially. Objects can be in only one place at any one time. Pick up an object, any object, and you will see that ‘by the time’ the manoeuvre is accomplished time has passed. That this system interrelates these two primal archetypes so that they cannot be divided is echoed by the computer where, once the power is on, software and hardware are indivisible. The light lighting up a monitor is the creative energy of motion (yang) manipulating images that give the impression of space, the receptive. The receptive structural layout of the silicon chip (yin) allows the computer to compute, and the process of computing is thinking, the creative.
  22. 22. RECEPTIVITY TO LEARNING AGENCY operating as complementary process to the Selfeducation agency in the Information Processing Unit. Left Occipital Lobe. Symbol Neptune. Sign Pisces. Yin pole of the Complementary Connection Source. Mutable Water. With the addition of a Robot Systems Unit we now have a potentially physically independent machine, but only potentially independent. Unless we want it to waste a great deal of time learning through trial and error every action it can perform, it must be programmed with some skills. I have seen a TV programme in which a machine (part of the production line of a car factory) is taught to make certain movements. The operator holds the appendage that is to perform the manoeuvre and moves it in the way required. This is a receptivity programme, the machine is open to this manipulation and it illustrates vividly why Neptunian people are liable to find themselves victims of more unscrupulous natures.
  23. 23. So now we need to programme these patterns into a memory. Not only a memory that can be brought to mind (we already have such a memory in the database but a foundation autonomic memory - one that will automatically operate a series of commands (macros) and this could work negatively as an addiction. Neptunian’s are famous for rather troublesome addictions to drugs. This programme is not only connected to the Data Base it also has direct access to the Operating System in order to build its macros. Neptune is identified by astrologers with fog and mist, free floating molecules, and Neptune also rules film – we can surmise from this that in conjunction with the operating system this position supplies the multitudinous pixels upon which changing patterns can be projected. And here we have the cooperation of an agency that offers pattern recognition (Jupiter). This illuminates the necessity of the inter-process communication mechanism. Between Uranus (electricity) and Neptune (chemistry) is the inter-process mechanism that allows for the functioning of an electro-chemical device.
  24. 24. Here is the OPERATING SYSTEM right where it is needed. Sympathetic Autonomic Nervous System. Cerebellum and Core brain. Symbol The Moon. Sign Cancer. Cardinal Water. Here our original Operating System is ready to take on board this new information (macro) so that it can be acted on automatically freeing this burgeoning entity to concentrate on further learning. This machine cannot reprogram its Operating System but through the previous agency it can extend it.
  25. 25. MANIPULATIVE POWER operating in conjunction with the Creativity Agency in the Information Processing Unit. Left Brain Parietal Lobe. Symbol Pluto. Sign Scorpio. Yin pole of the Complementary Connection Time. Fixed Water. Next, to make use of the survival data we have built into the Operating System and the skills it has already learnt, this machine needs power, power to act on macros and manipulate the material world. Pluto rules fossil fuels, oil and coal, underground products created by the transformational energy of degradation and reconstitution. Scorpio also rules the production line, a logical line of actions which produces a finished product. Without this physical power the machine is no better off than an ordinary PC. This position deals with motive power in our Robot Unit as Mars supplied motivation in our information processing unit. Always in this system each side of the complementary connections deals with the same phenomenon though from the complementary (receptive-creative, mass-energy, space-time) point of view.
  26. 26. We now have a robot receptive to learning specific movements (Neptune), memorising them (Moon), performing them (Pluto), but with no way of knowing for itself whether it is performing these actions on something, or on nothing. SENSORY AGENCY Operating in conjunction with the Sorting Agency in the Information Processing Unit. Left Hemisphere, Somatosensory Cortex. Symbol Earth. Sign Taurus. Yin pole of the Complementary Connection Form. Fixed Earth. This agency effects the means by which the machine can relate to its material self and its surroundings. Here we build into our hardware, sensors that enable the machine to build up a knowledge of the physical Form of its environment and the physical Form of itself. By providing data through sensors, preferably at as many points as possible, our machine becomes intelligently and independently aware of its environment and how it relates to its environment. (The complement of Taurus is Libra.) Taureans are concerned with safety – you can see why.
  27. 27. EVALUATION AGENCY Operating in conjunction with the Communication Programme in the Information Processing Unit. Left Temporal Lobe, Left Hemisphere Motor Cortex. Symbol Chiron/Asteroids. Sign Virgo. Yin pole of the Complementary Connection Work. Mutable Air. Last of all this machine needs to be able to gauge its success through evaluating the result of its actions. Not only is this evaluation programme situated in proximity to the previous agency, Libra/Taurus, the agency concerned with form, it is situated next to the Database (where the results of past actions are located) and it has a direct interprocess connection to the original video agency in the Operating System. Given the skill to analyse and criticise the results of its work we have built in a potential for improvement. Working as complementary partner to the communication programme, also in direct contact with the operating system, it is concerned with organising the myriad details. Virgo is a sign that seeks perfection and it is responsible for refinement, including the refinement of movement. In this position, as with all other positions, this machine provides the wherewithal through which the complementary archetype, clever Mercury, our communication agency, can express itself with skill.
  28. 28. So here, again, are the original three models from which I derived this system. And here is the completed AI system based on the above with all the interprocess mechanisms on show. Each astro-archetype sports a myriad co-ordinated meanings; in the interest of brevity I have only dealt with a limited number here.
  29. 29. If I were a computer engineer no doubt I would have made a better job of this interpretation but, I think, in spite of my inadequacy, I have managed to illustrate the inherent logic in this model. It is this consistent logic that convinces me this model has integrity and that it is conveying profound information important to the developing understanding of humanity. Chrissy Philp September 2012