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  1. 1. World’s most successful people like WARREN BUFFET & GEORGE SOROS are in high risk Business (Stocks, Shares, Foreign exchange) admitted that INTUITION plays very important role in decision making. They do not rely just on technical and fundamental theory. Albert Einstein- “I didn’t find my understanding on universal law only through analytical thoughts. The only invaluable thing is INTUITION” Akio Morito-Sony, Howard Schultz-Starbuck underlined importance of INTUITION in creating new products, ideas and business.
  2. 2. HUMAN BRAIN Human brain consists of Right brain & Left brain. We get optimal results if both brains work equally. But truth is since childhood; we human being, learned and developed our Left brain. Both, Left & Right brains are responsible for different activities. Left brain is more into Logics, Facts, Present & Past, Strategies, Safety etc. Right brain is more into Imaginations, Feelings, Creativity, Risk etc. Genius people have balanced Left & Right brains, both brains communicate freely. Kids have this kind of balanced brains in born. But problem is when they grow up Left Brain dominates Right brain and as a result their Intuitive power, Imagination powers and all Right brain’s functions vanishes gradually.
  3. 3. Way2 Mid Brain Activation Based on extensive research and scientifically proven training methods we can balance both brains permanently but only during certain age. Defined age group is 4/5 years to 14/15 years. Above 15 years of age, left brain dominates right brain so a chance of balancing both brains reduces.
  4. 4. About us We specialize in the study of Mid Brain, its applications and development to evaluate and design programs that can foster and nurture kid’s multiple intellectual developments. Our Brain stimulation system and programme aspires to uncover potentials of our younger generation with the firm belief that proper brain training will be immensely beneficial to unleash their hidden powers. Our aim is to create a Genius Generation.
  5. 5. Our Methodology to activate MID BRAIN 1. Brain Gym. - These gyms are already proven and acknowledged scientifically to be useful for balancing Left/Right brains. 2. Motivation. – To make kids able to destroy “mental blocks” such as low self confidence, laziness etc. 3. Visual Technology. – We show entertaining, touching and inspiring films to make kids happy so that their brain feels freshness. 4. Games. – Suitable indoor games like group debate, solving puzzles etc played to make kids comfortable with each other. 5. Music technology for Relaxation. - Scientifically proven relaxation music like sound of waves, sound of rain, sound of birds etc played to stimulate brain and to create intuition power.
  6. 6. Blindfold Activation Human brain doesn’t only have physic but also have energy (wave). This wave is called Brainwave. Brainwave was found by German scientist Hans Berger in 1924. Mid brain activated kids or whose left/right brain is balanced, can read numbers, identify colors’, read news paper, guess something behind the wall and also can walk, cycle, shoot etc with their eyes closed. During blindfold activation, kids learn to enter into meditative condition and their Intuition Power becomes high. Intuition is the human being’s capacity to obtain perception regarding all matters instantly/real timely or the capability to think without thinking.
  7. 7. Intuition is sensing that is beyond the conscious understanding. As we know it is impossible to see with eyes closed, Mid brain activated kids can guess accurately with their eyes closed. The brainwave will contact the Intuition existing in the right brain and when the Intuition becomes active, the object will be detected with various senses like sight, smell, touch, sound etc and then the left brain responds it by identifying.
  8. 8. Our WORKSHOPS for MID BRAIN ACTIVATION We conduct 2 FULL DAY workshop in a reputed banquet hall/hotel/resort in your city. (Inclusive of Breakfast, Juice, Lunch etc) Selections of participants are kids ageing 4/5 years to 14/15 years. Timings are usually 10am to 6pm depending upon kids’ participation and response. On 2nd day we invite parents to see performance of their kids and to guide “How to behave with a Midbrain activated kid”. This parent meet is compulsory for all participants. After completion of this workshop we provide CD for the updates and improvements.
  9. 9. Benefits of MID BRAIN ACTIVATION Blindfold reading is not only the ability and purpose of the workshop. It improves creativity and imagination powers Enhances concentration Improves memory Enhances self confidence Makes emotional stability Speed reading Maximizes brain power for Genius condition.
  10. 10. For PARENTS • Do not force your kid to do blindfold reading. Check his comfortability and willingness first. • Do not touch and disturb when he is concentrating. • Use soft cloth or swimming goggle for closing eyes. • Praise him even if he guesses wrong. • Your kid knows brain gym thoroughly in our workshop, so tell him to do exercise daily 10-15 min. (we have provided DVD of BRAIN GYM) - it is compulsory. • Step wise start blindfold activity like 1st by touching then by distance then guessing what’s in closed box then reading titles of news paper then cycling blindfolded etc. • Please keep in mind – “we do not want our kid to be magician”. Make a note of his improvements in reading, concentrating, writing, memorizing abilities. • Wait for the improvements, atleast 1 month. • Power your kid gained is an undeniable fact. Kindly do not allow those who are skeptical and not updated with science to comment against your kid. • Whenever we call for follow up sessions kindly send your kid for upgradation.
  11. 11. Thank You

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