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Free growing deep and strong guide


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This free guide can show us how to create small groups of new Christians quickly and effectively into small group Christian leaders that multiply naturally with minimal effort and time. We give and support the Christian groups and its leaders with a complete step by step off-the-shelf 12 months Christian discipleship course that is simple to use and easy to understand.

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Free growing deep and strong guide

  1. 1. How To Create Small Groups Of New Christians Quickly And Effectively Into Small Group Christian Leaders That Multiply Organically With Minimal Effort And Input FREE 20 Page Report Plus bonus pagesPage 1 of 25
  2. 2. HOW TO BUILD AND MULTIPLY SMALL GROUPS OF NEW BELIEVERS QUICKLY AND EFFECTIVELY.  One That Will Give New Believers A Solid Biblical Foundation,  Become Strong in Their Faith,  Live a Holy and Sanctified Life 24/7.  A Format That is Simple to Administrate  Easy to Follow and  Multiplies Groups Organically and NaturallyBuilding and multiplying small groups of new believers is one of thesingle most challenging issues a Christian leader faces today.The problems usually faced can be one or several of the following;  In general, a lack of materials that are available to take a new believer on an intentional discipleship path, one that will build solid biblical foundations in a logical cohesive manner  Limited availability of discipleship methods for dealing with the emotional and demonic baggage a new believer carries with them.  The risk of developing Christians who remain shallow in their faith, “talk the talk” but don’t “walk the walk”.  A lack of unity and direction  A lack of leaders’ materials that is simple to use, easy to implement and remains consistently biblical in its foundations.  Power or leadership struggles in the gatherings with hidden agendas  One or more people who dominate the gatherings  The risk of shallow or surface relationships developing that have no depth or richness  A lack of enduring and endearing relationships  Gatherings that become sickly, introverted and lifeless  Strangers remain feeling as strangers and no depth of relationship is developed  And the list could go on and onPage 2 of 25
  3. 3. Hi, my name is Carl John Fechner, I’m known as a Bible Life Coach, Author and Co-Founder of the Growing Deep and Strong Series. I provide and support Christian Leaders with a complete step by step off-the-shelf 12 months Bible Study Discipleship Program,that is simple to use, easy to understand and multiplies small groups organically,the program takes a person from a pagan background to a Christian small groupleader in 12 months or less. And David W Searle is my co-author, he is known in the Christian community as a gifted pastor and teacher with a rich Christian heritage and co-author of the Growing Deep and Strong series, he is a trained Secondary School Teacher, has a Diploma of Divinity,Licentiate of Theology, Bachelor of Arts with Honors, majoring in Biblical Hebrewand Biblical Archaeology,Graduate Certificate in Ministry, Counseling, and Certificate in BusinessManagement,A UNIQUE TEAMAs co-authors of the Growing Deep and Strong series, we each have very uniquegifts and experiences that work really well together. This has caused GrowingDeep and Strong to be rich in content with a strong Biblical emphasis, yet veryeasily understood by new believers who have no church background.David W. Searles rich Christian heritage and strong Biblical background,combined with Carl J. Fechners understanding of todays worldview bring aunique balance to the material making it relevant and understandable to newconverts by presenting the word of God simply. The material is written in a waythat takes the new believer on a journey of personal discovery through the Biblethat is relevant in todays society, and applies Gods standards to the way lifeshould be lived.Page 3 of 25
  4. 4. HOW TO BUILD AND MULTIPLY SMALL GROUPS OF NEW BELIEVERS QUICKLY AND EFFECTIVELY.Now that I have introduced ourselves, let me first make the comment that thereare many different suggestions and models to followBut: Here Is What We Have Found Works BONDING;For a Small Group to bond and build endearing, rich and deep relationships theyneed to spend time togetherIn our world today, we all seem to be time starved and the art of conversationover dinner has broken down into grabbing something quick and easy andconversation has become not much than snippets before we go onto the nextitem on our busy schedule.And most meeting formats are set up so that you gather together on apredetermined evening after dinner at someone’s home around 7.30 - 7.45 pm.Page 4 of 25
  5. 5. The First Thing To Change Is The Format!!!We recommend everybody come together for the evening meal, now before yourun off in your thoughts, this does not have to be complicated, on the next page,(we will explain why we suggest having a meal together), we have done it foryears and it is simple if you follow a few guidelines,This is what we suggest and we found it worked  keep the meal very simple,  Don’t let it become a cooking contest  Everybody brings a plate of food to share. Some will precook a dish, some will buy take away. It’s okay. We never formalise this. We just allow everybody to bring what they desire. (Well, sometimes we have had to suggest that a packet of biscuits is not really a meal!)  I must admit, we usually end up suggesting the host make a dessert  As we got know each other, we found some people had certain dishes they like to cook and bring, so as a group we discussed the options and came to a mutual agreement on who might like to bring what, and this was only done after we had been sharing meals together for some time.  We worked hard at keeping it simple and informal.  In some cases we even used disposable plates and cutlery if it looked like a heap of dishes was a strain on the host  RECOMMENDED TIME: 45-60 minutesPage 5 of 25
  6. 6. THE PURPOSE WAS NOT THE MEALHey! Don’t miss this important step: In our agenda-drivenworld we can easily forget that we are human beings nothuman doings!The outcome and purpose of having a meal together was;  Eating together broke down hidden barriers,  it is difficult to “mask” and put food into your mouth at the same time.  It gave people time to relax and separate their work day from the time together  If people were having issues in their private world, it would usually show up in their demeanour, body language etc.  It helped to pick up on the tone of the meeting.  It allowed for personal one on one interaction.  People became relaxed, got to know more about each other in this style of atmosphere, and it began to build relationships that went beyond just meeting in that particular group  People were more relaxed and open to the next stage of the eveningPage 6 of 25
  7. 7. You will be amazed at the depth of relationship building andbonding this simple act of meeting together for a meal will do(in the New Testament, they continually met in this manner)PLEASE NOTE; from a house keeping point of view, with this type of meetingformat, it is important that everybody cleans up afterward, not just a select fewor just the women. Do not let it become a burden on the host andMEN: THIS IS A JOINT HELP TIME, Everybody pitch in and help. TIME FRAMEThis is what we have found the most productive for new believersRelationship building is of paramount importance,so we strongly recommend that you;  Meet weekly.  Predetermine what is the ideal evening of the week.  Come to a common agreement about what is the most suitable time to gather for a meal.  Involve everyone in these decisions so that they can take ownership of the gatherings.  It will never be perfect for everyone, but work hard at making it as convenient and suitable for everyone. This will help eliminate the likelihood of anyone claiming that they are not coming because the time frame didn’t suit them.  This is about lifestyle, not another job to go to or “dictatorship” by a leader, so involve everyone in the formation of the gatherings.Page 7 of 25
  8. 8. THINK RELATIONSHIP BUILDING, BUILDING TRUST Trust cannot be demanded, it can only be earned. It is invisible, yet real.You will find that most people have become….  Cynical; they are living in a world of broken promises….  A society that no longer values integrity, good character and high moral standards….  Where truth is in most cases is not much more than lip service….  A society where prominent leaders and celebrities are poor role models….  And in general do not demonstrate integrity, honesty and values that we as Christians hold and value dearly.Jesus Christ became a servant leader to all and so must you; it cannot be a playon words but a heart attitude. This Must Be First And Foremost In The Mind Of You The LeaderPage 8 of 25
  9. 9. Small Group Dynamics The following is a diagram and explanation of the typical life cycle of a small group or team project. The various stages or phases of small group development can be seen in the following diagram. completion (celebration) rm on PRODUCTIVITY g) f o c ti c r u r n in g in er tru (mo ns mb u co lin g (p ) in n o r e s io n g) (sto c o n in g ) io at g) h m re min co rm f lic c r (f o (n t dis reso If n in t e ot g ra e d te lv TIME CREATION: The creation phase is when the group forms, there is excitement and productivity however it is generally a bit of a “honeymoon period. CONFLICT: The conflict stage involves some storming within the team. This is when there are power struggles, personality clashes, testing of authority, status, wariness of one another and what each other may want, personal agendas emerge and there is a general sense of chaos. The productivity drops dramatically as there is a loss of focus.Page 9 of 25
  10. 10. If there is no resolution of the conflict issues within the team then this can cause irrevocable damage and ultimate disintegration of the team. The positive outcome from this stage is that often the God given gifts of each individual are discovered. COHESION: The cohesion phase or otherwise known as the “norming” stage is when the small group pulls together having worked through any conflict issues and the productivity improves. This is when the real work begins. CONSTRUCTION: The construction phase or performance phase shows the benefits of having worked through issues within the small group and a building of trust. There is a corporate vision which has emerged as opposed to individual visions and the decisions made now conform to the corporate vision. This also demonstrates a synergy within the small group of being more productive together as a team. This phase is leading the small group to bond together establishing boundaries of mutual respect and allowing the group to trust one another by walking with each other through personal challenges CRUMBLING: This phase of the team dynamics is when the task for which the team was first formed has now been completed. There is a celebration of achievement and at the same time there is a sense of mourning as the team will now naturally disband. Though disbandment will happen the legacy will continue through the relationships left to those in established positions of leadership.This last issue is somewhat typical of church thinking and applies to church tasksor activities.This should never be the case with small groups.Small groups should multiply by natural growth and relationship.Page 10 of 25
  11. 11. A GODLESS SOCIETYThis is the challenge for all Christian leaders today.We now have a society in the western world which is basically unchurched,meaning  They have no Christian or church background….  They have little or no Bible knowledge and in….  Most cases have never opened a bible in their life.Carl’s ExperienceAnd this was where I came from, so, much of what the church just assumed wasnormal “everybody knows that” stuff left me stranded and confusedIn the early days of my Christian journey, I felt somewhat intimidated andembarrassed by my lack of knowledge and that expectation by those around methat I should know thatMan, I didn’t know the books of the Bible, I knew there was an Old Testamentand a New Testament, but that was all I knew!And why this man Jesus died on the Cross, well, that was the dumbest thing Ihad ever heard! (PS. I now know why!)Like me, many of these new believers are ignorant, misinformed and have a realand total lack of knowledge about the Bible and Christianity. SPIRITUAL BABIESIt is important that you view new Christians as spiritual babies, and just like anatural baby, it is imperative that you give them intense nurturing and protection.It would be absurd to treat a natural baby like an adult, yet in many cases wetend to do that with our new spiritual babies.We place on them unrealistic expectations, or we leave them to their own devicesand hope that they will grow up via some sort of self-discovery process.Page 11 of 25
  12. 12. Well, that is like throwing someone into swimming pooland saying. “Here! Learn to swim.”The result is one of two things1/ they drown, (“backslide,” leave the church, abandon Christianity.)2/ they do learn to swim, but without proper instruction, they will form bad habitsand never reach there full potential. (become Carnal, worldly Christians lacking allthat God has for them)As leaders, like natural parents, we have a responsibility to nurture, grow anddevelop our new spiritual babies into strong mature Christians who are capable ofleading and discipling others.Now many of you reading this; know this already and have a real desire to seethese new spiritual babies grow into dynamic small group leaders and are lackingeffective, seamless discipleship materials or methods.Page 12 of 25
  13. 13. SMALL GROUP LEADERSBilly Graham once made this profound but true statement“When God’s people are truly revived and renewed spiritually, it resultsin a new vision for a lost world and a new commitment to reach out tothose who do not belong to Christ.”Do this well and you will have the nucleus of dynamic small group leaders.For you to develop dynamic small group leaders, you must first revive and renewspiritually your new baby Christians, or in the case of many Christiancommunities, revive and renew your existing Christian communityThey could be described as an artist’s blank canvas and God is the painter andyou are His brush AN INTENTIONAL DISCIPLESHIP PATHMany of our current programs assume that the new believer has a basicunderstanding of ChristianityIn most societies today this is not true.This is the first fatal mistake that many of us make as Christian leadersWe must come from a place of assuming that this new Christian baby lacks anyknowledge pertaining to God, His Word and how to live according to the Word ofGod. THE GOOD NEWSThe good news is that these new spiritual babies are like a blank canvas, and theMaster Painter can create His work of art upon their soul.Page 13 of 25
  14. 14. OUR RESPONSIBILITYGod has given us as Christian leaders the responsibility to nurture and develop ordisciple these new spiritual babies into strong mature Christian leaders. HERE IS WHAT I DISCOVEREDWhen my wife and I first became Christians,we discovered that most of the teachings;  Was piece meal stuff i.e. bits and pieces….  Had no progressive or seamless journey of discovery and growth….  Was not relevant to our level of understanding as new Christians from an unchurched background….  Was denominationally biased only portions of the Bible that suited their doctrines.We were hungry for God, so we found ourselves in a place where we had to goand actively seek out help and discipleship materials outside our Christiancommunity.Now you may say, “Well that only happened within your Christian circle ofinfluence.” But after many years on my Christian journey I have discovered thatthis is a common phenomenon right across the Christian community.And it really became evident while we were national coordinators for a globalministry and met thousand of poorly discipled ChristiansIt really grieved me to see the body of Christ in such a poor condition.It wasn’t just us but literally thousand of others have been poorly discipled. HERE IS WHAT I FOUND WORKSAnd it can work for you,Page 14 of 25
  15. 15. What you need is a simple to understand, easy to implement mentoring programthat builds strong Christian leaders that can duplicate what they have learned tobuild and multiply small groups.My co-author David W Searle and I spent six years and thousands uponthousands of hours creating a mentoring program called theGrowing Deep and Strong seriesAnd in essenceWe show you how you can take our simple, easy to implement andadministrate, off-the-shelf- 12 months bible study mentoring program,called the Growing Deep and Strong series that will take a person from apagan background and establish them in a strong, mature and soundbiblical relationship with God within 6 months, and within 12 months,become a discipler or mentor of others building small groups thatmultiply themselves organically with minimal input and supervisionWe have seen it change and transform the lives of people with a diverse range ofbackgrounds.Now you may choose to use our program or write your own, the following is thetheme that we would recommend you take.Page 15 of 25
  16. 16. This is what makes ours workWe have written the Growing Deep and Strong Series from our life experiencesWe have four nine week modules and two Encounter WeekendsEach module has a Coach’s Manual which makes it  Easy for anyone to teach another person….  With filled-in answers….  Has questions for review and group discussion….  It is easy follow and teach.Each module has a Disciple’s Manual and is an excellent tool for Christian growth.It is:  easy to read….  Simple in its approach….  Encouraging ones personal involvement as one discovers Bible answers for themselves….  A good exercise in discipline.It provides the triangle of learning:  Through the eye-gate (verbal presentation),  The ear-gate (group discussions)  The touch-gate (writing as the answers are discovered). We have found this is the best method of learning.Page 16 of 25
  17. 17. We call Module One Laying the FoundationAnd like what the name suggests we lay down a strong Biblical foundationcovering topics such asWe have found these topics build a strong foundation that will last for rest of thedisciple’s life.1/ Behind The Scenes DVD presentation, as an introduction and orientationThen eight sessions covering foundational principles such as,2/ A New Life, and how to use the BibleWe take the time to show them how to use all the great features of this NKJVSpirit Filled Life BibleThis will give them the skills to use this Bible for life, not just for The GrowingDeep and Strong series3/ Kingdom of DarknessThis session reveals who their old ruler was, how he influenced their lives anddecisions they made.4/ Kingdom of LightThis session introduces them to the Godhead,Particularly God the Father, as part of this session,We use the story of the prodigal son as an example, no matter what theirbackground was, they have a loving Father in heaven who loves themunconditionally5/ Why Jesus CameThis session we go right back to the Garden of Eden, how the choices made thenaffected man’s relationship with his Creator, this session reveals the life of Jesuson earth and why He came and chose to be the sacrifice that restores ourrelationship with our Father in Heaven6/ The Holy Spirit our HelperThis session brings the person of The Holy Spirit alive, the session reveals His realand tangible existence and influence in our lives today.7/ Existence of AngelsThis sessions acknowledges the biblical existence of angels both good and evil,and helps the believerUnderstand their purpose and that angel worship is forbidden.An important session that blows away all the misconceptions about Spirit Guides,mediums, angel worship, etc.Page 17 of 25
  18. 18. 8/ Spirit, Soul and BodyThis session reveals that we are a three part being, our spirit is born again, andwe are on a journey of sanctification, our past baggage hinders us and that thereis need for a cleansing and restoration of our soul.This session prepares the way for the Encounter One WeekendEncounter One Weekend is the climax of and completes the first Module,Where the new believers, or disciples,  Experience the healing power of the cross in a safe environment  Dealing with the baggage of the past  Break demonic influence and generational curses are broken  Plus issues such as, unforgiveness, rejection, witchcraft, religious spirit freemasonry, etc.  Learn how to walk in freedom from them©Encounter One Weekend also includes teaching about  The meaning of communion, and  The need for being baptized in water and  The need for being baptized in the Holy SpiritSo in effect, Module One lays the foundation, the disciples discover who their newruler is and on the Encounter Weekend, they experience firsthand His healingpower. We have seen some remarkable transformations in the lives of thedisciples.Page 18 of 25
  19. 19. “It Has Given Me Skills for Every Area of My Life” This is what Andrew said about our program“Found it laid out very well and easy to understand… each lesson followed onfrom the previous in a real logical way… Laying The Foundation cleared up a fewmisconceptions… laid a good foundation….cleaned up a bit of the rubbish… the“homework” wasn’t to heavy, helped the lesson sink in… the Bible we used wasgreat with all the extra…..Growing Deep and Strong gave me a map… it pulled italtogether… it has given me skills for every area of my life….a husband, a fatherand a better person in general… reinforced truth… who God is… why Jesus came…what Christianity is about…” “The Manuals Made It Simple To Coach Others” This is what Tammy said about the coach’s manauls“…. it was a learning curve…. interesting to see the dynamics at work… we had asmall group of people we were responsible for… we each had 3-5 people tocoach… the manuals are fantastic… They outlined and gave direction on what tospeak about… What questions to bring up and discuss… gave us guidelines… itgave us back up and knowledge… A lot of depth and knowledge in the scriptures…And was brought out in simplistic terms… And was really easy to teach insimplistic terms… it was great…”Greg Nichols said thisIn my journey as a Christian, nothing has accelerated my knowledge, faith andlove for the Lord more than the Growing Deep and Strong series, which was likestepping on to a ‘fast train’.I really liked the relaxed setting, commencing each week with a meal with othernew Christians and our coaches which was combined with great teaching andcourse material.I also found the Personal Discovery and Encounter Weekend to be really valuable.The course fast tracked my growth as a new Christian, connected me with neweternal friends and introduced me into the life of my church.Page 19 of 25
  20. 20. GROWING IN MATURITYIn Module One, we approached the new disciple as a new spiritual baby.In Module Two, we want to come with an attitude of likening the disciple to thatof a teenager approaching adulthood, marriage and having children; they arebecoming responsible for their own decisions and actions and in this Module wewant to teach them godly principles that will develop their character.Module Two comprises ten sessions and deals with developing godly character.Power principles are addressedsuch as1/ The power of praise and worship,We chose this as the first topic, after experiencing the healing power of God inthe Encounter One Weekend the disciples will be open to Praising andworshipping God.We cover, why should we worship God? Praise and Worship defined and how weworship God.2/ Talking with GodWe titled this talking with God, we wanted to clearly demonstrate that it is a twoway conversation, not just a one way dialogue, we teach them how to talk withGod and we give the disciple 10 ways that they can hear from God usingexamples from the BibleAnd how to confirm what they heard is correct.3/ Power of possessionsOur western world is consumed by materialism and we want to bring Biblicalbalance, In this session we cover, covetous, peril of self-sufficiency, worry wealth,poverty, principle of rest and God gives wealth.4/ Power of givingChristian liberality, setting the scene, liberal giving, doing good to those in thehousehold of faith doing good to those that teach, doing good for the poor andradical change.Page 20 of 25
  21. 21. 5/ Power of our wordsWe open this session with taming the tongue, we use the story of the Israelitescoming out of Egypt, God’s promises, the mixed report, negative and positivewords and the consequences of the spoken word. We cover the creative power ofwords and practical steps to take.In the next four sessions we have endeavoured to cover the timeline of a humanbeing from birth through to marriage and having a family.The intent was that regardless of what age the disciple is, they can reflect backon their life or look to the future and align their lives with God’s word.6/ Power of ParenthoodIn this session we cover, miracle of human birth, a helpless child, how God seeschildren, how a child sees parents, learn by example, obedience and discipline.7/ Power of integrityIn a world that is losing its moral characterWe want to teach the disciples society’s package vs. God’s package, the power ofintegrity, walking in integrity, teenage years, our thought life, lawlessnessdefined, submission and change of heart8/ Power of PurityGod’s grand design for our body, immorality, who defrauds whom, pornography,purity in dress and marriage partnership9/Power of a Godly familyThis session covers, leave and cleave, a helper, unequally yoked, privilege ofmarriage, husband’s responsibilities, wife’s responsibilities, marriage covenant,divorce, parenthood, abortion and creating a Christian Heritage. “Wow, is that The Power Of A Godly Family!”This is what Dulari said about Module two“I came from a dysfunctional family….a rebellious little girl… wow, is that how aGodly family is supposed to be!………. how it is supposed to be… it was a realrevelation… A family is really a fantastic institution when it is done Gods’ way… Idiscovered what a family is supposed to be….”This module concludes with another Encounter WeekendWhere ungodly character issues that have come to the surface in this Module areaddressed in a safe environment.And we cover such topics as;  OffencePage 21 of 25
  22. 22.  Bitterness and its roots  Words and word curses  Integrity  Possessions  Giving  purity  soul ties  House cleaning, etc, etc.Demonic influences and other blocks to the development of godly character areremoved so that the disciples can walk in freedom from them and live in thepower of godly characterBy now new Christians using our program have been on the journey for 6months and have discovered God in a very personal way and have built a real andvibrant relationship with God.This is what Andrea A wrote about the Encounter OneWeekendI am so grateful for this course. It has been such a blessing in my life.I found the teaching material easy to understand, while at the same time itchallenged and encouraged me to think for myself about how the teaching appliedin my own life.The Encounter Weekend was an awesome and enlightening experience. I wentinto the weekend a little cautious and nervous, but now I am very glad that Iwent along. I had no idea that I needed deliverance, but God did, and He touchedme at the Encounter Weekend in a very personal and powerful way.I know that I will never be the same again because of the Growing Deep andStrong series. My Encounter Weekend experience and the teaching have helpedme to become a much happier and stronger Christian.Page 22 of 25
  23. 23. As Billy Graham said;When God’s people are truly revived and renewed spiritually, it results ina new vision for a lost world and a new commitment to reach out tothose who do not belong to ChristEvangelism is the fruit of revivalWith this in mind,We created Module three, The War is RealBy now your disciples will be  “On fire for God”….  Truly revived and renewed spiritually….  Wanting to reach out to those in there circle of influence….  experiencing the real and vibrant relationship they….  now have with their new King and Ruler of their livesModule Three is aimed at teaching and equipping the disciples to pray for thepeople they know who remain in the kingdom of darkness.And help them discover their own unique God-given gifts and how they can bestuse their gifts as they serve God.This Module teaches firstly on  Spiritual warfare….  Combining prayer, worship, intercession and fasting….  As spiritual weapons against the enemy who has blinded these people.Page 23 of 25
  24. 24. The second aspect is to help the disciples  Apply the principles of prayer warfare practically….  By targeting three people in their circle of influence….  And praying for them over a 40 day period….  With the aim of seeing them come into the kingdom of GodWe created a DVD called Behind The Scenes which is an effective evangelismtool for presenting the Gospel to their friends at the conclusion of their 40-dayprayer warfare, this is available free from our web site.New disciples of Jesus are the result of prayer warfare andevangelism.This is how new groups of brand new believers can bemultiplied.Ideally, the person who prayed new believers into God’s kingdom would followthem up, and become their coach.With the oversight of their current coach they would assist the new believer tobegin Module One while they themselves complete Module Four.Page 24 of 25
  25. 25. Module Four is called Discipling Others and is designed to  Help the disciple develop leadership skills….  Coach new believers through Module One and Two….  Learn to lead small groups of Christians effectively as they grow and multiply.Well I trust that this has given you food for thought on how tobuild and multiply small groups of new believers quickly and effectively. This program works for us and many othersThe Growing Deep and Strong Series is one of the most comprehensive andcomplete 12 months Bible study mentoring programs in the world  It is Word based and Spirit filled  it is revolutionizing the Christian community as we know it today  people all over the world are discovering the transforming power of God through the Growing Deep and Strong Series  it has put the power of God back into the hands of people  they can disciple and mentor others without limitations.  It’s simple to use,  easy to understand and  multiplies small groups organically,  the program takes a person from a pagan background to a Small Group Christian Leader in 12 months or less.We unconditionally guarantee this will work for you, if you learn the program anduse it as described.You may choose to use our program, or take the outline I have given you andcreate your ownIf you would like more information on our programYou will find it atwww.biblestudylessonsmadeeasy.comIn His ServiceCarl John FechnerBible Life Coach, authorand co-founder of the© Growing Deep and Strong SeriesPage 25 of 25