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  1. 1. AbortionBy: Chris Briggs
  2. 2. Abortion is removal of an unborn fetus from theuterus, either spontaneously or surgically. Howeverinduced abortion has been a debatable topic foryears now:  The other side of the Some say induced argument is that the abortion, (willingly women has certain removing the fetus reproductive rights and usually performed by the choice to carry the persons with proper baby to term, so why training) is wrong should they be because its essentially contradicted? Other killing a human being reasons for abortion without giving them the include one’s religious chance to live. The fetus ethics, morals, and legal gets no choice in the issues. People also say matter, usually because its not murder because the parents cant afford to the fetus hasn’t actually take care of it or developed into a human whatever the case may person. be.
  3. 3.  Abortion is a form of murder and doesn’t give the baby a choice at life People should stop using it as birth control, there’s other readily available birth controls out there Parents may suffer major physiological damage after Many couples wait for years for the chance to adopt a child The decision often comes to minors or young adults who don’t have the maturity and life experiences to make good choices
  4. 4. Many don’t know thatabortion is AGAINSTdoctors Hippocraticoath, and according to asurvey in 2006 by LifeNewsmore than 82% of womenlater regretted their abortiondecisions.Abortion also exposeswomen to health risks anddanger of losing fertility.
  5. 5.  Women who have abortions could be posing a risk to future children, 35% are said to have an increased risk of having a premature baby. According to a Canadian medical study, women who have more than 1 abortion had a 72% risk for low birth weight and 93% of prematurity.
  6. 6. The Yes Government gets to control a womans body. "Back alley" abortions would increase if it were made illegal, leading to increased risk of young women dying or becoming sterile. Its better to abort the baby, rather than having it grow up poor and neglected and become more likely to get involved with crime. Giving up a child for adoption can be just as emotionally damaging as having an abortion. Carrying and delivering a baby can be painful & dangerous to the mother, and a number of complications can develop. Abortion is not murder because it is performed before a fetus has developed into a human person.
  7. 7.  Most women argue that abortion is a case of womens rights and personal freedom. They believe that fetuses, embryos, and zygotes are not actual people. Life starts in the womb, but “life” means a lot of things. Cows, pigs, sheep, deer and chickens (all of which the majority of Americans eat, pro-"life" or not) are "alive."
  8. 8.  Life should be dignified, and the lives of animals being raised for slaughter are pretty much never dignified. And so many go to waste- the number of animals raised for slaughter in this country that live in conditions that render them totally inedible. Pro-Choice advocates believe that they should have the choice and right to their baby, not the government or anyone else.
  9. 9. Sources