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Ctgs 2011

  1. 1. {Intentionally Blank}
  3. 3. Client ChallengesManagement challenges at all levels are now so overwhelming, so Image This…pervasive, and so mutable, one person cannot negotiate them all. • What if we could deploy business applications 40%The following represent only the tip of the iceberg: faster than you can now? • What if we could reduce application developmentSteering organizational evolution in a rapidly changingenvironment—“Our competitive edge lasts months not years” costs by 30%?and is the prime concern of many business executives. In a fast • What if we could modify business capabilities andmoving global marketplace, indecision about change can prove business processes without re-writing applications?just as costly as the wrong decision. However, far too often new • What if we were able to consolidate legacychange initiatives and information systems take longer to application portfolio by 20%?implement than the life span of the tactical business strategies • What if we could integrate a new Acquisition 50%they are intended to support. Organizations need on-goingstrategic management, rather than a one-time plan. They need faster?many base hits, not a home run. “What if this was offered atStructuring business and IT architectures for agility— 50% less than the competition.”Industry consolidation and the disruption of traditional valuechains, as new ventures are formed and strategic businessrelationships are forged, have exposed an even greater need foradaptable response and near-real-time realignment of IT Developing capabilities needed to effect sustained andcapability to business strategies. However, investments in meaningful change—There is virtually no industry, no marketevolving skills, processes, and infrastructure take longer to change segment, and no corner of the globe that is not experiencing anthan ideas of strategy. ever-increasing spiral of change. In nearly every case, that change is becoming more complex, both in terms of the pace at which theA fundamental challenge for most organizations is to sustain solution must be implemented, and the inevitable need forgrowth while restructuring to meet the future demands of themarketplace. Key questions are: follow-on solutions. In short, the “half-life” for solutions execution  How do I keep costs down? and enjoyment is shrinking rapidly. We have moved from a time  How do I eliminate redundancy? of intermittent change, through a period of contiguous change,  How do I ensure cross-functional alignment? and into an era of continuous, overlapping, change.  How can I better understand the impact of change?  How can I leverage my existing investments in information Managing change investments for business value—the time and IT? when organizations could indiscriminately throw money at  How can I make my business and IT environment less brittle and more responsive? information technology is over. Organizations, management and investors, are demanding an enhanced level of IT investment- from the selection of ideas for investment to the realization of business value. Further, most programs compete for resources.
  4. 4. While there may be a few “duds” among the opportunities, mostwill have some benefit. The first challenge is to select a portfolioof work that maximizes overall value to the organization. A CTGS Partnerssecond challenge is to drive up the success rate of these Organization Transformation Successinvestments by ensuring measurement systems exist to track thedelivery of benefits and to monitor assumptions in the external In 2007 a large University in the Northeast chose CTGSenvironment so the portfolio can be adjusted as conditions Partners to transform an inefficient, decentralized, structurechange. using a disparate array of systems into a unified campus. In the two years following the 30 million dollar initiative, theCTGS Partners organization realized incremental and qualitative results:Having someone to share the management challenges with you,  Consolidated from 15 to 2 data centerssomeone whose judgment you can rely on, who can offer sound,  Reduced the number of key applications from 350 to 50practical advice—someone who’s “been there before” is an  Cut the process delays by nearly 62 percentinvaluable management asset. Through a network of experienced  Increased data consistency, integrity, and reliabilityManagement Consulting practitioners, CTGS Partners offers  Improved ability to accommodate changes throughadvice and guidance to client organizations to help identify and greater business flexibilityunderstand management problems and to recommend effective  Gained the ability to provide data more quickly to thosebusiness solutions that deliver real business value. who needed itCTGS Partners core Management Consulting capabilities support:  Business and IT Strategy—to steer organizational evolution in a rapidly changing environment;  Business and IT Architecture—to structure business and IT architectures for increased agility;  ROI Realization—to develop an ROI Model needed to sustain and grow the organization.  Benefits Realization—to manage change investments for business value.Each of these core capabilities answers a critical managementquestion:  Are we doing the right things?  Are we doing things the right way?  Are we getting the right things done?  Are we realizing the business benefits?A Complete Multi-Dimensional ApproachOur consultants work at the strategic, program, and project levelsto support clients through the full life cycle of their business andinformation technology investments. From defining an overallbusiness strategy, through planning and structuring the solution,we ensure integration with other business initiatives, effectiveportfolio management, and the delivery of expected benefits.
  5. 5. and evaluate external changes between strategic direction and changes in the external environment. Strategic changes that affect the organization’s core competencies, culture, structure, processes, and resources must also be monitored. Rapidly changing environments can weaken the cohesion between external and internal components of a system. CTGS Partners steering process provides management with the ability to rapidly assess the effects of these changes, identify needed corrective actions, and provide the confidence to stay the course. Where there are “critical uncertainties” in the future environment, CTGS Partners approach provides alternative business scenarios should unexpected changes occur. This ability to anticipate future conditions and plan parallel strategies is a distinctive feature of the CTGS Partners approach.Our focus on business value and our unique Benefits Realizationapproach provides a process for managing an organization’sbusiness and IT investments to ensure each dollar is optimally The Strategy is the Programapplied and that expected benefits are delivered. All CTGS Most companies understand their position in a competitivePartners services are supported by advanced methodologies and market. Business failure is often the result of not having detailedwide access to people through our Communities of Practice and plans that move the whole team in the same direction. CTGSinformation resources through our global knowledge repository. Partners’ unique FastTrack Management approach fills this gap by mapping all necessary strategic action into a clear and comprehensive roadmap to bring about viable change needed forBusiness and IT Strategy: continuous growth. We have the experience to weed outAre we doing the right things? programs that have little chance of being successful and toCTGS Partners Business and IT Strategy helps you steer provide programs that deliver expected organizational outcomes.organizational evolution in a rapidly changing environment. This This approach:approach incorporates multiple paths that support strategic  Is based on building reusable knowledge;thinking and decision-making from planning, process, and design  Creates a management process adapted to the culturethrough execution and management. It helps business and IT of the organization;managers:  Anticipates future scenarios;  Define business and IT enabling visions and strategic targets;  Uses an integrated portfolio management approach that Transform business and IT visions into workable strategies; provide ongoing assessment of business options and Monitor strategy implementation on an ongoing basis; strategic choices;  Answer tough business questions about adopting new  Builds comprehensive change delivery programs technologies; and predicated on achievable business benefits;  Integrate multiple business unit strategies into a single,  Constantly monitors and manages change; and overall strategy, even when they operate in different continually evaluates strategic objectives, financial markets. worth, and business risk to ensure delivery of business value.The overall role of CTGS Partners Business and IT strategyapproach is to define “implementable change” that will governthe destiny of the organization in a changing environment—anddeliver business results. At every level (corporate, divisional, and Delivering on the Strategyfunctional), CTGS Partners enables strategic managers, planners, The high-performance organization of the future is determinedand consultants to design their own strategy processes. Rather not only by the quality of its thinking, but by its ability to put thatthan a “one size fits all,” our strategic profiling allows us to tailor a thinking into action. From defining the strategic directions of thestrategy that fits the realities your organization faces today. We Business and IT, CTGS Partners is able to structure and develop ahelp you manage at the speed of change, and socialize the fact complete set of target architectures that form the basis ofthat the program is the strategy to ensure you deliver the business systems development. CTGS Partners develops thisstrategy. framework using its Business and IT Architectures service. The linkage between “doing the right thing” (strategy) and “doing it right” (architecture) is explicitly made via CTGS PartnersManaging at the Speed of Change approach.The speed of change demands an ongoing steering process basedon updateable knowledge. It is essential to continuously monitor
  6. 6. Steering Organizational Evolution in a  Enterprise ArchitectureRapidly Changing Environment  Business Process Reengineering  Cloud and Vitalization Enterprise Architecture addresses the total design of the business: its structure, processes, resources and its computing and communications technology infrastructure. The term “enterprise” includes the concept of the Extended Enterprise, which refers to the extension of information exchange, business functionality, and knowledge-based value creation to customers and other business partners within a collaborative business network. Typical assignments for these services include mergers and acquisitions integration, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), shared service delivery, and new business start-ups.Strategic Governance is a dynamic process that continuallymanages the alignment between business strategy, the portfolio Our approach provides a comprehensive set of deliverables,of program investments, the projects (both business and IT) that definitions, and processes that are highly compatible with the wellmake up the individual programs, and the enterprise architecture. recognized Zachman framework, OASIS, TOGAF and Gartner.It assists organizations in identifying and managing changes totheir business environment and helps them understand when and Business Process Reengineering is a specific body of architecturalhow to evolve their strategic direction and rebalance their knowledge supporting:portfolio of programs. It helps organizations respond quickly to  Radical redesign of a process or processes to achievechange – a considerable asset in these uncertain times. significant improvements in business performance;  Design of new processes to achieve new business objectives;Business and IT Architecture:  Evolution of processes to achieve improvements inAre we doing things the right way? business performance.CTGS Partners Business and IT Architecture approach helps youstructure for agility. The two core offerings address: B By challenging the existing rules governing an organization, we
  7. 7. seek out quantum leaps in business process performance rather The deployment of critical resources can dramatically affectthan incremental improvements. This includes the fundamental organizational performance. By studying and understandingrestructuring of work processes, management processes, behavior and structure, we can understand and plan the changes,relationships, organizational design, and resources. In this context which deliver breakthrough performance improvements.our approach is based on a set of principles that focus on: CTGS Partners delivers solutions of immediate business value  The customer of each business process (internal or while assisting the enterprise to improve its performance and external); flexibility over time. We recognize the need for less “build from  Improvement of the entire business process with scratch” solutions and a greater emphasis on planned reuse, engagement of key stakeholders in every aspect; repeatable “patterns” and component engineering.  Measurement of business outputs;  Managing the boundaries between organizational units Change Realization: (internal or external); Are we getting the right things done?  Business principles as drivers for solution; “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent,  Solutions that provide flexibility for future growth; but the one that is most responsive to change”  A series of relatively short-term change programs with – Charles Darwin specific results oriented targets; Developing the capabilities needed to effect sustained and  Management of change as an integral part of the meaningful change is how companies survive and succeed. Within reengineering process. this context, the words of Charles Darwin have an element of the prophetic about them. They articulate the foundation on whichExtending Relationships the future of your company—and perhaps your own career—willIn structuring or restructuring an enterprise, there must be a clear be built.recognition of those decisions that belong to the organization,those it can influence (partners, trade associations, etc), and Agility, after all, is just another word describing the ability tothose to which it must conform. The organization must be respond to change, both individually and organizationally. Itconstantly aware of a wide-range of external business and requires effectively implementing new solutions in ways that aretechnology trends. Survival requires balancing agility with less disruptive to productivity, in less time, at less overall expense,performance improvement. with fuller realization of the benefits, and with a more robust— rather than more depleted—workforce at the end of the process.CTGS Partners architecture services assist organizations to Change Realization is designed to help clients effect change andstructure agility as well as meeting immediate performance goals: achieve the benefits of change in an optimum way. Rather thanto reengineer tangled structures and processes, and to engage employing a cumbersome one-size-fits-all method, experiencedtheir core competencies more effectively in value networks with CTGS Partners’ practitioners use a unique profiling approach tonew business relationships. The enterprise must deal not just with identify pin-point interventions designed to minimize changeits own organization, but with a constantly evolving network of risks, build change capability, and manage resistance.extended business relationships. CTGS Partners views theorganization and its extended business relationships as a cohesivesystem and adopts a framework for analysis and planning thatreflects the significant dimensions of that system. There are three key attributes to Change Realization:A Continuous Focus on Business Value 1. Speed—we recognize that there are pressures broughtAll CTGS Partners architecture services are planned and delivered about by pace. So it’s about moving swiftly andwith your organization’s strategic goals and objectives kept in appropriately, based on your situation. For some clientsclear sight, and with the knowledge that each investment of time this may come as a shock. For others (who may be goingor resources must deliver a return in terms of business value. too fast), it may mean optimizing results through a more measured approach. Pace, speed, and urgency are all partWe use dynamic modeling techniques and tools to deal with the of change realization.true nature of business and to allow structure, behavior, andperformance to be studied. A business dynamics model typicallyportrays the performance of:  Many processes executing simultaneously;  Each process representing a cycle in time;  Concurrent processes contending for the same resources.
  8. 8. 2. Eliminating the “chance” elements in change—Nothing can be 100 percent guaranteed, especially change. We firmly believe that it is possible to structure interventions which may be inappropriate and harmful based on things that need attention and that give you the best chance to grow capability to embrace change. 3. Building change capability with other business benefits you are striving for at the same time—Change without benefits cannot be sustained; benefits without change is equally unrealistic.A Proven Framework of Tools and TechniquesChange Realization, in combination with Benefits Realization,provides a comprehensive set of methods, techniques, and toolsenterprise value. The toolkit includes a set of diagnosticinstruments used to characterize and surface risks, withtechniques and interventions that enhance capabilities toundertake the change. The Multi-Dimensional Assessment, aunique diagnostic process designed to identify your organizationsChange Corridor, is the cornerstone of the toolkit.The Change Realization approach is used to deliver practicalinterventions in many areas: Change strategy development; Readiness and impact assessment; Change program design; Change program management; Communications; Training and education; Leadership and sponsorship coaching; Organizational alignment; and Change program delivery.Developing Capabilities to Effect Sustained andMeaningful ChangeChange Realization assists clients in developing specificcapabilities needed to effect sustained and meaningful change fora given situation and organization. The approach is structured not WWW.CTGS.COMonly to realize the benefits of a specific change, but also to leavethe organization stronger and more flexible to accommodatefuture, more frequent, and greater changes.Benefits Realization:Are we realizing the business benefits?CTGS Partners offers a robust framework designed to ensure thatpromised benefits of business transformation and technologicalchange find their way to your bottom line. Our BenefitsRealization approach helps you proactively manage majorinvestment initiatives "from concept to cash."
  9. 9. Key elements of our Benefits Realization approach include:  Accountability—identification and management of appropriate accountability for business results. This is critical to enhance the performance of the investment portfolio. We bring a pragmatic and effective accountability framework that allows accountability to be clarified and managed throughout the investment’s life.  Value—practical approaches to the identification, measurement, and management of both tangible and intangible value. Value can be defined in many ways to reflect the nature of investments and their contribution either direct or indirect to the bottom line.WWW.CTGS.COM  Value-at-risk— recognition that realization of business value from IT enabled change investments can be affected by more than traditional project risk factors. Value-at-risk assesses risk from a holistic life cycle, identifying value risks in both the business and technical domains and linking that assessment into an active risk management regime.  Management of change—integration of change factors into the investment selection and management processes, ensuring that change risks are clearly understood, factored into the decision process, and managed on an ongoing basis. Managing Change for Business Value CTGS Partner’s Benefits Realization has a demonstrated track record in helping client’s plan and implement business improvement initiatives with benefits delivered. You increase the success rates of your major investments; You experience the benefits of "getting it right the first time," without the high cost of trial-and-error implementation; Your entire organization—from top executives to project teams—gains a better, shared understanding of the potential benefits of an investment and how to "get there." Executives, in particular, have increased comfort levels, reducing the leap of faith usually involved in moving from project-level results to business-level benefits. CTGS Partners Offers a Fix Bid Model: CTGS Partners has been offering a robust framework designed to ensure that the promised benefits of business transformation, Return on Investment (RIO) and technological change find their way to your bottom line. Our Multi-Dimensional approach helps you proactively manage major investment initiatives "from concept to cash." Now we offer a competitive fix bid model that drives down high price consultative management costs in a troubled market.
  10. 10. Bottom Line ApproachManagement Consulting from CTGS Partner’s brings you depth, breadth, and experience. At a personal level, you gain someone to share themanagement challenges with you, someone you can rely on for good judgment and sound, practical, advice—backed up by a wealth ofexperience and resources. At an organizational or corporate level, you gain a global partner who brings to bear consistent, proven processes,methodologies, and tools. CTGS Partner’s consulting helps you identify and understand management problems—then we recommend,execute, and stand behind effective business solutions that deliver real business value. • Whether an organization needs guidance in planning its business or technical strategy • Acquiring the tools to measure performance more accurately or becoming a thought leader to transform its business operations, CTGS can help. • CTGS is one of the world’s Fasting Growing consulting services organizations, with expertise spanning a full range of key business issues in every major sector. • Our Strategic Management services experience is vast and Industry Proven. • But our approach truly sets us apart as CTGS delivers 200% more content and collaboration then other top management firms. • We mentor organization leaders into thought leaders.
  11. 11. Bottom Line Value
  12. 12. Headquarters &United States Experience the CTGS Partners Difference2 Pratt LaneQuincy, MA 02169United States At CTGS Partners we leverage the intellectual capital of industry leaders and companies toTel: +1 508.737.4849 deliver solutions to business and government in the areas of Information Management, LegacyFax: +1 617.812.5578 Modernization and Managed Services. The scope of these offering extends from strategic methodology to the smallest detail of infrastructure operations. Through its industry recognized strategic methodology, ROI FastTracks®, CTGS Partners assists clients by incorporating more value into their investments and expediting their leadership into the marketplace. We work with you to create solutions and produce results that drive your business.WWW.CTGS.COM