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Movement and learning


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This presentation stresses on how important movement is for learning!!!
Merry Christmas everyone!!!

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Movement and learning

  1. 1. Movement and learning
  2. 2.  We grow new nerve cells everyday till we die,particularly the hippocampus (the memory cells). Brain mind has a huge connection Cognition comes from the body-NOT THE BRAIN. All of our learning is experiential and learnt by the body.
  3. 3.  The areas that have to do most with movement grow the brain. Along with gross motor movement, it also modulates more than 27 other functions. The more the cerebellum develops –the more the brain grows.
  4. 4.  The only way we learn is through movement. When we ask kids to sit still and be quiet, we stop their ability to move. When we talk, we anchor the information that we get. When we move the TM joint, it activates eyes, ears, vocalization. When we verbalize what we are learning, then we learn it faster. Kids need to be moving while they are learning.
  5. 5.  When we yawn, it increases the metabolism of the brain and allows us to take information more clearly. Same happens when we are talking. Just taking a walk also helps.
  6. 6.  When we have fun, we are integrating whole brain processing. We have to enjoy what we are doing and have fun!!! Play is very intelligent!! Learning through exploration process helps in whole brain processing. We learn by mirroring others. So we have to be happy and enjoy all that we are doing and be good role models for our kids!
  7. 7.  When we are under stress, it shuts down the neocortex by 70-80% .This is evident in PET studies of stressed people. All that we need to do when stressed is just react, not think or be creative when stressed. Our brain is still programmed for survival. Movement helps to integrate the brain
  8. 8.  We develop a survival pattern at the same time as we are developing the Moro reflex. We all have specific learning profiles. Over half the people we meet, they get blocked in their ears when they are stressed. Other half get blocked in their eyes, can’t see when they are stressed. Mostly the stress of the parent passes down to the kids. But we can MOVE and come out of this total shut down of the brain.
  9. 9.  Lot of excitement and joy when I am doing something pleasurable, this is living in the moment, this is the integrated brain!!!!! It releases dopamine, a chemical inside the body which allows us to have integrated movement. It is the chemical which is necessary for curiosity, learning and growth.
  10. 10.  Play really helps the kids to integrate the brain. Let the kids move and explore. Instead of making the kids sit with the electronic gadgets, give them an opportunity to move. Love the technology- computer, TV and Ipads. But remember till the age of 11,kids need a lot of enriched environment close to nature and move. This is the only way to develop their brain, this is the only way we developed our brains.
  11. 11. 1. Walking2. Swimming3. Rough and tumble play4. Garden play-jungle gyms, slides, monkey bars and so on.5. Cycling6. Cross crawls7. Hook ups
  12. 12. Garden Play Jungle gym
  13. 13. Garden play Monkey bars
  14. 14. Walking Garden play
  15. 15. Cross crawls Hook ups
  16. 16.  Adults need a lot of movement as much as kids need it. We need to also develop our brain. Remember, our brain constantly is growing nerve cells till we die, so lets move and aid the development!!!
  17. 17.  We need movement! We need play! We need to enjoy each moment! We need to be present with each other, live the moment. We need to balance technology and enriched environment for our kids and ALSO FOR OURSELVES!!!