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The	  Serendipity	  Experiment       Presented	  by	  Tom	  LeBree	  	  June	  21/2011
What	  is	  Serendipity?	  	  	  	  unexpected	  chance	  meaningful	  encounters	  
The	  Serendipity	  ExperimentQ	  -­‐	  Can	  we	  enhance	  serendipitous	  encounters	  with	      mobile	  technology?
What	  is	  StreetSpark	  ?• Creates	  Serendipity	  by	  connecGng	  people	  through	    moments	  in	  life	  that	  ma...
oad                         te d	  R                    ec                 Exp“Chance	  favours	  only	  the	  prepared	  ...
3	  Magic	  FactorsPlaceTime	  Ac/on
Place	  and	  Time        CiGes	  are	       serendipity	  engines,	  but	  most	   of	  us	  just	  follow	  the	  same	 ...
Birds	  of	  a	  Feather…                               Flock	  together!
AcGon	  –	  online	  to	  offline                                                                  Follow	  the	  same	  peo...
Familiar	  Strangers?  Jim	  and	  Gina:  • Both	  ran	  the	  London	      Marathon  • Socialise	  at	  Soho	  House  • G...
What	  we’ve	  learnt• Strangers	  matched	  on	  social	  interests	  are	  more	  likely	    to	  ignite	  (compared	  t...
What’s	  next	  for	  StreetSpark?It’s	  business	  /me…
Reference	  material	  and	  photos	  Thanks	  to:• Desperately	  Seeking	  Serendipity	  –	  Ethan	  Zuckerman	  	  (hIp:...
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Tom Le Bree presents StreetSpark @ Canvas8


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Tom Le Bree's presentation on behalf of StreetSpark at Canvas8's event 'By chance or by design. Serendipity and the internet' at The Prince's Foundation on the 21 June 2011.

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Tom Le Bree presents StreetSpark @ Canvas8

  1. 1. The  Serendipity  Experiment Presented  by  Tom  LeBree    June  21/2011
  2. 2. What  is  Serendipity?        unexpected  chance  meaningful  encounters  
  3. 3. The  Serendipity  ExperimentQ  -­‐  Can  we  enhance  serendipitous  encounters  with   mobile  technology?
  4. 4. What  is  StreetSpark  ?• Creates  Serendipity  by  connecGng  people  through   moments  in  life  that  maIer.• Matches  users’  shared  social  acGvity  and  sends  an   alert  when  a  match  is  nearby• The  matches  facilitate  a  spark,  which  can  either  be   Ignited  or  ExGnguished• ‘Social  Matching’  using  Interest  Graphs• Facilitates  real-­‐Gme  encounters
  5. 5. oad te d  R ec Exp“Chance  favours  only  the  prepared  mind.’’   Louis  Pasteur  
  6. 6. 3  Magic  FactorsPlaceTime  Ac/on
  7. 7. Place  and  Time CiGes  are   serendipity  engines,  but  most   of  us  just  follow  the  same  rouGne,  most  of  the  Gme,   with  liIle   divergence. We’re  very   predictable.
  8. 8. Birds  of  a  Feather… Flock  together!
  9. 9. AcGon  –  online  to  offline Follow  the  same  people   Listen  to  the  same  bands/ musicians  on  Last  FM on  TwiIer StreetSpark  creates  ‘Social  matching’  : based  on  interests  &  social  networking  acGvity ‘Like’  the  same  things  on   Watch  the  same  movies   Facebook  and  Facebook   Groups on  Ne`lix Read  the  same  books  and  news   Check  into  the  same   on  GetGlue places  on  FourSquare
  10. 10. Familiar  Strangers? Jim  and  Gina: • Both  ran  the  London   Marathon • Socialise  at  Soho  House • Go  to  Reading  on  the   weekends • Love  watching  cricket • Just  read  ‘Visit  from  the  Goon   Squad’ • Are  parGal  to  Karaoke • Read  The  Observer  religiously • Believe  in  Astrology • Downloaded  Jaime  Oliver   cooking  app • Listened  to  the  Beatles  ‘Yellow   Submarine‘  this  week
  11. 11. What  we’ve  learnt• Strangers  matched  on  social  interests  are  more  likely   to  ignite  (compared  to  profile  info  only)• Strangers  more  willing  to  meet  when  there  are   overlaps  in  personality  (even  places  they  like)• People  will  take  risks  (if  they  feel  there  is  potenGal  of   finding  something  ‘special’)• People  want  an  excuse  to  be  spontaneous• They  see  serendipitous  encounters  as  romanGc    
  13. 13. What’s  next  for  StreetSpark?It’s  business  /me…
  14. 14. Reference  material  and  photos  Thanks  to:• Desperately  Seeking  Serendipity  –  Ethan  Zuckerman    (hIp://  )• Google  Images