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Brooks Brothers Card Marketing Research Plan


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Ahead of the relaunch Charles de Gruchy developed a research plan working with MasterCard and GE (now Synchrony Financial). The results were a key driver of the business plan and a solid delivery on the part of GE and MasterCard

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Brooks Brothers Card Marketing Research Plan

  1. 1. 1 RELAUNCH PLAN SUMMARY PHASE I: Research PHASE II: Planning PHASE III: Testing TIMING Study Execution: Jan 14 – Feb 28 Plan Development: Mar1 – Apr15 Test Execution : Apr15 – Jun 15 OBJECTIVE 1.CIC – Prioritize /Decide on Benefits 2.Qualitative Study – CustomerNeeds/Wants 3.Quantitative Analysis – Business Benefit 1. Define current value proposition/ define future value proposition (fromcard to loyalty) 2. Identify gaps/opportunities for action 1.Build out test scenarios 2.Test into change METHOD • Internal Stakeholderinterviews (expectations) • Research audit and Research /Focus Groups • Point of view creation and Analysis • Status toll-gate • Proposed plan forapproval • Tactical plan (testing, tasks, objectives, results) • Across units of business OUTCOME 1. Overview of business current state 2. Outline of customerneeds/wants 3. Projection of business benefits foreach 1. Brand vs. card brand 2. Pros/cons analysis 3. Test and launch plan 1. Validation of what works 2. Long-termvalue prop 3. Rollout execution plan RESOURCES • MasterCard Advisors • GE Research Team(Judy L.) • Brooks Brothers • Brooks Brothers • SeniorLeadership Team • Brooks Brothers • GE Marketing COST $30,000 (10 BPS MasterCard Fund) TBD TBD