Nvidia CES 2013 Highlights


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Nvidia CES 2013 Highlights

  1. CES 2013
  2. “ NVIDIA has done something amazing here. They took an idea we likely wouldn’t have seen for at least another 5–10 years and showcased it at CES this year. ”
  3. Our press event was packed. Some 400journalists, from top-tier business togaming trade publications, attendedfrom around the world. Well over 1,000articles resulted in the first few daysfollowing the event.
  4. Our booth on the show floor was flooded.Each hour, more than a thousand customers,partners, camera crews, press and analystscame through, looking to see whatwe announced and to get more details.
  5. Project SHIELD Tegra 4 GRID Our three major announcements at CES — Project SHIELD, Tegra 4, GRID — will modernize gaming and expand the boundaries of mobile.
  6. First, Project SHIELD. It took the world by surprise.Not a game console in the traditional sense, it’s anopen-platform gaming device that supports both thePC and Android game ecosystems. It’s the first Androidsystem that combines a console grade controller, and it’sthe first device that allows gamers to enjoy all of theirPC games from anywhere in the house.
  7. Project SHIELD lets you play both Android and PC games with the benefits of a console-gradecontroller, a five-inch retinal screen, and exceptional sound from tuned port, bass reflex speakers.
  8. “… [Project SHIELD will]inkickstart the Android gaming scene ways that a flood of bargain basement tablets never could — and prevent the future of handheld gaming from becoming synonymous with Apple. ” More than half of the 500M+ Android users play games. Now they have a proper controller. And the 700K Android apps can now be viewed on a TV.
  9. “If youahave alibrary of Steam games with large powerful gaming PC — as many gamers do following the incredible Steam sales — the Shield promises to let you play them anywhere in your house with the console controls. All of these things are coming together for the first time right now. ” With Project SHIELD and a GTX system, 54M Steam users can now play on the big screen.
  10. $40-60/each Free… Free-to-Play… Premium Console Android DeviceWhile the game console model is attractive to many, we see growth in open-platform gaming. We’ll make money by selling the device, rather than subsidizing it with pricey titles. We haven’t yet announced a price, but Project SHIELD will be out in Q2.
  11. “[Project SHIELD] isdevices, game to portable game a major disruption consoles and devices like the Apple iPod. ”“NVIDIA has built what could be the most compelling portable game system in some time. ”“The NVIDIA Shield is easily one of the most exciting gadgets of CES 2013. ”
  12. Second, Tegra 4. It’s the heart of Project SHIELD and theworld’s fastest mobile processor. Its 72 GPU cores deliver 6Xthe graphics of Tegra 3. And it’s the first quad-core versionof ARM’s Cortex-A15 CPU, giving exceptional speed. But itconsumes only about half the power of its predecessor.
  13. HDR Video “One Shot” HDR HDR Burst HDR FlashLightning Fast Web Browsing First “Always-On” HDR Camera TegraZone Games i500: Revolutionary Soft Modem Key features of Tegra 4
  14. “[Tegra 4] will be the heart of a next generation of smartphones and tablets that will be as powerful as laptops and personal computers from just a short time ago. ” “Nvidia’s Tegra 4 system-on-a-chip contains a whopping 72 graphics cores -- six times whats built into in Tegra 3.Tegra 4 will power the newest tablets, which are projected to ”out-ship laptops this year. It has already grabbed more tablet design wins than its predecessor, Tegra 3.
  15. Third, NVIDIA GRID Cloud Gaming Platform. Think of it as Netflix forgames. It’s based on a server loaded with GPUs and specializedstreaming and virtualization software. A single rack of 20 NVIDIA GRIDservers packs staggering power — its 240 GPUs provide the processingpower of more than 700 Xbox 360’s.
  16. Game-service providers will use GRID to render games in the cloud and deliver them, via telcos and the like, to any connectedscreen. Six pioneering companies from all over the world have already signed up for GRID. Others are in the works.
  17. “[GRID] …we play games to be prepared to change the way truly appears from top to bottom. ”“… the gaming. be the long-awaited answer to cloud Grid could ” Convenience wins. Putting movies in the cloud took sales revenue from $50B (packaged DVDs) to more than $250B (on demand). Cloud gaming is next.
  18. Our new products target a massive, thriving market. In PCs, MMOgames alone did $13B in 2011; the NFL did $9B. On Android, 9 of thetop 10 app publishers by revenue are game companies. Today’sgamers play across platforms, from console to PC to mobile. GRID andProject SHIELD, powered by Tegra 4, will delight them.
  19. PROJECT SHIELD — Best of CES — Best Gadget — Best Gadget — Best Gaming, CES — Best of CES Nominee, Gaming— Best Gadget — Best of CES — Best of CES — Best New Arrival at CES — Best of CES — Biggest Surprise, CES TEGRA 4 — Standout Device, CES — Best of CES — Star of CES 2013 — Best Tablet for — Finalist, Best of Vizio Tegra 4 tablet Early signals are positive. We received Best of CES Awards from a host of publications.
  20. “ NVIDIA’s expansion into new nuts-and-bolts hardware as well as the cloud are aggressive and actionable. NVIDIA is clearly here to play ball. ”