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Nuevo presentación de microsoft power point


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Nuevo presentación de microsoft power point

  1. 1. Rosario Poyato Fernández Gregorio Valero Pérez Jose Mª Ordóñez Castilla Carlos Cruz Marqués
  2. 2. Project presentation Situated in MALAGA In Spanishtranslation in conferences “Lenguas Para press interviews, Ti” presentations
  3. 3. We focus on multionational companiesWe will ask for a 500€/2h conferencegrant and for a loan. 300€/press conference 20% each book sold
  4. 4. BUSSINESLOCATIONMarqués deLariosstreet, 11,corner withBolsa street
  5. 5. companies– Customers institutions People who demand our services– Competitors other translation companies, like Trágora.– Banks who give us grants and possible loans to finance our company, for example; “Banco Santander”
  6. 6. GENERAL BACKGROUND we will need someWe will be located we must be ok new laptops, in a developed with the legal computers, country framework tablets, etc
  7. 7. Books Pressconferences, Appsconferences,interviews... Products and servicesIntructions offered Scripts for for every series products All types of webs
  8. 8.  WEAKNESSES  STRENGTH – Low high – creativity – Innovation – Lack of experience – Motivation – High formation level – Good service to costumers – So many laboral offers – Financial resources (15000 €) THREATS  OPORTUNITIES – Possible new – New markets. competitors – Economical crisis.
  9. 9. Do you know our company?Due to our youth the 95% didn’t know us. Only the 5% knew us , because we haveworked with them What is your satisfaction level?In the previous 5%, the 90% is satisfied, the other, think our service is not very grateful How long have you been using our services?Less than a month using our service What do you think about our prices?Most of them think it is ok Do you use our online translator?The majority uses it, the rest prefers other translators Do you think our company is innovative?All of the inquired agreed the question
  10. 10. Do you think our installations are good quality?All of the inquired agreed with question Do you think other companies are better than us?They would prefer our services Are you ok with the personal staff?All of them said yes. Do you think we could improve something?Some of them gave us some advice on how to better our company
  11. 11. Job interview What about your marks?How many languages do youspeak? How much experience have you got? What degree have you got? Where are youIn which university from?have you studied? Have you Have you got any got any recomendation letter experien of a previous job? ce in How many historical Have you ever Service monuments do you know in worked abroad? Sector? Malaga?
  12. 12. Costumers’ profile  huge multinational companies  Publishing houses  Embassies of different countries located in our nation
  13. 13. Requirement to hire our personal staff