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Retail Excellence: A Return to Basic Category Management

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Retail Excellence

  2. 2. WHAT IS RETAIL EXCELLENCE? Shopper Insights Impactful Category Merchandising Insights Optimized Financial Assortments Analysis CHANNELINSTINCTS.COM
  3. 3. Shopper VOICE OF THE CONSUMER Insights• Completely define the shopper through demographic and psychographic research• Determine specific differences between segments − How are different product segment shoppers different from one another? − Who is the retail partner’s shopper, and how do they differ from competitive retailers’ shoppers? NOW NEXT CHANNELINSTINCTS.COM
  4. 4. Category DATA & INSIGHTS TO ACTION! Insights • What is happening? • Why is it happening? • What is it impacting? • What are we going to do about it? NOW NEXT CHANNELINSTINCTS.COM
  5. 5. Financial CUSTOMERS & SUPPLIERSAnalysis Sales, product, and marketing all pulling in Understanding and meeting the needs of opposite directions to meet different goals both the customer and the supplier through multiple assortment models NOW NEXT CHANNELINSTINCTS.COM
  6. 6. Optimized RIGHT PRODUCT, RIGHT PLACEAssortments• Efficient and effective product assortments that create synergies by exceeding customer goals and maximizing profits• Shelf space analysis − Do all items “deserve” to have space in the planogram?• Differentiation by channel − Based on the shopper research, should different retailers have the same planogram? HOW IS IT DONE? • Analyzing customer assortments from many directions • Building multiple assortment models • Understanding and differentiating by store clusters CHANNELINSTINCTS.COM
  7. 7. Impactful PACKAGING & POPMerchandising Getting it Right Using a Multi-Tiered Research Approach CHANNELINSTINCTS.COM
  8. 8. CHANNELINSTICTS[ Accelerating your path between ideas & actions ] CHANNELINSTINCTS.COM 8