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How life works

  1. 1. ASTROLOGYand the I CHING© Chrissy Philp. June, 2013or ...How Life Works
  2. 2. This presentation proposes that Astrologyand I Ching are not separate, unrelatedesoteric systems but, like mathematics andphysics, just different ways of interpreting thesame phenomena, the mysterious phenomenathat is ....Us Here Now... the phenomena we call LIFE.
  3. 3. In the late 1980s I began work on a series of books introducing a model ofthe brain I had stumbled across lying hidden within the ancient AnimaMundi.In Book One, Foundation, I introduced the I Ching, Astrology, andModern Physics. At the end of Book One I printed simple diagramsillustrating the basics of these knowledge systems.Here are two of the diagrams.These simple structures were so alike I wondered what wouldhappen if I treated them as one .........
  4. 4. ... so .. at the end of Book Three, Revelation, I published the result. The IChing is based on eight trigrams and Astrology is based on twelve signs. Thiswas no problem. As you can see, mutable signs of the Zodiac are mutable ...neither one thing nor the other, but either and both.... All that remained for me to do was check out if this arrangementmade interpretation sense.
  5. 5. YANG positivemotion/light/day/maleYIN negativematter/dark/night/femaleYES NOI Ching basics are very simple. There is an unbroken line that symbolisesYES, and a broken line that symbolises NO. The ancients called these‘the opening of the gates’ – YES .. go for it - and ‘theclosing of the gates’ – NO .. hunker down.
  6. 6. Here is a computer. It is a ‘thing’doing NO-thing. What do we needto make it run.YES .. We need to supply it withenergy, we need to switch it ONSEE .. Youve got it. You understand!NO YES
  7. 7. A physicist would think of these as energy and mass.Yang is energy which expresses as motion .zoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooomcrack!Yin is mass. Einstein called mass congealed energy, mass is thatwhich holds things together. Mass can be broken apart.On the smallest scalesthis can be stupendouslyenergy consuming –think of the LargeHadron Collider at Cern.
  8. 8. =But the ancients wanted more information than a simple yes or no answer sothey piled up three lines – one for heaven, one for earth, and one for man.These two are the primary trigrams. The Creative Heaven signifies timeand the Receptive Earth signifies space.So now they didn’t only have energy and mass, but could work with theresult of the interaction between energy and mass.Time SpaceYuzhou/Kosmos‘The Chinese binomial most frequentlytranslated as kosmos is yuzhou, a term thatovertly expresses the interdependencebetween time and space’.Daodejung, Ames and Hall,(2003).Space-time is not a new concept, is it?
  9. 9. Basic Rules of the I ChingThe eighttrigramsThe firm andyielding linesTaoyang yinTheCreativeHeavenTheRecep-tiveEarthTheJoyousLakeKeepingStillMount-ainShockThunder(birth)TheGentlyPenetra-tingTheAbyssTheMoonClarityTheSunpositive negativePOLAR OPPOSITESTHE EVOLUTION of the TRIGRAMS+Piling up a second line and a third line onto the original single line gives useight trigrams to which the Chinese masters gave eight separatemeanings.It all begins with the mysterious Dao (Tao) .. that which Lao Tzu tellsus cannot be ‘named’ or ‘spoken: ‘Mystery of mysteries’.Change ‘lines’ to 1’s and 0’s in your imagination and you will see thatThe I Ching, is a BINARY SYSTEM.Four Hsiang
  10. 10. Leibniz was interested in the binary system. He could see that it could beused as the basis of a new language. In 1666, he acquired an I Ching. Thisis what Time Life Books says in Computer Basics.
  11. 11. In 1716, fascinated by Leibniz’s ideas, the Scottish mathematicianGeorge Boole created a logic system with the AND, OR and NOT,gates Leibniz had only wondered about.Then in 1867 Sanders Peirce was teaching Boolean logic inNew York when it occurred to him that the gates (remember theopening and the closing of the gates) described in Boole’s binarysystem were either on, or off, just like an electric switching device.Sixty-nine years later Claude Shannon, a student roped in tocare for Bush’s massive and unwieldy mechanical computer, wrotehis master thesis inspired by Peirce’s insight.
  12. 12. 1716. George Boole creates alogic system based onLeibniz’s ideas.1867. Sanders Peirce teachesBoolean logic in New York andrecognises its potential as anelectrical switching device.1936. Claude Shannon looks after Bush’sdecimal machine – puts Peirce’s insight togood use.BUSHOily gearsand shafts
  13. 13. I CHINGLeibniz Boole Pierce ShannonINTERNET!
  14. 14. Basic Rules of the I ChingThe eighttrigramsThe firm andyielding linesTaoyang yinTheCreativeHeavenTheRecep-tiveEarthTheJoyousLakeKeepingStillMount-ainShockThunder(birth)TheGentlyPenetra-tingTheAbyssTheMoonClarityTheSunpositive negativePOLAR OPPOSITESTHE EVOLUTION of the TRIGRAMSSo now we understand that this binary system also underpins our modernweb based world.Next we need to decide whether the meanings carried by the I Chingtrigrams correlate with the meanings acquired through combining the binarysystem with Astrology. Born of isolated cultures unless there is afoundation connection there is no logical reason why they should.The primal pair are made up of all YES lines, or all NO lines. They arecalled the Creative Heaven, Ch’ien, and the Receptive Earth, Kun.Four Hsiang
  15. 15. Astrologically this gives us Aquarius for the Creative and Capricorn for theReceptive.Capricorn is ruled by Saturn and it seems meaningful to me that beforethe discovery of Uranus in 1781 Aquarius was also ruled by Saturn. Inastrology Saturn is the element earth at its most structured: stones, bones,teeth, walls, boundaries, and, when applied to human endeavours, secularauthority.
  16. 16. KUN CH’IENHere is Saturn in his role as Old FatherTime : Saturn is indispensible but he isinflexible. This is Riga Mortis: NO, NO, NO.Saturn’s partner is a powerful dis-ruptive force, Revolutionary Uranus is‘the awakener’. YES, YES, YES.
  17. 17. Leo is fixed fire, Aries is cardinal fire and Libra is cardinal air. The ruling planets arethe Sun, Mars, and Venus. We have already looked at fixed air, Aquarius. The upperline is always yang on fixed signs and always yin on cardinal signs - I am not yet surewhy but I am sure this is the case. Perhaps the power to make manifest is cardinal?
  18. 18. And look! The trigram Li which means Clarity and whose symbol is the Sun turnsup as Leo, fixed fire. Leo’s ruling planet is the Sun! Aries, cardinal fire, ruled bythe warlike planet Mars, is Chen, Shock, Thunder. Both Mars and Chen mean‘birth.’ Libra, ruled by Venus, cardinal air, is Tui, the Joyous Lake.Li: Here is light (yang) emanatingfrom the atomic reactions in thecentre of the Sun - or a log (yin)burning on a fire. The I Ching saysfire ‘clings to that on which it feeds’.Chen: Out of the physical emergesNew Life. This is Mars in action.The I Ching says: Shock, Ha Ha,laughing words.Tui: Pollen in water jiggles. It is thisthat suggested ‘something’ (theygave the name atoms) is continuallyactive in the water. The lake is activebeneath a surface that reflects itssurroundings; the famous mirror ofVenus - a surface tension so strongthings float on it without sinking.
  19. 19. Cancer is cardinal water, Scorpio is fixed water, and Taurus is fixed earth. Theruling planets are the Moon and Pluto and, although on this diagram Venus, oldruler of Taurus is depicted, for many first-rate reasons, since we first viewed ourplanet in 1961, Venus has been superseded by our home planet Earth.
  20. 20. Kan: Two physical NO lines enclosing ademand for self-expression, a YES line,is called The Abyss. Imagine the energyin a turbulent river trapped in a canyon.All that yang energy restrained on bothsides by the demands of material reality.These trigrams also fit with the signs that relate to them on the binary system.Cancer’s ruling planet is the Moon. The trigram Kan means the MoonAnd here is Sun the GentlePenetrating Wind. Scorpio isfamously suspicious - well known forpenetrating every nook and cranny.This trigram is also related to wood –roots growing deep into the earthsupporting new growth.Ken: You can see that two broken linesand a straight line on the top represents amountain. You need determination to getto the top but wow what a view when youget there. ..... WE HAVE LIFT OFF .
  21. 21. OmedtoFixedCardinalFixed CardinalCardinalCardinalFixedFixedHere they are. All EIGHT of them. They look good to me.
  22. 22. 23121 2121212121214213122131333122344This is a slide from the first lesson I give on astrology. I have added the tri-grams so that you can see how beautifully they organise themselves on theZodiac. I have put the Zodiac up Ptolemaically with Cancer and Leo at thebase. Aries, the first sign, begins at the spring equinox, Aries is 1-1-1.Secta:positive 1negative 2Quadruplicities:Cardinal 1Fixed 2Mutable 3Four Elements:Fire 1 Earth 2Air 3 Water 4We have trigrams for cardinal and fixed signs but not for the fourmutables, so now that I have introduced the eight trigrams we can checkout these missing mutable signs - first a look at a very ancient model - theFu Hsi or King Wen arrangement.
  23. 23. Here it is, scanned from my originalChinese edition translated byWilhelm into German and Baynes(from Wilhelm ‘s translation) intoEnglish.Wilhelm tells us that ‘the eightprimary trigrams are named in asequence of pairs that, according totradition, goes back to Fu Hsi – thatis to say, it was already in existenceat the time of the compilation of thebook of changes under the Choudynasty. It is called the Sequence ofEarlier Heaven, or PrimalArrangement’ .This is translated literally as‘Before-the-World-Sequence.’There are modern writers whoexplain this ancient model as anexpression of ‘the dynamic reactionof opposites’ but you will see that thisanalysis is not strictly accurate.
  24. 24. They do indeed represent positiveand negative polarities but (apartfrom Sun and Moon) they are,astrologically, polarities thatoriginally shared a single planetaryruler. On the Anima Mundi they arenamed Complementary Connectionsthe yang-yin, energy-mass, space-time expression of a meaningfulwhole.The Sun and Moon offer us agood example of what‘complimentary’ means. Sun andMoon in astrology, Father andMother, might be poles apart infunction, but they are essential toeach other’s operation – they workas a team. Complimentary means ‘tomake complete’.Researching data for thispresentation I came across this inWilhelm’s translation of the TaChuan. I am delighted to learn thatmy choice of title for these connections is exonerated: ‘they balance each other’. YES!
  25. 25. Apart from Capricorn (Saturn)winter, the seasons do not fit with the signs. I haven’t yet understood why.Here they are again withold planetary rulers added.
  26. 26. Pos NegOn the diagram on the right they are arranged according to the PtolemaicOrder. Mutable signs are not included.
  27. 27. When we consult the oracle we throw three coins six times, one throw for each line.Six throws of the coins, beginning from the bottom and working up, gives us ahexagram.Tails count as two, they are YIN because they tell us the divisible value of thecoins. We buy ‘things’ we need using that value. Heads count as three. We know thatone is heaven’s number but we are physical beings consulting the oracle in a physicalworld, so we add that one to two and count three for heads. Heads represent the‘idea’ of authority, the authority invested in the coin, a ‘concept’ that is indivisible.Two tails and a head add upseven. Seven is YANG, a straight line.Two heads and a tail add up to eight.Eight is YIN, a broken line.Throwing three heads gives us a nine.This is an old (unstable) YANG – so we markour line with a circle.Three tails gives us a six. Six is yin butalso old so we put a cross on our broken line.Unstable lines give us two hexagrams. The changing lines tell us the actions thatwe are applying to the unchanging hexagram. This all explained in anotherpresentation – for now you just need to know the symbols that apply to unstable lines.
  28. 28. Now we can check out the Mutable Signs. This is where the correlationsget interesting. I shall begin with Pisces, mutable water, ruled by the planetNeptune.dolphin embryoandhuman embryoYES about to change to NO .... NO about to change to YESIn Astrology, Pisces, the fishes, rules the Twelfth House, the house justabove the Ascendant. The Ascendant, representative of 00 Aries on thediurnal chart, is the place of birth, so planets in the twelfth can beunderstood as assembling themselves in a womb.The month belonging to Pisces has both snow and snowdrops. Is itwinter or spring? Everything is in flux but there is a promise in the air.Neptune has no fixed form but is full of expectation.MUTABLE
  29. 29. HUANDissolutionCHINGThe WellCCFFSo here is an example of a mutable sign made up of a mix of cardinal and fixedin the element water. Remember, I explained that The Gently Penetratingmeans both wind and wood. The hexagram The Well gives us an image ofroots drawing up water from Kan, The Abyss, or a wooden bucket doing thesame job. The second hexagram is called Dissolution. The Ching says: ‘windblowing over the water disperses it as mist.’ Neptune is connectedastrologically with mist and fog. These hexagrams are neither fixed Scorpionor cardinal Cancer, but both. By a change in the top line of the trigram fromyin to yang we get a portrait of a ‘double-bodied’ sign.
  30. 30. FENGAbundanceSHIH HOBiting throughCCFFThis is my favourite example. Here is the King on Mount Olympusbrandishing his thunder bolt: Greek Zeus, Roman Jupiter, ruler of Sag. Leois the king. The I Ching says: ‘The king attains abundance – be not sad belike the sun at midday.’ We call Jupiter ‘The Law Giver.’ The I Ching tells usthat ‘in Biting Through laws are laid down, in Abundance they are applied andenforced.’
  31. 31. CH’IENModestyPOSplitting ApartCCFFHere is mutable earth – the hexagram Modesty - does this sound like Virgo?I have explained in previous presentations why I think Chiron and all theasteroids between Jupiter and Mars rule Virgo – they are a proto planet inbits and they explain this hexagram Splitting Apart. The I Ching tells us that‘devotion and docility’ will see us through. These are monastic qualities highlyvalued by the nuns of the Virgin in the previous age and my friend Nick OakleySmith writes about the Virgo’s critical analysis breaking things apart.
  32. 32. LU TreadingKUAI BreakthroughTa Chuan Page 335 ‘The hexagram Breakthrough has Tui , words, above, andCh’ien, strength, below. It means giving permanence to words. .. Here thesignificance of writing in the organisation of a large community is emphasised.’CFFCIn Breakthrough: the I Chingsays – ‘one must resolutely makethe matter known in the court ofthe king’. Mercury is themessenger of the gods isn’t he? Itadds – ‘it must be announcedtruthfully’. This might be difficult forMercury.In Treading we are told ‘the superiorman discriminates between High and Lowand fortifies the thinking of the people’.This hexagram describes a young tigerbiting dad’s tail. It’s a warning to take carewhen playing with words. Does Mercuryplay with words? I think he does.
  33. 33. INFLUENCE, WOOINGHaving looked at the mutable signs I thought I would give you an example of ahexagram constructed out of two trigrams that are not specifically related. This oneis made up of fixed earth, Taurus, and cardinal air, Libra. The Joyous Lake over theMountain. Venus rules Libra and she is old ruler of Taurus and this hexagram iscalled wooing! The I Ching says: ‘to take a maiden to wife brings good fortune’.Remember a hexagram grows from the base up, like this little flower.
  34. 34. Doubling the trigrams gave theancient oracle masters sixty-fourseparate situation hexagrams. Ilike my friend Suzie’s word – whenconsulting the oracle she says thehexagrams supply CONTEXT.Here is a page showing all ofthe hexagrams. It is from TheWilhelm I Ching.We have looked at 31, Wooing,and we have looked at thehexagrams that describe themutable signs; 10, Treading and43, Breakthrough: these areMercurial. 15, Modesty, 23, andSplitting Apart: these areVirgoan. 21, Biting Through, and55, Abundance: these areJupitarian, 48, The Well, and 59,Dissolution - Neptunian.Now we need to take a look atthe all-important primal pair.
  35. 35. The hexagrams The Creativeand The Receptive aredistinguished from their trigramsby the capital letter on thedefinite article, the word ‘the’.A single yang line representsenergy and it’s compliment, ayin line, signifies mass. Threelines in a trigram give us timeand space.When these trigrams aredoubled it supplies a depictionof the space-time environmentthat our brains are designed tointerpret .1. The Creative Heaven2.The Receptive Earth
  36. 36. TheImaginationThe CreativeHeavenYANGTheBodyThe ReceptiveEarthYINSensingFeelingThinkingIntuitionHere is a slide from my presentation introducing the model I found hidden inthe Anima Mundi. It shows how The Receptive Earth and The CreativeHeaven work as a team. Whether they are ‘interpreting’ or ‘constructing’ ourlife experience is a moot point.AIRFIREEARTHWATERLEFT RIGHT
  37. 37. Yes yes yes yes yes yes ... action, action, action, action, action, action.The Creative Heaven, we are told, is strong and untiring.Shout STOP at the heavens and see if it has any effect. On the AnimaMundi, The Creative is responsible for our right brain processes – air andfire, thinking and intuition - these work complementarily with our receptiveleft brain.We are constructed out of the material of The Receptive Earth. She ismother nature, she supplies the food that sustains us, responding to all ourneeds. In our cognitive system she is earth and water, sensing and feeling,in our brains it is her job to connect our consciousness to its internal andexternal physical environment.AIRFIREEARTHWATER
  38. 38. So .. are we clear on this point? The Receptiveand The Creative are a single interacting unit.Yang/yin, energy and mass, built up intohexagrams are the primal constituents of .... life the Universeand Everything.
  39. 39. Here, again, is hexagram one: The Creative Heaven. There is only ONEheaven. We experience the constant motion produced by energy as TIME. Tostudy time we watch the sky. The Sun rises and sets; our response to day andnight is inherent in our being. Astrologers are experts on time. They don’t (likeclocks and watches) model only the Sun, they take into account other movingbodies in the heavens.This is the cosmicenvironment set for this momentat this place. The variables are sogreat it is unlikely to look exactly likethis ever again. Zodiac fromSolar Fire
  40. 40. After and Before Completion,the last two hexagrams alsohave special significance. Justas The Creative and TheReceptive have between themdecided the layout of ourbrains, so the last twohexagrams in the I Ching canbe seen in the layout of ourZodiac.Time never stops – it isalways before or after thecompletion of a moment in time.Since our Zodiac is a bigCosmic Clock calling thesehexagrams Before and AfterCompletion is relevant.63. After Completion64. Before Completion
  41. 41. YINYANGYINYANGYINYANGYANGYINYANGYINYANGYINBeforeCompletion64AfterCompletion63YANGYANGYANGYINYINYINYINYINYINYANGYANGYANGThe Creative The Receptive1 2So hexagram 1.The Creative is made up of all positive lines and hexagram2. The Receptive is all negative lines. When mixed up in all possible waysthey create sixty-four different patterns.The lines in the last two hexagrams, hexagram number 63, AfterCompletion, and 64, Before Completion alternate.
  42. 42. YINYANGYINYANGYINYANGYANGYINYANGYINYANGYINBefore CompletionThe Spring equinox fallsBEFORE the ruling fifth lineAfter CompletionThe Autumnal equinox fallsAFTER the ruling second lineAll hexagrams have ‘ruling lines’ that convey their meaning mostexpressively. You can see that if we line the Zodiac up according to thePtolemaic Order the ruling lines of the hexagrams define the equinoxes.
  43. 43. Ruing line of The Creative Heaven.9 in the 5th place means:Flying dragon in the heavens. It furthers one to see the great man.In The Book of Revelation Time is described as a dragon waiting todevour mother Earth’s children from the moment they are born.Here he is.
  44. 44. But The Creative is helpless alone, isn’t it? It is totally dependanton The Receptive. Here is another example of this axiom. Lightpermeates space but space is black - just like this slide ...
  45. 45. .. until it bumps into some ‘receptive’ hardware.
  46. 46. And here is another preciouspiece of hardware, this one is sospecial it reflects the energy of TheCreative with uncanny complexity.This is our home planet, ourEarth, so hyper-receptive is ourplanet she doesn’t just reflect lightshe has allowed for the evolution ofintelligent life.The ReceptiveEarth.
  47. 47. 6 in the 2nd place means:Straight square great, without purpose,yet nothing remains unfurthered.A cube symbolises space. A cube has three dimensions that we can movearound in - up down - side to side - back to front. This mouse is exploringthese dimensions. Of course he also needs ‘time’ to do this exploring in - hecouldn’t do this – not for one moment - without the Creative, which is whyphysicists sometimes call ‘time’ the fourth dimension. This line applies, ofcourse, to our primal instincts which this mouse is also utilising to explorethis space.And this is The Receptive Earth’s ‘ruling’ line.
  48. 48. So now we arecoming to the end ofthis presentation.Here is a handdrawn version of thisintegrated modelpublished in theAstrological Journal,July August 1991. Ihad forgotten howlong ago it was that Icame up with thiscombination of the twosystems of Astrologyand the I Ching.Soon after, myyoung friend Nick Oakley Smith also wrote an interesting article published inthe Journal on this same subject. Charles Harvey, the then President of theAstrological Association, was a friend and he and Roger Eliot were interestedin my ideas, but when they died the interest faded away.The time was not right.
  49. 49. The next diagrams are from my academic essay Treading on the Tiger’sTail (remember Gemini, Treading). I wrote this essay in 2006. Treading isthe title of the hexagram the I Ching gave me at the beginning, the middle,and at end of writing.In this essay I asked; Is there an archetypal constant?Clearly there is, but in a university environment where known facts aresacrosanct and creativity frowned upon I was up to no good. I caused akerfuffle. The first marker was so impressed with this essay he gave meunusually high marks and that worried the second marker who remarked –you can’t make eight trigrams fit with twelve signs, and marked me down.Did I mind? No - the oracle warned me that I was stomping on the‘Mores’.In the hexagram Treading, rebelliousUranus, the Creative, is sitting on top ofLibra-Tui, which we now know means‘words’; revolutionary ideas are disturbing thewaters of the lake. Ooops.With Uranus conjunct Saturn on myMC, the place where the Sun is at midday, andJupiter conjunct Mars in Gemini making aSextile to Mercury conjunct the Sun in Aries, I do this all the time.My Dad’s nickname for me was ‘Trouble’.
  50. 50. Computer BinaryI Ching BinaryYou can see these threesystems match at theirfoundation level –I included genetics inmy essay – once eightcontrol genes developedthere was a long periodcalled The CambrianExplosion whenmutations flourished.You can read thisessay on my website. Ithas a lovely Chinesepicture of a tiger on thefront!AstrologicalBinary
  51. 51. LAST WORDS. There you have it. These two esoteric systems workbecause they are based on something real ..... this is How Life Works .... life is a binary system, just as Leibnizsuspected, and the I Ching and Astrology are ancient, spectacularlysuccessful attempts to interpret its natural expression.Scientists know nothing about the genius of Astrology and the I Ching.It’s not their fault. They think these subjects are ‘occult’ hangovers from aprevious superstitious age, but these systems are no more ‘occult’ thanesoteric equations concerning string theory or multiple universes. Iunderstand how scientists feel, I was also educated to think like them, but inmy case Saturn, who is responsible for traditional values, cannot commandunquestioning allegiance in spite flaunting impressive qualifications, not withUranus snuggling up to him in such a prominent position on my birth chart.Uranus insists I think for myself: He also awards me creative energy - he isthe Creative after all. Saturn enables me to see the structure of things andeven Uranus appreciates that!Uranus might be rebellious but he is not stupid.I am up to date with scientific thought, I read The New Scientist everyweek but recently it has begun to frustrate me. Until they take on thisinformation they are bound to be floundering and its hard for me to watch. .
  52. 52. Hi scientists,WAKE UPPlease ....
  53. 53. THEEND