problems of Shang hai


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problems of Shang hai

  1. 1. ShangHai
  2. 2. Introduction <ul><li>Shanghai, China's largest city, one of the four central municipalities. Mainland China's economic, financial, trade and shipping center. Shanghai to create and break the world record of China Association for the most number of world, China the most. Shanghai is located in central China's mainland coastline of Yangtze River estuary, with the largest industrial base, the largest foreign trade port. More than 2,000 people living and living in the Shanghai area. Shanghai is also an emerging tourist destination, has a profound modern urban culture and many historical monuments, today's Shanghai has developed into an international metropolis. </li></ul>
  3. 3. CBD Of ShangHai Lujiazui: Chinese Characteristics Huaihai Zhong Road: high-grade mature Xujiahui: the accumulation effect People's Square: &quot;super-giant CBD&quot; Hongqiao: Shanghai earliest Wujiaochang New Jiangwan City: knowledge innovation
  4. 4. Problem Of CBD <ul><li>1. Lujiazui currently outstanding traffic problems exist. &quot;One of Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences who spoke to reporters: the evening peak period, traffic jams Lujiazui very serious, the situation has become a popular gathering further obstacles to Lujiazui. In the work of Jin Mao Tower, Lujiazui transport children Miss LOH poor state of deep feeling, she said: when the rush hour car in Lujiazui, 500 meters away from regular use of 1 hour. </li></ul>
  5. 5. To attract more people choosing public transport in the travel, the implementation of bus priority, during the year more than 20 km Qiangzai new bus lanes, and promote the &quot;three vertical and three horizontal&quot; and the inner ring road on the ground of non-motorized access a complete set construction, and construction of large hubs and rail transport facilities transfer points. Will also be a number of traffic through the construction of information collection, monitoring and guidance system, add 31 one-way street, and expand variable lane pilot, and promote non-motor vehicles waiting to turn, stop line back the implementation of measures such as traffic organization; strictly control vehicle total 20 square kilometers in the center of the city on a pilot basis, to promote a parking lot in the inner library management. Solution
  6. 6. 2. Shanghai Pudong Reform and Development Research Institute Yao Xitang E-CBD in Shanghai, China Forum said: Lujiazui CBD, the number and types of financial institutions, still less, financial institutions and financial resources needed to further increase the concentration. Shanghai financial sector assets accounted for only 10% of the world, a number of financial institutions in Shanghai with regional operational headquarters remained in Puxi and Pudong financial assets even smaller. Shanghai financial sector assets (mainly banking assets) is only one-fifth of Hong Kong, Pudong financial institutions have considerable assets for growth. Problem
  7. 7. First, the typical art of the Central Business District Financial District building signs. This is an international financial center, the symbol and geographical indications. Pudong, Shanghai should be integrated Puxi classic style and modern finance financial Art, together with the Huangpu River's unique people-oriented financial architecture and ecological charm, fully reflect the financial center of China's soft power. Second, the body type to the market class mark. Proposal to deepen the Shanghai Stock Exchange, the Shanghai Commodity Exchange and Shanghai Financial Futures Exchange the three signs of the linkage and cooperation with financial institutions, as an international financial center, a sign of gathering agencies, and fully play its function in the factor market leadership. Third, the policy type of class mark. Such as the development of the financial regulations of Shanghai, where the areas involved in international financial markets, after the experiment in Pudong by the General People's Congress discussed and passed, can become the equivalent of national laws and regulations. Solution
  8. 8. Problem <ul><li>3 CBD building Fangling aging </li></ul>Solution CBD commercial functions in the living and the carrier is Fangling old, poor quality of 2-3 layers of old main building, such as Guangxi, on the road for more than 80% of age-old old buildings. From the construction quality, CBD amenity and land value-added point of view, the majority of older estates still existed in the land not suitable for the peak area, need to phase renovation. Guangxi Road, Zhejiang Road, Fujian Road, Ningbo Road and other streets of the old buildings concentrated, full range of rehabilitation programs should be developed, combining the functions of the adjustment of CBD, the focus of the renovation.