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Direct Contact 2012


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A brief presentation of my services and the focus of a "digital return".

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Direct Contact 2012

  1. 1. Digital Return Optimization
  2. 2. Direct Contact• Founded in 2005• Provides social media/digital asset marketing and monetization strategies• Content management• Proprietary DRO (Digital Return Optimization) process• Depth of experience in NHL, AHL and Junior levelsSelected clients include… @carsonmckee
  3. 3. Digital Return Optimization (DRO)1. What is DRO?2. What DRO can do3. The DRO process4. DRO timeline5. DRO commitment @carsonmckee
  4. 4. What is DRO?• Digital Return Optimization is… – The methodology of maximizing and leveraging digital and social media assets to achieve specific growth, interaction and revenue goals• Client results include: – +$170,000 in ticket sales revenue – +$50,000 in corporate sales revenue – +$5,000 in merchandise sales revenue – Social populations growth and engagement @carsonmckee
  5. 5. What DRO Can Do• Deepen and extend digital reach• Increase web stats• Coordinate digital marketing platforms• Monetize social media sites• Grow friends and followers• Enhance online branding @carsonmckee
  6. 6. DRO Process• Determine specific goals – Examples: • Improve web stats • Establish brands and personalities as leading online destinations • Leverage corporate partnerships • Social media enhancement and monetization strategies• Review existing digital assets – Website(s) – Social media – Apps – Mobile – Email – Integration with other media @carsonmckee
  7. 7. DRO Process (continued)• Define deliverables – Examples: • 10% increase in web traffic YOY • Double the amount of social media friends/followers • Set $ values for digital assets • Merchandise sales target of $x• Build and implement strategy – How deliverables inform the strategic path• Plan and execute tactical elements – How strategy transitions into actions• Measure, maintain, adapt @carsonmckee
  8. 8. DRO Timeline• Runs through a pre-determined contract length – Monthly rate• Onsite meetings – To launch the project – At midway point – Other onsite meetings as required• Weekly tactical meetings via telephone – Project measurement and tracking @carsonmckee
  9. 9. Thank YouLets get started with a conversation… Carson McKee Direct Contact 604.763.3944