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Anil Malhotra presents Bango


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Anil Malhotra, co-founder of Bango, spoke at Canvas8's Mobile Money event in April 2012. Anil discussed innovation opportunities around mobile transactions and the opportunity to combine transactions with customer loyalty.

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Anil Malhotra presents Bango

  1. 1. BangoCanvas8: Mobile MoneyAnil Malhotra, Co-founder and SVP Alliances & Marketing © 2012 Bango plc 1
  2. 2. About Bango– Founded in 1999 to enable effective Bango customers include: collection of payments from mobile device users– Leading global brands choose Bango for mobile payments and analytics– Bango technology, relationships and user data enable a superior user experience, higher sales and accurate 80+ Operator relationships include: analysis– On London Stock Exchange since 2005 (AIM: BGO.L)– Offices in Cambridge, UK and New York, USA Award winning technology: 2
  3. 3. Mobile payments? 3
  4. 4. What Bango does ….. Streamline the user payment experience Pay For thousands of digital merchants 4
  5. 5. A matter of life or death … Warrior needs a sword in mobile game Pay with PayPal Pay with Bango • Choose your sword • Choose your sword • Click & type phone number • One click to pay • Click to continue • Get the sword • Wait for a text message • Open the message • Note down the PIN code • Go back to the app Defea • Type in the PIN code ted the g iant • Get the sword Met t h prince e ss Killed b the O y Ruling gre the la nd 5
  6. 6. Mobile user identity (billing authentication) Identified User >1 billion registered Bango user IDs >100 million authenticated for billing ? Bango User ID: 523673 Operators •Cookies •UDID / EMEI •Device details Device manufacturers •Browser info •Operator •Connection Browser developers •Location •Purchase history •Activity history Bango records •3rd party identity •Open identities •MSISDN 3rd party systems •Email •etc… 6
  7. 7. One-click payment User chooses content Payment is collected Access content 7
  8. 8. Global coverage 8
  9. 9. Growth of one-click billing to consumers 9
  10. 10. Payment stats – Operator billing 40% - 80% – Credit card 8% - 20% – Credit card (2nd time) 80% - 90% – PayPal mobile 1% - 2% 10 Source: Bango
  11. 11. Battle for digital content sales Smartphone users Android Market Marketplace 11
  12. 12. Mobile commerce: Micro to mega Cash, Credit, Pay 12
  13. 13. Thank you© 2012 Bango 13