CEC Annual Report 2012


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This report summarizes the main activities of Community English Club in 2012.

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CEC Annual Report 2012

  1. 1. COMMUNITY ENGLISH CLUBSharing knowledge-Connecting communityANNUAL REPORT 2012-2013
  2. 2. CONTENTSVision and Mission 03CEC Meetup 04CEC Bi- zine 06CEC Talkshow 08CEC Outreach 11CEC Contest 13CEC Gameshow 15Annual report |01
  3. 3. Annual report |02
  4. 4. VISION & MISSION What is Community English Club? What are our future and potentials? Here comes an overview about them.  Develop CEC into the most prestigious club of  CEC operates in form of voluntary membership, basing language competence, project management, and event on the fund contributed by its members as well as the planning skills in Thai Nguyen in 2013 by promoting the sponsorship raised by individuals, organizations, strengths of FLF students’ activeness and confidence. enterprises.  Promote the capacity of FLF students into a practical  CEC activities aim at: creating a helpful playground for and stable level, which helps connect students to students, promoting students’ English abilities of all employers. majors, providing an environment for students to exchange learning experience, offering opportunities for practicing necessary life skills.  CEC also cherish a wish to provide the community with meaningful and practical support by means of participating and holding a variety of volunteer and charity activitiesAnnual report |03
  5. 5. CEC MEETUPWeekly offline meetings of CECers Annual report |04
  6. 6. OVERVIEW effectively, taking a tour to Thai Nguyen Museum, carrying out the 2nd membership interview, getting acquaintance withHeld on every Saturday afternoon, meetup is one of CEC’s new members, etc.indispensable activities. It aims not only to give members achance to share knowledge, interact with one another but These offline meetings were held mainly on Saturdayalso promote CEC’s image to new joiners. mornings. With the total members stably of 30 people, CEC offline meetings were very useful to help all students of FFL ACTIVITIES to develop their linguistics skills as well as other important skills.In order to keep CEC run efficiently, 15 offline meetings In addition, CEC created a relationship with students ofwere organized successfully, which involved many useful Technology University and some other universities. After thetopics for students: discussing about freshmen’s difficulties 2nd membership interview, CEC had 5 free members fromat University, improving linguistics skills through games and Technology University. This is supposed to be a promisingother activates, sharing experience about how to make video future for CEC does imagine.Annual report |05
  7. 7. CEC BI- ZINEAnnual bi- zine of CECers Annual report |06
  8. 8. OVERVIEW CEC bi- zine stands for CEC bilingual magazine. CEC bi- zine is annually published with many interesting topics. This term, CEC published the 2nd bi- zine “Welcome the freshmen of Faculty of Foreign Languages”. In comparison with the last term, the 2nd CEC bi-zine was improved considerably. ACTIVITIES The process of making CEC bi- zine version 2 had 3 steps:  Writing. (2 weeks)  Designing. (1 week)  Publishing. (1 week) CEC bi- zine 2 had 10 articles with 10 different topics: soft skills, newsreel report, information technology, etc. The main theme of CEC bi- zine 2 was “Welcome the freshmen of Faculty of Foreign Languages”. Obviously, this bi-zine was supposed to be very useful for all students in FFL in general and the freshmen in particular. After CECer’s great efforts, 40 magazines were successfully published and highly appreciated by students in not only FFL but also in other universities. However, there were still some grammar mistakes in the writings’ contents. This should not happen for the next bi- zine versions.Annual report |07
  9. 9. CEC TALKSHOWA chance to interact with guest speakers Annual report |08
  10. 10. Annual report |09
  11. 11. OVERVIEW Thanks to the attractiveness of each Talkshow, there were estimated 30 students attending eachTalkshow is a brand new program of CEC in Talkshow. The number of students attendingthis term. In a Talkshow, there is one guest Talkshow also increased gradually.speaker invited to share something that he/she is interested in. Talkshow provides With the success of 4 Talkshows, CEC helpedCECers a chance to interact with many guest many students of FFL to create mutualspeakers and learn new things, which are not relationships with others. Moreover, this alsotaught at school. made CEC’s image become more popular with students of FFL. ACTIVITIES In the next term, CEC intend to organize 5In this term, CEC successfully held 4 more Talkshows with more professionaltalkshows with Mr. Thieu Trung Hieu, M.A activities.(project management), Ms. Dang QuynhTram, M.A (traditional values of Vietnameseand American), Ms. Michelle Brown,(Fullbright program) and Ms. Petsy, M.A(Canyour culture save our environment?). Annual report |10
  12. 12. CEC OUTREACH What CECers do outside our schoolAnnual report |11
  13. 13. - Autumn festival with a comedy and some games. Generally, CEC made a strong OVERVIEW impression on all pupils of Tan Lap primary school.Outreach activities are the voluntary ones organizedto help students from other schools in particular Another important outreach activity of CECaspects: education, environment, information in this term was to launch a branch at Duongtechnology, etc. In this term, CEC participated in 2 Tu Minh high school. This branch was aimportant outreach events. They are: co- operating small copy of CEC at Duong Tu Minhwith students with voluntary club of Technology school. The students of Duong Tu MinhUniversity to celebrate Mid- Autumn festival at Tan school held successfully the openingLap primary school and launching a branch at ceremony of CEC in June, 2013. FurtherDuong Tu Minh high school. activities will be implemented very soon. ACTIVITIESAt Tan Lap primary school, CEC helped members ofvoluntary club at Technology University to hold Mid Annual report |12
  14. 14. CEC CONTEST Contests held by CECAnnual report |13
  15. 15. OVERVIEWCEC contests are the contests held by CEC on theoccasion of special days: teachers’ appreciation day,FFL’s establishment day. In this term, CEC organized 2contests: writing contest for teacher’s day and videomaking contest about Faculty of Foreign Languages.Moreover, all candidates’ writings were complied into amini collection, which was highly approved byslideshare.net- one of the best websites of PowerPointdocuments sharing. ACTIVITIESThe writing contest was held in November, 2012. In thiscontest, there were 5 candidates taking part in thecompetition. The competition ended up with 1 first prize,2 second prize and 1 third prize.The second contest by CEC in this term was to makevideo about FFL on the occasion of FFL establishmentday: December, 31st. There were 2 candidates in thecompetition. Finally, there was 1 second prize and 1 thirdprize.In the next terms, CEC will organize more contests toprovide FFL students more chance to compete and sharetheir ability with the world. Annual report |14
  16. 16. CEC GAMESHOW The biggest event by CECAnnual report |15
  17. 17. Annual report |16
  18. 18. OVERVIEW In this term, the biggest Gameshow of CEC was “Tri tue Ngoai Ngu 2” (The second knowledge quest). This gameshow was for all students of FFL in all majors. It was one of the best events of CEC with a strong impression on all FFL. ACTIVITIES In comparison with the last term, the The second knowledge quest was organized second knowledge quest was more on June, 4th, 2013. There were 50 candidates successful thanks to its large scale and coming from all majors of FFL. According to professionalism. the rules of the gameshow, the winner had to answer correctly the 15th question. However, In the next terms, CEC intend to celebrate the second knowledge quest finished with no more gameshows and improve their first prize. The best candidate won the second quality. The second knowledge quest this prize came from English education k33 class term showed that CECers were growing up with 13 correct questions. very fast.Annual report |17
  19. 19. Community English Club 2012- 2013 Annual report |18
  20. 20. FIND US ONLINEFacebook.com/CommunityEnglishClubyoutube.com/user/cecenglishclub slideshare.net/cec12345communityenglishclub@gmail.com